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  1. ok. so I click on the file and download it. How do I get the video? I am not familiar with bit torrent so can you explain please?
  2. I am pretty sure when we were at CP a few years back it was stated in a guide or on signs that the monsters were explicitly told not to touch and would not. They may reach out at you and accidentally touch but they were instructed not to do so. Agreed there could be many law suits if they did and if they do, what kind of wording is out there about this and what they really can do. I can see that getting way out of hand and getting nipped in the bud quickly.
  3. Agree, but I have lived in Ohio all my life and in Paramounts last few years they used to keep KI open an extra bonus weekend in early Nov. The park was PACKED and I am sure it was worth it. Just odd that they are open during the week (I can see Halloween only with no rides). Also, as mentioned a park North of CP is open on Halloween (Wonderland).
  4. Thanks for the responses. Curious as to why Cedar Point is not doing the same? Did check other parks and WOF, Carowinds, are open Mon-Wed (limited operation) and Wonderland is only open on the 31st. Go figure. Kind of wierd they would not follow a common schedule..
  5. Well I had hoped to attend the final beast ride this year. But not on a work/school night and not at midnight. Sorry got a life to attend to this time......
  6. Ok, just wondering about this. It shows on the KI calendar that the park is open on the week of Halloween. It shows the park open from 7-12Midnight on those nights up to and through Halloween. Is this true? They have never done this before have they (open during week in October)? So this means the last real night of park operation is on Halloween? I checked, and Cedar Point is not open these days? Can anyone confirm this?
  7. Is there any chance that the original POV video will find its way to this website for those of us who could not attend and view it?
  8. Well not a CF park, but we were at Epcot a couple of years ago and had just ridden MissionSpace. I am not a big spin rider and I survived it ok. It leaves you just feeling wierd. But we saw a middle aged woman with her head deep in a trash can on the way out. That was just a funny sight since she really had the head way in there. Lucky for us, it was our family 4 on the ride. So no chance of strangers hurl.
  9. Dont worry Dave, the longer the better sometimes. It makes a fun lunch time read at work.....
  10. Dave, You always right very elegant TR's and I would love to have you incorporate that hunt into it with the answers. I have read your TR's for quite some time and it would a great adventure story if you were to include it. Please do....
  11. Oh yeah, one more thing. Any chance of a scavenger hunt (for prizes or not would be fun).
  12. Just curious, but any chance of a tour of TR:TR? I have missed that one the past few times they have had it and I know it would be interesting to see.
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