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  1. I didn't attend this tour, but I was a very active poster back then. Reading this brings back so many memories! I don't post nearly as much as I used to, but I still do read the forums just about every day. I'm going a little off topic, but oh well; I really miss being active in the KIC community. I now am in college, have my own apartment, have a full time job, and absolutely no time at all to travel like I used to. I love roller coasters and Kings Island just as much as I used to, so hopefully I will have time in the future to be like I used to. Thanks for bringing this topic back to life, it brought back a lot of great memories!
  2. Although I only met Keith a few times, he was a great guy. My first time meeting him was at Holiwood Nights 10'. He bought my lunch for me that day for no other reason than him being himself helping others. I am sure I thanked him at the time, but I'd like to once again thank him for being such a great guy. RIP, all of us will miss you.
  3. I believe it is just Discovery Kingdom and Over Texas. No.
  4. I wonder if the queue line for Crypt will be used as part of the haunt or used as the queue, and the actual haunt start once you enter the former home of the ride. It would be cool to enter right at the cave (or right before) and venture through there. But because how busy haunt is, they need as much queue line space as possible. I also wonder if it will be the only new haunt for Kings Island.
  5. I personally like the Boomerang Bay theme better than Soak City. BB was no Disney park, but it has a good little theme going on. Soak City still is "themed", but its just a beach theme. Obviously the new paint, wave pool, entrance, and lazy river are great additions to the park, I just like the old name better. I would much rather have Soak City 2012 than Boomerang Bay 2011 though.
  6. Nothing at KI, unless it is new. I have waited two hours for many rides at KI though. Usually when they are new or the park is so packed that all the queues are the same length. Anyone remember Firehawk's opening day? 5 hours...
  7. I quickly made this in paint, so don't mind the awful quality of everything. Obviously the green is the layout of the roller coaster, this being a B&M Giga similar to Leviathan. One black box is the station, the other being a gift shop that the exit passes through. An entrance plaza would be behind Delirium and connect to Oktoberfest by Slingshot, and also to Action Zone near the go-carts. Thoughts?
  8. My favorite memory of Disaster Transport is way back in 2008 during Coaster Mania. We had ERT all morning long (not on DT, but other rides) and as the park opened it became more and more crowded by the second. By mid-day it was worthless to ride anything because each ride had at least an hour queue, and with it being extremely hot I did not want to wait. So I made my way to Disaster Transport where I found absolutely no one. I got to ride it many times in a row without any wait, and best of all I got to cool off. Besides then I have only ridden it a handful of times, starting in 2003 when I first visited CP, and up to last fall- the last time I went. I will miss it for sure, but I look forward to what the future brings us. Plus that building was hideous!
  9. All of that stuff in the area is what remains of King Cobra. So no, its not for a new coaster unfortunately. I do love the idea of putting a coaster there though! With Son of Beast being removed it could occupy much of that soon to be available real estate also!
  10. Although I am no longer "strictly Pepsi" (I used to refuse to drink Coke products), I still have the customer loyalty for Pepsi. I'd prefer they stick with Pepsi, but if not, CF better have Coke Zero!
  11. PR is actually what I am majoring in! And I am hoping to be the amusement industry! Kings Island has a great PR team, Carowinds is also one of my favorites. Holiday World's Paula is good at what she does for sure, but I feel like she caters more to enthusiasts where as Don and KI cater to everyone by hosting many different events!
  12. It would be awesome if they would replace the banners with LED signs that could change and always be updated! Plus if KI were to get a Luminosity (in Action Zone), they could be used for that too! Action Zone has potential to be the part of the park with the most "action", it just needs a new ride and some updates here and there!
  13. I love it, its one of my favorite water rides because of its location. I do think Kings Island is in need for another water ride though, and where Crypt's building is would be a prime location!
  14. Son of Beast was always one of my favorite rides. Yes it was rough and violent, but to me it was part of the ride's "attitude." As a kid (when SOB was brand new), it was always the most intimidating ride. Besides Drop Zone, it was the only ride I ever was to scared to ride. Probably around 2002, I finally braved Son of Beast. I remember the lift hill going on forever, as if it were much taller than it really is. As the train plummeted down the 214' drop, I saw the loop and thought we were going through it right then, but of course you actually just pass right next to it into the rosebowl. The rosebowl was very turbulent, almost to the point where it hurt. But one you hit the MCBR, you could catch your breath for a split second. It was then when you knew you were about to soar through the massive loop. I only got to experience SOB with the loop about a dozen times, and being younger I don't remember too much, I do know it was forceful and smooth. After that point, the ride went from extreme thrill ride, to being much slower-paced and family oriented. I do remember loving it, but always being scared until the end of it's looping life. When I heard about the 2006 accident, I researched the ride online and that is when I became very interested in coasters. In fact the next winter when Firehawk was announced, I finally joined KIC and bought a season pass! In 2007 when it reopened, I remember missing the loop, but it was still my favorite ride at KI. I almost always rode it first- and last each visit to KI. Once Diamondback opened, I definitely slowed down on riding SOB. And I actually was at Kings Island the day before Son of Beast closed for good, but for some reason of another, I never rode it. And when I discovered SOB closed, I thought it was short term. Really it wasn't until about 2010 when I realized it's life was over. And now, as much as I love the ride, I know it most likely isn't re-opening. Although I would LOVE if it were to get a Rocky Mountain rehab or for it to re-open as it was in 09', I don't think either of those are likely. I believe it will be demolished very soon, and will be replaced with a new attraction two seasons later (for example, if it were to be destroyed now, a new attraction would be built in 2014.)
  15. Carowinds uses the South entrance on very busy days, I believe. Where was the second SFOG entrance? And lastly, Worlds of Fun once had two entrances, but no longer does. And as we all know, Cedar Point has a ton.
  16. I just like this one because of the cool angle! I love all the autumn colors and sunlight Drop Tower looks so eerie Its rare, so of course I love it! I love Drop Tower and this view
  17. 1. Voyage (Holiday World) 2. Shivering Timbers (Michigan's Adventure) 3. Cornball Express (Indiana Beach) 4. Raven (Holiday World) 5. American Thunder (Six Flags St. Louis) 6. Georgia Cyclone (Six Flags Over Georgia) 7. Prowler (Worlds of Fun) 8. Boardwalk Bullet (Kemah Boardwalk) 9. Legend (Holiday World) 10. Thunderhead (Dollywood) Don't get me wrong, I love Beast, but it doesn't provide the best ride. To me, its more sentimental value rather than being an amazing ride.
  18. Near the station of KI&MVRR (train), there is a shady grass area. I always see people sleeping in the grass there.
  19. ^^It's already been confirmed the green B&M track in Batavia is heading to China where track has already been spotted and photographed there. I see this coaster being either a bright orange scheme (similar to Behemoth and Talon), or the blue similar to Leviathan or our very own Invertigo!
  20. My personal favorite style for architecture is very contemporary. Part of me loves the idea of having the KI entrance completely rebuilt to be modern and "world class". But I also love the sketch Matt made. Although it isn't my style, it is Kings Island's. I also love jdawg's idea of having the countries flags! Just hope they don't number all of them...
  21. I will not miss Space Spiral nor Disaster Transport. I hate to be that person who complains about something good, but I will... Imagine a giant Intamin pre-fab woodie (think El Toro) along the beach! It could easily be "the best wooden roller coaster in the world." Cedar Point could market themselves as having the best roller coasters; wood or steel (Millennium Force & 13' woodie). Plus it would be great for the boardwalk area. Don't get my wrong, I am ecstatic that CP is finally getting a new coaster, I just feel as if they could of done something better. Regardless, it still isn't 100% official, and none of us have even seen the layout. For all we know, it may be better than El Toro! Maybe Kings Island can receive an Intamin pre-fab instead?
  22. Thanks for the photos! Soak City turned out REALLY well! See how far a little paint can go *Cough*Flight Deck*cough*? I would love to see CF do what HW does and add attractions to the water park as much as they add to the dry side.
  23. This is not a rumor, nor do I have "sources". This is just something I could see happening, and would love to happen. B&M giga coaster. The station and plaza behind Delirium where King Cobra's footings still stand. The lift hill soaring above Adventure Express with the drop in the grassy area near Racer's station and Flight of Fear. The layout would be similar to Leviathon, but mirrored and with it's own Kings Island twists! Like I said; this is just me dreaming!
  24. ^^Delirium13, do you have any other photos? Particually of Soak City and WindSeeker?
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