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  1. I have ridden Patriot, and it looks nothing like Banshee. Patriot is a very smooth ride, but it does not pack a punch. Montu on the other hand? Humina humina humina!
  2. Another new ride for me in 2014! I will be going to Disney around the same time as when I go for Falcon's Fury.
  3. Diamondback - row 2 or 16 Beast - row 1 or 18 (right side of train only.) Vortex - Rather ride WindSeeker FOF - anywhere really. Flight Deck - Front, has the best swings.
  4. The Wild Eagle employees say that "manufacturers recommendations" is why they don't allow people to reride. My response is, "That's a lie." Biggest load of horse manure I have ever heard!
  5. The balloon trick was hysterical. Not the trick itself, but what was said leading up to the trick! Don't want to spoil it for everyone, but lots of great "toilet" humor.
  6. Board to Death was great! My number 2 maze at Haunt. Still love Carn Evil. The outdoor attractions were not open due to weather. Club Blood was lame, yet again. Slaughter House is creepy and well done! I am not easily scared, and love the makeup and scenery, but half way through I did not want to be first anymore. Madame Fatale was good. Delta Delta Die was lame. Ed Alonzo was hysterical! 100% enjoyed the show. I have been through Wolfpack, Urgent Scare, and Holiday Horrors in the past, and did not find them scary or enjoyable at all. I plan to go back Friday to experience the outdoor zones.
  7. I would buy an extra train for Diamondback, and use it to rotate the trains out for TLC. Sure, the park takes the trains apart and rebuilds them, but in all honesty though, I feel it is a rush job. It's sad when a coaster built in the 70's, a wood coaster no less, runs better than a steel coaster built in 2009! I am kind of scared to see what Banshee will become in a few years.
  8. Not sure if I posted it here, but I have told people this story. While riding The Beast, my train was climbing hill 1 slowly like always. I hear a guy behind me say to his friend, "Know I know why they call it the 'world's longest wooden coaster'!" I was like he seriously did not just say that! Speaking of slow lift hills... I know we all have heard that one person on Flight Deck who thinks it has broken down when it slows down on the lift.
  9. I don't think about what would not be there, I think about what the names would be if it belonged to a different chain. Could you imagine Universal's Kings Island? Drop Tower - Tower Heist Back Lot - Fast and the Furious FOF - The Fourth Kind or Apollo 13 Crypt - Revenge of the Mummy Delirium or Invertigo- Twister
  10. Kings Island Dorney Park Cedar Point Magic Kingdom Disneyland Busch Gardens Tampa Busch Gardens Williamsburg Dollywood Several Six Flags parks Wild Adventures
  11. A Houdini type attraction would work great in there. ALL ages can ride. There is no height requirement.
  12. That is the part of the ride that tries to shake your teeth out that some say does not exist. The distinct clicking is the chain dogs and anti roll back devices reacting to the up and down direction changes. At 8:14 you hear "click click"? Those are chain dogs and anti roll back devices making that sound. You can hear the distinct B&M chain dog sound demonstrated in thie SheiKra video.
  13. Found some here. http://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php?/topic/9354-flight-of-fear-construction/ By the looks of these photos, I was right. As you can clearly see in the "arena", there's no track, yet walls are up.
  14. If you sit on the right side of the train, you can ride with your arms and hands extended straight up above your head going through the tunnel, and have plenty of clearance. If you sit on the left side of the train, you can not do that due to the angle of the left sided bank in the first tunnel of the helix. If you ride The Beast enough, eventually you will see someone smack the tunnel wall. Last season I seen someone stand and smack their hand on the entrance to the tunnel. Afterward, the guy was in the restroom washing the blood off his hand, and cradling his hand in pain. He was laughing about it like it was a bragging right! I reported it to security, but they failed to do anything about it.
  15. 2001 - 2002 I primarily worked at Rhino Rally, but was cross trained at Kumba, Montu, and Sky Ride. Sadly no photos from this time period. 2002 - 2004 I worked at a place called Silver Springs in Ocala Florida. I actually worked in the Wildlife Department. I conducted reptile demonstrations. 2005 when I moved to Cincy, I worked at KI in the Festhaus.
  16. .... and the winner of best steel coaster goes to... Cedar Point for none other than Millennium Forceless.
  17. Have not been to Knoebels, but I LOVE me some Dollywood food!
  18. It would be great if they started using that entrance again for Gold and Platinum. It would certainly be less of a cluster fudge than the current ERT cattle gates. Get to the park 15 minutes after ERT has started, then you have to swim through the regular pass holders and day pass holders. However, it does give you a sense of power walking past all those people just standing there!
  19. I heard that a lot about FOF as well, but when I rode it, it was just inside the space ship and not too bad. Still better than a normal operating day. Flight Deck -1 train Beast - 2 trains Vortex - 2 FOF - 2 DB - 3 AE - 2 My ride count. Beast - 2 DB - 8 Vortex - 1 AE - 2 (RERIDE!) FOF - 1 FD - 1 Delirium - 1 Seeker - 1 Customer service was lacking in comparison to previous Pride Nights. People just seemed like they didn't want to be there. The driver on Delirium was rather happy she got to work. "People fight over who gets to work this night." she said as our restraints were being checked. Rivertown Pizza employees were the next best after the Delirium crew!
  20. More so than the front gate, I would rather them replace all the terrible asphalt inside the park with pavers.
  21. I read somewhere that the walls for the building for Flight of Fear was built first, then the coaster was lifted over the top of the walls. If this is true, how in the world could the "crane" system inside the building be used to construct the ride? Does not make sense. The crane system inside the building is used for checking track and support joints, I believe.
  22. Amazing work! I had to give up on the latex/appliance game due to allergies I developed. I'm Envious! You are right, purple is a pain. Thanks! I work with skin safe silicone. On the subject of Banshee, I was looking at the station track, and you can actually see where each car of the train will stop. On the inside of each rail are 8 square shaped pieces of steel. This looks to be for the sensors that tell the person in the drive box that each seat is locked. Each row of seats will line up with these. I can already picture this coaster standing there in my mind! Another thing. While riding Delirium today, I noticed how close you will get to the dive loop! I can see all the epic photos now! Will make for a great photo op!
  23. Just checked the KI webcams! Looks like Diamondback is ready to strike tonight!
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