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  1. I agree. I don't think it is a problem but when someone refuses to let it go after it's been made absolutely clear there were no ill intentions, it turns into a pointless argument, which there seems to be plenty of.
  2. Oh really? Then how do you explain this definitive statement from your very first reply that convicts the accused? Nobody else made statements like this. Self-awareness goes a long way. You're giving off that exact impression to me with your attempts to bring others down for doing what you yourself are doing. Keep pretending you hold the moral high ground but you remain the only person who's made statements that plainly chooses sides in this situation that none of us know anything about, other than what was written in the article.
  3. So who else is really hoping for some alien/ufo theming? I'm totally on board for anything, whether it's space and/or military, but I would love some alien/ufo underlying themes involved somehow.
  4. Ok. I was clearly being hyperbolic but if you feel better correcting me then so be it. Edit: Unless you were being sarcastic in which that was clearly lost on me.
  5. My god people can't post anything on this site without someone calling them out because they're either offended or feel the need to correct/tell others they're wrong. There's an argument in every single thread.
  6. So it's a "problem" when people simply point out that due process is important but it's totally fine for you to presume someone is guilty and make statements about punishments deserved for said unproven claims? That's interesting. Implying that people are more upset by your post (and those other unimportant things that nobody brought up) than the fact that someone was potentially sexually harassed is just ridiculous. There's a major difference between someone thinking "they didn't do it" versus believing in the concept of innocent until proven guilty. But it's funny you have a problem with people jumping to conclusions and assuming someone's innocent (even though they're simply defending due process) while you did that exact same thing in your very first post in this thread by jumping to the conclusion that the man is guilty. Funny how that works.
  7. Wow haha. That's absolutely pathetic and they should be embarrassed and ashamed of themselves for coming up with that. Now that you mention it, I do recall reading a reply in this thread weeks back from someone saying people should be banned for misspellings and alluded to it being a rule? Ha ha unbelievable that people like this exist. I swear it's almost like some of these people purposefully want to drive people away so it can be their "thing." Unfortunately with anything that receives fandom, you always have these types of people who who want to be the biggest and most knowledgeable fan, to the point they're willing to **** on others to drive them away. That's definitely the vibe I get here from some users unfortunately. First off, thank you for the reply. I respect what you wrote but I just want to point out the entire purpose of my post was to bring attention to the entire message board regarding outsiders being scared off by the overall tone of the message board. With all due respect, sending private messages to 10+ different users who constantly have attitude problems on here is likely a waste of time and doesn't alert the community as a whole to the problem. Judging by the fact that someone else replied almost immediately agreeing that they don't participate for the same reasons, it's fair to assume there are plenty more lurking in the shadows who would otherwise be participating, so there definitely is a problem here. Sending private messages to the people who are rude/hostile isn't going to change anything unfortunately which is why I just decided to log in for the first time in 10 years and attempt to alert the community that people are being scared away. But again, I respect what you wrote and thank you for your reply. I won't be taking this any further and had only intended on writing the one post and being finished with it. As stated before, I do like this site or I wouldn't be checking back in. I don't know if I'll be posting further but perhaps I'll join in sometime. Regardless, enjoy 2020 everyone! Take care.
  8. Ha ha oh my god there is something seriously wrong with some of the people who post on this message board. I stopped posting here about 10 years ago due to the overwhelming negativity and while it's not as bad now and it seems like most users are really cool people, there are still plenty of rude, hostile, know-it-all posters who really bring a negative vibe to this site. For whatever reason, I've noticed most of these people are high post count members, so I'm not sure if it's some sort of seniority complex or what's going on there. The amount of stupid arguments I've been reading in this thread is astounding, with the latest being probably the most pathetic and embarrassing. Beyond that, the amount of know-it-alls who correct every little single thing in a hostile manner are almost unbearable and are truly the worst aspect of this site, with the corrections on "footings" and "footers" being just a very small, mild example of the pettiness that some users engage in. Again, most people here seem super friendly and are just here to have a great time but there are some very obvious sore thumbs here who create a negative aura that is not welcoming. I know some users will be super offended and won't be able to resist the smart ass replies, so by all means continue to do what you do, but be aware you're part of the reason more people aren't active here.
  9. Thanks buddy. And after reading your report, maybe not as much as you lol. But I still had a lot of fun. I'm pretty critical but I will continue to visit Haunt every year and look forward to it.
  10. At first I was reading your report and thinking it was kinda cheesy coming from a grown man ha ha. Then I quickly realized you were a teenager and your pic confirmed it so that totally changes things. Congrats bud it sounds like you had an amazing night. I'm in my early 20's now and have been going to haunted houses / trails and such since I was a kid so it's hard for me to get scared anymore but I still have a lot of fun going through them regardless. Great report man.. hopefully you guys can go again this season.
  11. I'm a big fan of Halloween and haunted attractions and especially Halloween Haunt. I haven't missed it any year. Although they have added some of their best mazes over the past few years (Cavern of Terror, Slaughter House, etc.), I have continuously felt a little disappointed with the whole Haunt experience overall as the years have gone by. At this point I don't expect to actually get scared at Haunt but I still enjoy going and love the atmosphere. I don't buy a pass yearly like I used to so it's also nice to ride some of my favorite rides in some nice, cool weather and during the nighttime which is my favorite time to ride. I always prefer to visit earlier in the season to avoid larger crowds so we planned to go on Friday, the 26th. I was happy to read that the park now opens at 6pm on Fridays but with the temperature above 80 still and knowing they stayed open until 11, we ended up showing up a little after 7pm and was happy to see a low crowd and had no problem entering the park. The weather ended up being pretty great all night. It cooled down but was still warm at times being surrounded by larger groups of people. Instead of a long, drawn-out story about my night, I'll just write a little about each attraction that we went through. Kill Mart: This was the first maze we went through. Luckily, the line was short and we only had to wait about 10 minutes. The theming in this one seemed pretty nice. You feel like you're in a department store as you go through the different departments throughout the maze. The lights are kept low and there's a lot of blood and gore with a decent amount of actors inside. We were at the very end of the group and none of the actors waited to get the people at the back so we didn't get scared once in this one. The people in the front and middle let out some screams and jumps, so I'm not saying it's not good as far as scares go, but none of the actors in there tried to get either of us unfortunately and she is someone who gets scared easily but didn't jump once. It's a nice addition though and great to have a completely new attraction that doesn't have a lame theme. The zombie theme also fits nicely with Urgent Scare being right around the corner. It would be cool if there were a lot of zombie roamers around this area. CarnEvil: If there wasn't a short line and a whole night ahead of us, we would have had no problems skipping this one. I can understand why this one is kept around from a business standpoint, but as a long time Haunt fan, I wouldn't be sad to see it go. Outside of the fact that it's been around for so long, my other main concern is the lack of 3D glasses. I find it ridiculous that Kings Island continues to recycle the same exact maze that was built originally to be viewed with 3D glasses and now expect people to pay an upcharge to experience a 10-year-old maze the way it was originally intended to be experienced. I don't even know how much they are charging for them but I didn't see anyone walking in wearing them. I didn't buy any last year either so I already knew the experience wouldn't even live up to the typical expectations I had for nearly 10 years prior of going through the same exact maze. For me personally, the lack of glasses ruins the experience. I will always refuse to pay for the glasses out of principle and also because I know exactly what to expect from this one since it's been pretty much the same since it started in the Festhaus years ago. It did seem like a step up from last year however. There were a decent amount of actors in here and the props all still looked nice. I don't hate or even dislike this maze. I would certainly rather have it here than have nothing replace it. I just think the lack of 3D glasses is ridiculous and would love to see some sort of major revamp or something new altogether next year. Madame Fatale's Cavern of Terror: This is one of the better mazes they have to offer. Having the cave entrance really goes a long way setting up the amazing themeing in this attraction. The decorations throughout the actual maze are really great. I don't know what all was different from last year because it's a decently long maze with plenty of things to look at. There's a lot of actors in this one and scared people in our group a decent number of times. I wouldn't mind seeing this one stick around for quite a few years and hope they continue to roll out mazes like this. Kill Mart is a nice addition as well but I wouldn't say it meets the expectations that Cavern of Terror set when it comes to new attractions. Board to Death: This one is stupid. In my opinion, if Kings Island wants to recycle some of the same mazes for so many years, then they should have kept The Asylum/Maze of Madness around. That maze was almost always the same aside from a slight variation of theming (Psych ward / Prison) but it always felt fresh because they set it up so you could actually get lost inside of it. To me, it always stood out from all of the other mazes because of the this unique aspect. It added a whole new level of fear and actually made the maze scary when you're surrounded by psychopaths and you really can't find your way out and keep meeting dead ends while they mock your inability to escape. When they changed it to Mysteria, it was a complete turn around and by far the worst maze they have ever had. Board to Death is slightly better than Mysteria but nowhere near as good as the variations of mazes in this building that came before them both. I add this in with Holiday Horrible and Mysteria as some of the worst additions to Haunt and find it disappointing to see them all come within the past few years that we also got great ones like Cavern of Terror and Slaughterhouse. Much like CarnEvil, I noticed an improvement in the maze compared to last year as far as the number of actors inside but not enough to make much of a difference. Bored to death. CornStalkers: There is a major improvement in the themeing of CornStalkers this year. No longer do you feel like you're walking strictly on a big wide open path, but now you feel as if you're walking through tall rows of corn and have to genuinely worry about what might be right next to you opposed to 50 ft away around a randomly placed stack of wood crates. I've always liked this one because it's a fun maze and they've changed up the location a few times as well as going from a Scare Zone to a full maze attraction. They've nailed it this year and it's the best it has ever been. It's nice to see this one gradually get better because some of the other ones continue to get worse. Tombstone Terror-Tory: And here's where it continues to get worse. Along with CarnEvil, if there wasn't a short line for this one as we were passing by, we would have been fine skipping it. The idea with the train / trail continues to set it apart from the other mazes but it's always the worst one. The combination of waiting in line for the train to arrive and then waiting in another line ends up being a lot worse once you finish the walkthrough and realize it's the worst attraction in the park. I assume because of excessive lines in the past, they have decide to now send groups in packs of 50 opposed to 5-10. They've been doing this for a few years but it ruins the experience. If you get stuck at the back then you're pretty much screwed because you see all of the scares happen before you encounter them. This one is also extremely lame because you're walking on a giant platform with random crates stacked up on the sides. Outside of two covered areas that you walk through, the crates are the only place for any actors to hide so it's never surprising when someone pops out from behind one. It would be amazing to see some sort of actual trail make its way back into the lineup. This one just doesn't compare to how good their haunted trail used to be. Even when Tombstone Terror-Tory was slightly better than it is now, it still didn't even compare to the Trail of Terror. Slaughter House: This was the last attraction we went through and the line had died down majorly from hours earlier. I love the new location and the whole maze seems a whole lot better to me. The props are really great in this one and the actors were all pretty good. This is one of the only mazes that actually gives me a creepy vibe and it feels a whole lot creepier than it did in years prior. We didn't do any of the other mazes because we were also riding rides and didn't stay until 1. We knew exactly what to expect with Delta Delta Die. Someone in another thread summed it up perfectly as "Massacre Manor with cheerleaders and beer cans on the ground" or something to that extent. That one has been around for forever and is always the same. I wanted to do Urgent Scare but didn't get to. I always enjoy Club Blood but skipped out on it and Wolf Pack is one that I've always thought was just ok but not bad. If I visit another time this year, I'll make it a point to go ahead and give them all a shot but I doubt I'm missiing anything that I haven't already seen but hopefully I'll be surprised. As for the Scare Zones: Nightmare Alley: Last year I recall this zone being barely decorated with just a few inflatable eyeballs and no actors. This time around there are a whole lot more eyeballs and a few more decorations scattered around but we didn't see a single roamer in this zone any of the multiple times we walked through it throughout the night. Cemetery Drive: We went from seeing no actors to seeing at least 5 or more in this zone. The theming is really cool and I think it works better as a smaller scare zone than taking the place of CornStalkers in its current location. I can't say there were many screams or people running during any of the times we went through but the atmosphere was still very cool and there were multiple actors. Freak Street: I thought it was creepier last year when they had it in the wide open space leading into Holiday Horrible but there seems to be a lot more actors in this zone this year. There's someone speaking on a microphone and an evil circus theme which is fitting near CarnEvil. Backwoods Bayou: Again, plenty of actors but not many scares at all. I loved the theme and actors all looked cool but I don't remember hearing many screams during the many walkthroughs we had. I just remember a lot of standing around and maybe some hissing or growling in someone's ears. The roamers were really disappointing. Although I saw a decent amount roaming compared to the past few years, I didn't hear too many screams or see people running like I usually do. Outside of the overplayed droog sliders, I can't think of any other significant times I saw someone so scared that they screamed super loudly or went running from the roamers. It seemed like most of them were freely walking out amongst everyone and making some people jump slightly but no major scares really. It would be nice to see a lot more hiding and blending into the environment opposed to seeing every single one of them walking right out in the middle of the open pathways the whole night. The sliders are the only ones who seem to "come out of nowhere" and genuienly surprise you... most of the other ones you could see coming from a mile away unless they happened to be walking behind you. Overall, we had a very fun night as we always do each year. In addition to the haunts, we rode Banshee (my first time on it and I loved it), Adventure Express twice, The Bat, The Vortex and Backlot Stunt Coaster. The experience was a lot better than last years but I continue to hope for them to really step it up and deliver an amazing Haunt experience. I think they're on the right track with some of the newest mazes they've added over the past 5 or so years like Slaughter House and Cavern of Terror. But it gets set back when you see a decline in all of the other attractions such switching out great mazes like The Asylum for horrible ones like Mysteria/Board to Death but continue to recylce other mazes from 10 years ago that aren't even good (Delta Delta Die) and even adding upcharges to some (CarnEvil) while there's also a noticible decline in the quality of the roamers. I hope to see them continue to add quality haunts likes Cavern of Terror and Kill Mart opposed to the silly cheap ones that aren't remotely scary like Board to Death as well as adding in more scare zones or roamers. But seriously, please bring back The Asylum! lol.
  12. I agree with all of these aside from the comment regarding The Beast because I didn't ride it and I didn't pay too much attention to the decorations around the park to notice a difference from past years. Some of the only roamers I saw actually scaring people were the droog sliders and even that idea is a bit redundant at this point.
  13. You hope they get arrested? Dude, it's Facebook. Like the others stated, most likely it was a bot. If not, if what they posted on there was harmless, what's the big deal? Did they add to their pictures "please visit my profile...especially little kids"? Just because someone may live a more transparent lifestyle when dealing with their sexual endeavours, it doesn't automatically mean they're some sick person. I've got an idea, let's worry about ourselves and let people live however they choose.
  14. As someone who paid money to go to Haunt, I think I have every right to give my honest opinion and critique of the event. I remember nearly empty pathways, thank you.
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