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  1. http://www.screamscape.com/html/six_flags_new_england.htm The phone number actually lets you leave a message if you hit any number after the "Thank you for calling Clawshun Industries, the conglomarate..." message. Weird.
  2. Don't forget that Avatar has turned black! Their websites are also horrid, except CP's. Backlot/Back Lot Stunt Coaster, Timber Wolf/Timberwolf, ThunderHawk/Thunderhawk/Thunder Hawk... and check out the pic for Nick U on the KI site.
  3. Oh, ok. The park map I have didn't show it, but then again it shows Flight Deck as having an inversion and Drop Tower as still having Drop Zone's far superior logo, so it's not very accurate.
  4. That's almost as good as the rumored duct tape on BLST's control board where it said Italian Job: Stunt Track. Was it open during the season?
  5. Did CF just remove the movie names, or is it closed?
  6. http://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=12347 Not the best pic, though.
  7. I looked in the complete policies page on CP's site and I didn't see anything about it. Did I miss something? (I know the fun/safety guide has the Footwear must not contribute... spiel) I don't think DB will have one big TV, it will probably have QTVs like the rest of the park. Hopefully it'll have a SR line that starts at the beginning of the line, not most of the way up, ala Maverick and Behemoth.
  8. That one makes a bit more sense, though, because someone died on a ride that has the same name at California's Great America.
  9. Not only are you not the first or only to notice it, a poster here may in part be responsible for its name...having pointed out many times that its predecessor name honored a former CEO of Paramount Parks, who is now a honcho at Herschend Entertainment. . . Oh, so it's not self-centeredness rearing its ugly head. (Besides, it must have cost some elusive nickels to repaint it)
  10. Maybe Snoopy and Kinzel's Chocolate Pool Adventure! (I can't be the only one who noticed Fort Kinzel at FoF)
  11. Diamondback will also be losing its lift hill, because it will save Cedar Fair some nickels.
  12. Oh, I most certainly will be going back. If I had expected KI to be such a good park, I would have spent one less day at CP and one more at KI.
  13. I have never in my life seen more bird poo on a coaster than the Raptor at CP. It looks like someone poured random buckets of white paint all over the supports. This was on the train. I should have gotten a picture. Raptor's supports are awful, though. It's like a certain bird of prey invited all their bird friends for a party. When I was at KI, Diamondback was under construction but hadn't been announced yet. On the Eiffel Tower, I heard multiple hushed conversations about what the name would be. "Daughter/Uncle/Aunt of Beast", "Wrangler", "Maverick"...
  14. It's better than Drop Tower. And worlds (of fun!) better than Prowler.
  15. I heard some great comments about the amazingly thick smattering of bird poo on the Face/Off train. "Is that paint?"
  16. Correct. It's huge, and confusing. The way it's right next to SOB's line makes it even more confusing. I thought I was walking up SOB's exit the first time I rode it. It really could be improved...
  17. Agreed. If I could have gotten off of SOB halfway through the ride, I would have. I have never recieved such a bad beating from a ride.
  18. If they did something about the huge queue, Flight Deck would be much more popular. They have bigger rides they need to worry about. *coughSoBcough*
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