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  1. Seems odd that they didn’t get clearance for these before launching the show
  2. I think you could make it engaging in 2023 without shooting at stuff, but you’d probably need to have the characters be screen or projection to be dynamic enough. There’s a reason Chuck E. Cheese (and even Disney to some degree) are ditching the creaky animatronics.
  3. Another “owned” IP are the characters they created for Carnivale. Maybe BOOblasters could become a permanent “Carnivale capers” attraction hosted by Marty P Gras with an interactive “race around the world” shooter ride with the scavenger hunt characters. They were already very flat-cartoon style. Would be an interesting way to keep that ride in International street. Maybe redo the exterior/entrance to feel more a part of International Street. Could easily get a “Holidays around the world” overlay for Winterfest. Then a “new” phantom theatre could go between The Racer turn arounds (old action theatre) in a ride with physical sets, animation on props and architecture (doors etc) the interact with screen based characters. Use the original illustration style of the characters, and if done right, screens would be a better match to those great original renderings. No shooting, not a heat by beat retelling of the tide, but the same basic concept. Maybe even based on the show in that it’s an encore in a “rediscovered” abandoned theatre.
  4. May be nothing, but somehow I feel like theyve laid a great big Easter egg in the KI theatre. The big “announcement “ might be hinted at 4x a day 6 days a week.
  5. Hmmm it’s had a late open one day I was there and a 10 min max shut down right before I got on one evening. Maybe it’s just you that it doesn’t like LOL.
  6. Would’ve been fun if the “kid” was named Gary. Only those “in the know” would get it, but it would’ve been a brilliant reference.
  7. I agree. It looks great. I admit I rolled my eyes a bit a few months ago when the lineup was announced and we got.., “a scooter stunt show??? Really? For the 50th we get stunt show?” But this is WAY more with history, a “plot” and so much going on you definitely have to catch it more than once. I think this is one they definitely “undersold” but I’m so looking forward to catching it live next week.
  8. Dream scenario- the area by potato works looses the out of context giant Sprite umbrellas and that entire area gets a permanent cover with ceiling fans and wooden picnic tables (as does the area by funnel cake) if sprite wants to pay to promote-they get vintage tin signs and crates of glass pop bottles with their logo. On one end a stack of crates and “stuff” can open up quickly to become a stage for Busker, something similar, or just country/bluegrass musician. Lighting and sound incorporated into the structure. Do the same with bier garden (not sure why they took down the more permanent structures they had there) and do brew beats or something different than busker (seemed like a lot of banging last year LOL) done would say I don’t appreciate what we get, but I totally do, I just love thinking outside the box for pluses.
  9. All points well taken. Passion stirs passionate responses many times
  10. You don’t need to be condescending when people express opinions and ideas. I’m fully aware that most parade performers have either just wrapped their shows, or are about to start a run of shows. That’s how Carnivale worked, and it flowed into the evening bandstand entertainment. Also, if you read my post-you’ll see I’m also fully aware of what concept art is. There’s no reason to BOLD the word to clear it up for me. I think if you carefully read most comments, they are super appreciative, and people are very happy with what we’ve gotten. I’ve spoken directly with Mike Koontz and told him as such, but people can still “comment”. I don’t think many here are complaining to the park (I know I’m not) but just throwing out blue sky ideas.
  11. Hiring Barry Williams has nothing to do with using a copyrighted logo (that Paramount owns ironically) it does seem odd that they would’ve used the logo without it being fully approved. anyone know if the additional lasers are in use now?
  12. As you see- I LIKED busker jam. I thought it was a perfect, thematically appropriate show (in a bad location-traffic wise) and as I mentioned, I’d like to see more of those “mini pop-up shows” around the park on peak days. I wish shows like buskers and brew bears didn’t even have a “stage” just an area with propping that suddenly came alive with performers. I love that during a COVID “pull out” year they added live shows with those. My point was I don’t think we should ONLY have that level of shows.(poor Carrowinds only has a couple of singer/band duos and only one “stage show” that’s a lift from Knotts) I wish this year had both the big, AND the little we had last year. That would be a perfect storm. Even if they brought in small, local acts for the evenings in BierGarden and BrewHouse, I think it would be great. Sorry I insulted the buskers (not sorry I insulted the dogs)
  13. And the two rolling present units would’ve looked great flanking the stage. The cake would’ve added some height to the area and made that whole space into a “party zone”. Wonder why they spaced them out. I agree that was one of the strongest parts of carvivsld they way it just flowed from one event into the other as the evening approached.
  14. There were some ideas in the initial concept art that probably never made it past that phase. I shouldn’t have said “cut” as they were never there. Just some nutty “blue sky” ideas that were probably cut to keep things simpler or on budget. If you look closely you can see a few of the unrealized ideas.
  15. That’s my worry-I know a lot of this was budgeted for the 50th, but man, it’s gonna be hard to go back to dog shows and 4 guys banging on car parts next year (nothing against the guys with the car parts-we should have those mini shows as well-great to tie into theme) I hope they are getting serious praise and call outs (I know I have) at guest services about the entertainment this year.
  16. I could see It being a copyright issue that maybe wasn’t resolved or that came up after the show started. I was actually surprised they used the actual show logo and almost prefer “groovy” better because it’s a bit more of an “inside thing”
  17. WIsh that skyline chili bowl man, racer guy and the stilt people as Eiffel Towers hadn’t been cut. Would’ve been fun to have had a few more “KI specific” wacky costumes. Especially the tower stilt person. That seems like a no brainer to have kept. Love that the original song incorporated the opening year slogan “cmon get happy” and that they changed a few lyrics in the existing songs they used. Overall fell it was a cute “extra” but AGAIN they really need to end these on IS at the other “parade gate” and return the units to the tent at close or the next day (or park them at the tower for “dance party” decor) Last night there were floats driving one way, push units going another and random cast just strolling different ways backstage. Seems like a sloppy, unprofessional way to end these things, like when the town 4th of July parade wraps at the high school parking lot LOL
  18. They’ve not been posting until the show goes “live” so I would expect tonight it would show up. It’s kind of annoying since each show has a dark day. Would help to know when it is when planning.
  19. Lol. I never thought about combining them. But at that point-why not do this CRAZY thing and sell individually. Maybe even give a discount of 6 or more.
  20. If you are going to “re-date” items to get a little more shelf life-you MIGHT want to do a better job of covering it up. Not sure if these were made 6/19, 6/20,6/22, thawed 6/23 the stickers were stacked tasted fine, but the whole thing looks sketchy S s
  21. Read a few posts back, and it’s been mentioned many times in the past.
  22. … and people raked me got complaining they didn’t bring back post lighting when they redid IS a couple of years ago. Get ready for the “some people are never happy with what they get” crowd.
  23. Why are people so in love with a gate coaster? I like that KI doesn’t play all it’s cards up front. You know what’s inside-you don’t need a coaster screaming over the front door to build excitement. If anything I feel it diminishes it. I like that international restaurant is getting a lot more use here of late-pretty much ensuring that if we do get a new entrance experience-they won’t be “opening it up” too much , and we will still get that wonderful compress and release view that Disney and KI mastered so well.
  24. I think they are finding their stride there. Overall I feel the food is better all around once the park gets busier in that they have higher turn over-have to refresh more often, and things are generally better quality as they haven’t sat around. I don’t think they are great early in the season at judging qty and tend to sit on items too long.
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