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  1. ^I agree, but it would also require the park to staff a crossing guard there. And even at minimum wage, that cost of labor quickly adds up.
  2. Yep, present since park opening. Originally home to "Whistle Stop" before becoming "Canyon Canteen" in the 1980s. Also a Skyline Chili at one point. I'm curious about what will happen in this space, but I'm even more curious about the White Water Canyon pathway. If the bridge is gone I wonder if the park will build a new one or instead have a new railroad crossing, similar to Cedar Point's railroad.
  3. And they appear to have been replaced yet again when a Turnpike was built at Kings Island. (from this thread: http://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php/topic/24760-standing-within-3-feet-of-1974/) I'm somewhat surprised Taft didn't just reuse all the Coney turnpike cars for the similar ride at Kings Island.
  4. Found it! Some history on the theater... The 1,100 seat theater opened with the park and was built by Bird-Air Structures, Inc. from Buffalo, New York. The vinyl structure was 137-feet long, 87-feet wide, and 40-feet high and was supported entirely by air pressure. It played host to "Something New!!", a musical review of Kings Island's themed areas, its inaugural year. The theater was destroyed after the park experienced a heavy snowstorm on December 1, 1974. The snow accumulated on top of the structure and failed to slide down the edge. Pressure from the snow had lurched the
  5. ^Bavarian Beetle. It was a small Galaxi style coaster relocated from Coney Island. And despite being on that 1978 map, its last year was actually 1977*. *Or perhaps it was removed mid-season 1978, but it was for sure gone by August. Edit - Actually, it appears as though it was indeed removed mid-1978. This shot (courtesy Roller Coaster Philosophy) is clearly from August 1978, based off the floral date at bottom. Ferris Wheel stood in the spot previously occupied Bavarian Beetle, so the roller coaster was removed by this point. But this aerial picture of the park (source unk
  6. It's important to note that much of the video The Interpreter posted in 2008 is sped-up and not a realistic representation of the ride. Here is a NoLimits creation of the coaster, courtesy GCI: In my opinion it looks like a fun little ride. But if rebuilt today, it'd be nothing noteworthy.
  7. The Web in West Chester is super similar - it has go-karts, miniature bowling, arcade games, and putt-putt. It doesn't have any rides, but it does have a laser tag.
  8. A coaster's length doesn't necessarily correlate with its capacity. Also, the three trains hold 36 riders each.
  9. I would imagine that probaly the building was constructed first and then the insides of the ride were built. That makes the most sense to me. Well, if the ride was built similar to FOF and Rock N Roller Coaster at the Disney Studios, the ride was built first. I've seen construction pics showing those rides standing out in the open, after which are pics showing the building being constructed around it. Actually Flight of Fear's building was built before the track. You're right that Rock 'n' Roller Coaster was constructed before its building though.
  10. After it was removed, it wound up in somebody's backyard for a couple decades. There were pictures online somewhere of it, before it was scrapped, but I can't for the life of me find them again. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Only took a year, but found it! From Facebook user Linda Mason: The tree was removed from the park after the 1992 season. Upon visiting in 1993 ,my daughter spied the tree near a back lot dumpster. I called Kings Island the next day and they GAVE me the tree ( never hurts to ask) .After obtaining permits and insurance I had it transported to my home
  11. I'm curious how it even got into the wheel assembly... was it climbing on the track in the brake run and then it moved unexpectedly?
  12. Maze of Madness at 2001's FearFest was initially to be known as "The Morgue", prior to sensitivity concerns. If you're looking at more examples of Halloween events changing attractions/displays over public response, I typed-up a lot of them a year ago: http://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php/topic/30234-busch-gardens-does-away-with-severed-head-display/page-2#entry652707 Edit - And from this year, Universal Studios Hollywood removed a "darnation Army" sign from one of its attractions, supposedly after complaints.
  13. I'd disagree. It was far from the fastest launch, but being uphill, indoors, and unexpected all made it an incredible feature of the ride.
  14. Are you by chance referring to a park photographer, like those at the entrance or inside some queue lines, like (I think) Wolf Pack that year? If so, most of those photos are deleted at the end of the day. Odds of finding a specific shot that you were in is next to impossible.
  15. ^But then how would the website get the increased ad revenue?
  16. ^I recall reading that Morgan's Canoes had some old Oktoberfest trash cans too.
  17. I recall hearing it was broken into bits and scrapped. Unlike the smaller fiberglass figures of SpongeBob, Patrick, etc. (which are lying in fields and can be seen from satellite images), Reptar was probably a bit too big to save.
  18. ^It'd be beneficial to counter false accidents like "Someone fell off WindSeeker" and help distinguish myth from reality.
  19. ^I'm pretty confident that the toddler death occurred at Kings Island sometime in the 1980s, but I cannot find any sources on it. Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough. In addition to getting an organized list of deaths at the park, it could also be beneficial to have one of accidents in general. I may start trying to compile a list if I get the chance.
  20. I recall one of the cauldrons popping up on eBay five or so years ago. I wonder if that's by chance the one.
  21. Excellent post, but there's a couple things I'd make note of: -1986, when the man dived into the fountain I don't believe he actually passed away until a week later in the hospital. -In 2007 a man passed away a day after riding Son of Beast - (http://www.springfieldnewssun.com/news/news/local/son-of-beasts-history-rough-for-park-riders-1/nM2M9/). Pre-existing conditions were involved, but that is also the case of other deaths already listed here. -If you count the Kings Island Campground as part of Kings Island, there are then at least two additional deaths. In April 1986 Robert Weight
  22. Excellent research and information. Are you by chance able to link to these Columbus Dispatch article referenced, alongside the source for any other information?
  23. Are there any pictures of the tunnels? I can't find them in any satellite images and am somewhat confused what I should be looking for.
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