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  1. Off The Charts is actually really good. I am pleasantly surprised.
  2. I would have to count the days the park has been open and subtract one. Cedar Point 1 (day I missed Kings Island) Dollywood 1 Carowinds 1
  3. I have seen three times this year that people have been approached for cellphone use. Once the man left before security arrived, once they had the man delete the video and he did so willingly. There was a 3rd individual that was approached, but did not see the end result. This specific ride had people spitting while the coaster was in motion. It was definitely not the best day I had at Kings Island that day. I am sure me saying I have seen it 3 times may seem high, but I have been at the park every day but one since this season began. There have been other times I have not seen if they have been approached or not.
  4. Tonight while riding The Beast they clearly announced phones, camera's, etc are not allowed on the coaster.
  5. I just wanted to mention something. When you have a good (great) experience go to guest services and tell them. The crews or individuals get recognized for positive things. It is good to tell the crew or person if you are able to, but Kings Island management is excellent at making sure those things are passed down to the correct people. Last night there was a ride op at Woodstock Gliders that I had not seen before. It is usually an experience with newbie ride ops that haven't seen a group of people snap and you really don't know what you're going to get. Brendan was hands down the best ride op I have encountered on that ride out of the 100+ rides i have had on the gliders. I will say aside from Princess Sparkles (i am a little partial to her), I can easily say he was by far the best ride op I have encountered this season in any park (Kings Island, Carowinds and Cedar Point). Ironically #2 is Leandra who operates the Eagles at Carowinds. She's nothing shy of incredible. I went to guest services and asked if i can leave a compliment or how to go about it. The 3 gals in guest services instantly became happier because it was good feedback. We are too often quick to complain but slow to praise.
  6. I've snapped all evening. Edit: i just rode again and nothing was said. In fact a guy that works the ride told a guy he was training to watch how i fly them.
  7. The vest like restraints lock around you and a lap bar comes up. Not sure if you can hold hands, but can hold on to the seat/restraints. You are not tight in the seat and your body moves as you go from laying back to flipping over on your stomach. I can say that I think the restraints are comfortable.
  8. Last night I watched one of the regular ride ops snap for the first time. He was so excited. It was one of the coolest things I have seen so far this season. He said he's been watching and finally it clicked. Kind of cross threading, line jumping in Woodstock Gliders lines is truly ridiculous. Ride ops if they witness it do tell people they must go to the end of the line. Last night people kept sneaking in after the line closed for the night and each was told they could not ride. While I know there are a lot of complaints about various things, they are acted upon if seen. The park does enforce things, it's honestly a matter of the circumstances.
  9. 20 minutes until Cirque Imagine. Imagine that.
  10. I think just being around the park from the time they are young really helps. Most kids I know that have gone since they were young have always been ready to ride when they are tall enough.
  11. I had expected the park to be busier. I suppose with rain in the forecast that has chased people away. I am going to head up after I finish cleaning.
  12. Shark, I felt bad she had a bad experience. You were great with her though. You do need to know your children. I have taken my children to amusement parks since they were weeks old, so riding rides (coasters and flats) have been normal for them as long as they can remember. Had we not gone to parks, they may have been harder to get them on rides. Princess Sparkles really does not like drop type rides or WindSeeker, but will try them if she has not ridden a new type. She willingly rode the Big Droppy Thing last summer and probably would never do that again. However, she loves Xtreme Skyflyer.
  13. Waiting in line for The Beast the other day they played "Peggy Sue" by Buddy Holly. I love that song.
  14. One of the best things about the show is listening to people that have not seen it yet.
  15. ^^ No, they never worked correctly and have been removed. The way the lights lit up the coaster was cool in my opinion.
  16. Toad is a great guy. When he does speak, he's quite funny and on occasion loud.
  17. When you have ride ops talk to you like they are your friend when they are off the clock. This goes well beyond The Beast crew.
  18. A few weeks ago I rode Kite Eating Tree without children. You get strange looks when you don't have children with you riding family rides. Last night I rode Sally's Sea Plane with two KIC members and a Toad. The ride op was not humored by the fact 4 adults wanted to ride, but thought it was funny we had fun riding. I frequently ride Woodstock Gliders and have been told it's a kids ride by a few people which it's not, again it's a family ride. I love Surf Dog.
  19. I wish it was 5:00. I don't think I can leave work early Friday.
  20. I have been at Kings Island all but one day so far this season. I don't know if it's because I am there more or because my daughter works there and I pay more attention, but the ride ops seem to ask the child if they want to ride. I have seen many ride ops put the child's mind at ease and they get them to ride. I have seen a time or two where the ride op will ask the child and the child says no they don't want to ride and they let them off the coaster. I have been fortunate that aside from one circumstance (son was terrified of riding Phantom Theater) my children have always rode coasters without tears.
  21. Last season some of the acts were vastly different from the beginning of the season to the end of the season. I wonder if it will be the same this year or if last year was changed due to necessity (i.e. clown injuries). The show continuously improved last year from what was really good to begin with.
  22. Sunday's this year seem to be busier than last year. The crowds remind me more of summertime than May.
  23. I caught the tshirt at Cirque Imagine!
  24. Show times today are 1:30, 3:30, 5:00 and 7:00. I would presume tomorrow will be the same, but can let you know tomorrow.
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