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  1. It does make me think about Universal Studios now having all of that Disney owned IP in their parks. Is the Simpson's ride still in the old Back to the Future ride area? Add that with all of the Marvel, now X-Men and Fantastic 4. I wonder how long those contracts last?
  2. I think something like Journey to Atlantis at SeaWorld would be really cool for this spot. Instead of the Atlantis theme, it could easily be themed along with Rivertown / Mystic Timbers. Not sure how well it would fit but without looking, I believe it was manufactured by Mack, and I bet they could make good use of the area and the building with an attraction like this.
  3. I agree with this about rooms being more in demand in this area and would like to add to it that as someone from out of town who will stay in the Mason area hotels probably 2 or 3 times a season for extended KI weekends, that over the last 2 years I have noticed a fairly significant price increase for the hotels. Just the other day I was looking into getting a room for the Friday of Passholder preview night and it was about 35% higher rate to book the room than when I stayed in the same place for haunt in October. Same chain in Beechmont was significantly lower rate for the same night.
  4. Will definitely check that out tonight, thanks!
  5. Oh Sweet! I guess I did not think about Carowinds opening earlier than KI. I'll be anxious to hear how you like it. I watched the CGI pov of it on YouTube a couple of weeks ago it looks awesome.
  6. May I ask what will happen next weekend, where this might happen?
  7. Great, thank you! I purchased my ticket and registered on Friday. This will be my first one, so looking forward to it for sure. Was just curious when I should be looking out for the packet, which I figured would be closer to the event.
  8. Has anybody used the pre-check in option in the past? The one where the packet is sent in the mail beforehand. How far in advance of the event does this get sent out?
  9. Was one I always really enjoyed to slow down for a bit. For some reason I seem to remember being more fond of getting on in Rivertown over the Coney entrance. It would have been almost the same ride I'd imagine? Anybody know what the main differences may have been? I can just remember preferring that one is all.
  10. I really enjoyed reading and learning this story. Thank you very much for sharing!
  11. Definitely looking forward to that!
  12. This was one of my favorite rides in the park when I was young. I remember being very upset when it was taken out. Very similar memories of it as @super7's post above. You can catch a couple of quick glimpses of it on this Defunctland episode on YouTube:
  13. What a great analogy! Clip is pretty funny too. I knew there was one at Indiana Beach that needed to go on my list. I sat here thinking what it was. I think the last time I rode that I was maybe a sophomore in HS? Definitely one of the worst rides, but not all bad memories
  14. For me the Outer Limits: Flight of Fear was one of the worst until they got rid of the OTSRs. Now i think it is quite enjoyable. Son of Beast was bad especially after the work they did after taking out the loop. I think after the new trains were added was when I could barely ride that one anymore. And then Gwazi at BG Tampa.
  15. Is Star Tours being incorporated into the Galaxy's edge concept? Or is Galaxy's edge its own land somewhere else?
  16. Yes, it should be 365ft tall. And be named -- 24 Seven 365-- 24 air time events, breaks 7 coaster records, and is 365ft tall. Also is open all day every day
  17. If you do purchase online, I believe you can opt to pay monthly for the pass with no additional cost after the initial processing fee. So the earlier you purchase and choose this option, the less the monthly cost is is as it is spread over more months.
  18. Oh yeah, I remember reading the posts about that on here. I guess I didn't realize that was on Good Friday. Hopefully it is not as crazy for everyone this year.
  19. Flight of Fear might be a good attraction to "convert" as you say to a Haunt attraction. I think there would be space enough in there for some props, and if not maybe some added orange or black lighting. Maybe some fog. Who knows! I like the idea of adding attractions back in. I always thought Route 666 was such a cool idea back in the FearFest days.
  20. What happened on last Good Friday preview night?
  21. Could be new fireworks show? If so, do you Think they will incorporate the new fountains into the show as well, like what they do at EPCOT? If they are hiring an artist like this, perhaps adding the fountain element to the nightly show makes sense instead of it just being for fireworks. Would be awesome if it was for a new dark ride too though
  22. If I am not mistaken, I believe that Intamin has been the only manufacturer to use the term "Giga" when referring to a coaster over 300 ft and this term was coined when they were building MF at Cedar Point. I do not believe any other manufacturer including B&M has ever referred to their coasters over 200ft tall as anything other than "Hyper" including any that happen to be over 300ft tall.
  23. You could wrap what is already there in some fur, give them some horns and call them Alps? https://wikivisually.com/wiki/Alp_(folklore)
  24. I didnt realize that! It has been about 13 years since I have been on MF and forgot about it loading/unloading this way.
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