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  1. I agree with the above sentiments. When the Water Works was first built it was meant to be an additional experience for park guests and was always meant to be one ticket one price for everything. Having said that, I find that the crowds, even on Weekdays that I have been, are too prohibitive to have an enjoyable time. The worth of the current slide lineup to the amount of wait time for me does not balance and actually tips the wrong way on my fun scale. So if I want to splash around, I go to The Beach.
  2. @SonofBaconator That is some great advice, thank you. We are staying at Breakers. Definitely good to know about the early ride time. And the Fast Lane was included with the ticket. It was one of those holiday sales around Thanksgiving, I think it was for Black Friday, for like 65 bucks it was admission, with Fast Lane plus, and I dont know what all, similar to what Kings Island does from time to time. I had not been aware of the early ride times so I will definitely be checking into that for when we are there. Thanks you to everyone else who has commented also, all very helpful.
  3. Awesome thank you both! Thank you to you both! I wish I could go for the 2 days. Not a bad idea, Maybe I will go up Thursday night of that weekend and Have Friday and Saturday in the park. Something to think about for sure.
  4. Did anybody on here use Fast Lane at Cedar Point this year? I was wondering this same question as we are taking a trip up there from Indy next summer. Trip is really for daughters dance competition on a Sunday in June, so will just have one day in the park that Saturday. Does Fast Lane make as much of a difference in wait as it does at KI? Or is it oversaturated to the point where lines are still pretty hefty even with it? Have not been there since before Maverick opened, so a lot of new attractions I'm looking forward to. Any insight is appreciated!
  5. I only had 3 visits this year. One in August we took a big family trip over from Indy. My parents, my kids, my siblings and their families. All got Fastlane Plus. Had a great day! Also came at Haunt, I believe its 2nd or 3rd weekend. It was still warm out, first Saturday in Oct where it was around 80 during the day. Came over with a very old friend of mine who I used to work at Walt Disney World with. She was up visiting from Orlando. We got Fastlane Plus as well as Fright Lane and had a great time! This worked out amazingly with the crowds that came in the evening. For having someone there from so far away that may never make it back, it was great to show her all the park had to offer. She was impressed! I bought at Goldpass for next season for myself at this time instead of just getting the single day admission. Got my kids Gold Pass for Christmas and we made it to Winterfest the Friday night between Christmas and New Year. Got there as the parking lot was opening, got their photos taken and were all right there when the gates opened. Enjoyed walking around International street taking in the sites for half an hour until speed walking over to Mystic when the ropes dropped. Hit up many of the rides before dark and were then able to enjoy the lights and shows and hot chocolate. It was a great night! And looking forward to many visits next season as well as a trip to Cedar Point also. Will be my kids' first visit there as well as my first since the summer they were building Maverick. Which i believe will be 13 years or so by the time we are there? Anyways, many fond memories this season in my few visits.
  6. Is season pass processing center open at Winterfest? Getting my kids season passes for Christmas, and thought maybe we could make it over there for Winterfest next Friday evening if they are able to get their pass vouchers processed.
  7. Or outside of the front gate. Maybe in the center area where the path splits to go off to either side of the parking lot. Wouldn't be terrible to see the flags as you are walking up, and this way it can both proudly display the flags, while not obstructing views in the actual park, and not having to hide them somewhere in a random area.
  8. Great info everybody, I appreciate all the feedback!
  9. I was hoping to get some thoughts about a potential visit to Winterfest this year with my Kiddos. Living a couple of hours away, I'd prefer to stay the night near the park. I was thinking of perhaps combining that trip with a Stay at Great Wolf, maybe do their waterpark during the day, and even let my son bring some friends along as sort of a birthday party and go to Winterfest that Evening. With that being said, has anybody stayed at Great Wolf in December? I was doing some preliminary looking into cost and the site I was on was saying that a stay on Dec 8th (Saturday) Was going to be $629 for 2 adults and 4 kids 11 and under. Does this sound like the normal cost for a room there this time of year for 6 people? I could just about get everyone in the Group a KI Goldpass for that much. Does Great Wolf do their own Christmas themed event?
  10. Just found this thread and consequently the FB page. Already very much enjoying the FB page, definitely a walk down memory lane. Thought I would give this a bump after discovering the FB page, I definitely recommend to anybody who has not visited it yet!
  11. I saw that same thing Oct. 6 when I was at Haunt. This dad had his little daughters, probably around 6 and 8 years old if I had to guess. They each had spooky outfits on and the dad was having them do different poses on the grave site.
  12. Really loved the Zodiac when I was a kid, it was one of my favs for sure. Also, Coney does not quite sound the same without the hum of Skylab. Also really enjoyed the slide. Not so much when it was moved to Hannah Barbera Land, I think they shortened it once it was moved over there. When it was Red white and Blue and was located I believe where Zephyr now is. Oh and The Elephant Fountain! which can be seen at Jungle Jim's I know, but being from Indy I have only made it there once.
  13. 1. Beast (Front seat at Night is My Fav ride ever anywhere) 2. Diamondback 3. Mystic Timbers 4. Banshee 5. Racer 6. Vortex 7. The Bat 8. Adventure Express 9. Flight of Fear 10. Woodstock Express
  14. Wasn't there water or a small pond also below the station and under the first part of track just leaving the station before you get to the lift hill?
  15. Finally made it to the park on Saturday for the first time this season. Anybody know why there were so many rides closed? Staffing issues or malfunctions maybe? Rides not operating were Surf Dog, Viking Fury, Dodgems, Wind Seeker, White Water Canyon (though they did open it once it got dark), Congo Falls (Had been operating earlier before we got to that side of the park), and I feel like there was one more but I cant think of what that would be right now.
  16. When I was a small child, My favorite rides in the park were the shoes as I called them ie the Flying Dutchman, Babba Looey's Buggies, (Not that I could ride them now, but it would have been a fun nostalgic thing to see my kids in them), The Flying Carpet Slide ( when it was still in the spot the Zephyr today is in, not when it was shrunk and moved to Hannah Barbera land), the Smurfs. Not saying the replacement rides weren't worth having, but when I think of what I liked most back then, those are the ones I think it would be nice to have one last ride on.
  17. You are right, I was getting the names of the rides turned around. I appreciate you clearing that up for me!
  18. Is the area you mention where the sunshine turnpike used to be? I believe it was back there somewhere.
  19. Also, as for Snoopy Junction, it also fills a unique role that I think would be a shame for the park to lose. It is also an older ride for nostalgia fans, but it is one of the few rides that small children and toddlers are able to go on. I think it is good for families who bring small children to have one parent or whomever camp out in this area while someone else takes the older kids to ride on other rides throughout the park and still be able to have one more thing for the small child to ride on. Just my opinions on both of these points though!
  20. I am not a fan of the idea of getting rid of the Peanuts off road Rally. It was one of my fav rides as a kid. For younger riders, being able to "drive" is a really fun thing and is pretty cool with the layout going over the bridge and everything. Plus, not only is it one of the few original rides from park opening still operating, it came over from Coney Island where it operated there for a few years before KI opened.
  21. Mine in the order I have visited them (I think): Coney Island Americana Fantasy Farm Magic Kingdom Sea World - Orlando Kings Island Epcot Camden Park MGM/Hollywood Studios Old Indiana Dollywood Indiana Beach Universal Studios - Orlando Cedar Point Animal Kingdom Islands of Adventure Holiday World Fun Spot - Kissimmee Busch Gardens Tampa Disneyland Magic Kingdom California Adventure
  22. My first upside down coaster as a kid. Went to Camden park a couple years after it left KI. Marathoned it with my cousins all day. Didn't learn until many years later that it was the same ride, just moved. I wish I'd have known at the time.
  23. I bought a totally rockin Turtles shirt in the 80's store last year at haunt. I was with my gf at the time. We were waiting in line to pay for it and there was some kind of major delay. Anyways we went over to the adjoining store and checked out there. However, the employee checking us out failed to remove the plastic security device and it didnt sound as we left the store. I tried putting the receipt somewhere that i'd remember where it was so I could take it back and have it removed this year. However, I've somehow managed to forget what I did with it, or inadvertently have thrown it away. Anyone have any ideas on how I might get that taken off now so I can actually finally wear the thing?
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