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  1. Welcome to KIC! Ive only been to one haunt last year and i can answer for 7 in regards to the No Boo necklaces. I bought one when going with a group of friends since i'm not big on haunted houses but still wanted to ride and see shows. In regards to roamers, they did a great job of getting people who were with my group but not messing with me. At one point in the night the battery in it died and it was apparently an issue with most of the necklaces being sold, but i brought it into a store that sold them and they happily replaced it. (they actually felt pretty bad that i had to cross half the
  2. I was there on Sunday, and noticed it, but havent seen it any visits before then so i'm guessing it was within the past couple of days
  3. Ive been mostly ghosting this thread for a while now since i didn't have any new news to share, but seeing as we will have our answer tomorrow and i'm heading to the park for the announcement, thanks all that shared and made this another fun decoding thread!
  4. ^^ While a friend and i were attending school near the school, he roomed for a while in one of the buildings in that cul de sac, and you could see the first lift hill from The Beast in the fall. Other things included occasional screams from the woods and being woke up at ten every night from fireworks.
  5. Grabbed a Grilled cheese stuffed with pork last night, it was fantastic!
  6. Here are some other blimp pictures i took the other day while at the park.
  7. Oh man, after spending all that time working on a Beast model for graduation, i would love to have a model
  8. Whoops, meant break. Ive been called out by terp
  9. Was there 4 hours, taking a beak now, but nearly everything was walk on, mainly Diamondback
  10. Speaking of The Bat and theming, i just found this old video of the ride as Top Gun. I never knew they had smoke effects in the ride station under the cars, would be cool to see fog back in that area to spruce up its theming
  11. I don't know how to save snaps to post here, but if anyone can grab the two newest KI Snapchats, i think they are clues. One is again of RFYLCB saying "not sure if this or another flat ride in my future" followed by a picture of Diamondback with "Major (key) This view of Diamondback"
  12. On one hand, thats some bravery to just go into Boocifers house without the patented boo blaster, but on the other thats a bit extreme behavior for a phone that close to closing.
  13. Very nice video! At last i get to see some behind the scenes for this monster, and with all the reference it will help if i ever go into additional work on my 3D model of the ride
  14. Im actually kinda liking the blues teals and purple on the scrambler, though i agree the cars would have looked better with a new paint job. The decorative curls on the back feel a little off because the colors, but i cant be too quick to judge until i see what the new LEDs will bring to the table.
  15. Do you happen to remember any of the lyrics, or was it instrumental?
  16. Last season before the park opened they had a really good mashup of different songs to go with the opening countdown. Second would be Black Balloon by Goo Goo Dolls echoing through the park during a pretty empty park at sunset during a nice summer day. I also remember back in the paramount days leaving the park as the Top Gun anthem played at International Street
  17. As a follow up story, during an extra ride time at the park where The Beast and Diamondback had an hour (pretty sure it was an hour) of extra ride time i got a night ride of The Beast in (who could resist) Then i made a terrible mistake. Diamondback had no line, and i marathoned it the rest of the night nonstop. Was if fun? Oh yeah. Did i get really bad motion sickness as soon as i stopped, you bet. No regrets
  18. I don't remember the date, but it was this last season when i conquered my fear of heights. I used to go to the park and not ride anything above The Racers or Bat but still loved the environment at the park, though i had always wanted to get past that fear. During a lot of trips with my roommate last season i would wait off ride while he rode bigger things like Diamondback and Banshee while always trying to get me on as well. Eventually came a day when i went to the park alone, but was determined to make a change, so one arriving i went right in line for The Beast, and loved it, but it still w
  19. I usually go ahead and have mine taken, i can get wanting to avoid them though. Last season whenever i didn't go alone i always made my friends with me get their picture with me regardless of how unenthusiastic they were, i mean hey it takes a couple of seconds and a lot of rides are gonna take your picture throughout the day, best to make fun of the situation
  20. After getting off The Bat tonight there was an alarming amount of police officers in the area, two cars pulled up under the ride they got out and were flash light searching in the trees, and as we headed out, more officers were entering and hastily leaving the line. A friend that works at the park who was with us said her best guess was someone jumping a fence, but even then that late and that many offices was really confusing.
  21. Group of friends and i went in this evening and the line was mashed to the front door, needless to say we went elsewhere for food and grabbed some Dollar Hotdogs
  22. Not ert for Diamondback I'm hearing it's closed till roughly noon Just saw there's no trains on the track as of now, never seen that before
  23. Lines are looking waterlogged right now, guess it's time to check out let it rock
  24. Got to the park and all was good then the downpour started right as The Bat went up, so I can safely say I've ridden The Bat as a water ride
  25. Webcams looking like a really good day for rides, im trying to get myself down there for the evening for sure
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