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Best Park/Region Combo

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Hey now...New England isn't a dull region!

It is all very subjective.  I could say that Cincy is dull and KI is awesome.  That would tick off alot of the Cincy folks here.

I think as a region, our area of the country is very good.  KY/OH/IN/TN are all beautiful states with lots of things to see and do.  And look at how many parks are in a 6-8 hour drive--KI, CP, SFGAmerica, KK, HW, SFSL, WOF, DW, Cwinds, KD, all the PA parks, SFGAdv, and on and on.  We are very fortunate in this area of the country.

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I think its hard to beat the Orlando area with the Disney and Universal Parks, plus with Sea World and the Fun Spots there and Busch Gardens an hour and a half down the road, there is really a lot to do there.  If there are young kids, Legoland is pretty cool and not far away.  Especially if you factor in all of the great waterparks around the area, its a good place to be in. 

As for regional park areas, I live near Indianapolis and am within a couple hours of KI, Kentucky Kingdom and Holiday World.  Indiana Beach about an hour away.  Cedar Point about 4 and a half hour drive and  Six Flags St. Luis about 4 hrs, Six Flags Great America about 3 and a half.  Pretty centrally located to some good parks.


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