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Blueprint under 50th Anniversary Bag hinting at something?

KI Fan75

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  • KI Fan75 changed the title to Blueprint under 50th Anniversary Bag hinting at something?

Seems like they've done this before with other merch shots.  It actually looks like that bag was photoshopped onto a background. 

I don't think its meant to be anything other than an artistic decision.  I could be wrong, but it would seem strange to me that the merchandise folks would be the first to "tease" anything.

More interestingly... if you look closely at the cell phone - you can make out a dimly lit image of the park/ International Fountains. 

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thinking out loud here, not because i think the image of the blue prints means anything, but because I've posted about Planet Snoopy improvements before.

How much does KI want to get back the title of "worlds best kids area"?  Wildwood grove was a pretty cool expansion down at Dollywood, and while there isn't quite as much to do in their Wildwood Grove area as Planet Snoopy @ KI, its all really well done.  Could relocating (or downsizing) Picnic Grove be an option for KI?  I have never been in Picnic Grove and honestly have no clue how often its used nor how much revenue it generates for the park.  It does seem likes it ideally situated b/w the water park and PS as I assume it mostly serves family outings for large corporations who sponsor a KI day for their employees.

If they demo'd Snoopy's Snack Shack, the theater, petting zoo and what appears to be the first picnic shelter they could open up a ton of space for upgrades in Planet Snoopy.  A sit down resteraunt that could double up as a kitchen serving Picnic Grove.  A coaster for the sub 48" crowd to rival Firechaser Express, plus a handful of other rides to reclaim the kids area title.  Just spit balling, but I have wondered how inspired the park is to reclaim that title they held for so long.

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