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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.

What will you do ?

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QUOTE (BoddaH1994 @ Mar 28 2006, 03:05 PM)

Maureen said they're shooting for Memorial Day weekend, but offered no guarentees.

exactly, but there's always that slim chance they get it working before. I do mean very slim.

It didn't take that long to build it. What is the hold up on it?

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I will not be there opening day sadly but the first thing i will do when ever i get a chance to go up there is ride The Beast then go check out Nick U. and then to the tower to get some good pics.

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Let me say this about that. If any park chain can fix Son of Beast, it's Paramount. And I sure do hope they get this done before any sale. I can just imagine what Cedar Fair would do that thing. Actually, I'd rather not. Hercules or Mean Streak, either way, it's not good news.

Paramount can make it right and may very well do just that. Others, I doubt would.

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For Son of Beast, I have faith that Paramount can fix it.

Opening day - start with FoF (rode on the last run of it last season), followed by Vortex, Beast, TRTR depending on time and line, Nick Universe for some pictures and video, Avatar, Bubba Gump, general goofing off all afternoon. Probably some Action Zone rides.

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Assuming, of course, that those rides are actually open.

I had the unfortunate experience of going to Paramount's Kings Dominion opening day, which was last Saturday. The park did NOT let in the first guest until opening time of 10:30 arrived. By then there was a very long line of guests trying to enter the park. After about 20 minutes, I was admitted to the park (the only places I have ever experienced a similar wait to get in are Cedar Point on a very busy day and Six Flags Great America the day Raging Bull first opened and they did not have sufficient admissions staff).

Then came the shock. Closed were: Rebel Yell backwards, Hurler, Flight of Fear, Avalanche, Volcano: The Blast Coaster, Italian Stunt Whatever, all the shows, about half the food locations, many of the games, and I don't know what all else. There were NO signs outside the park to indicate all the closures. The park was packed. The employee attitudes, especially when compared to the Six Flags I had just left, were lackadaisical at best and downright hostile in many instances. The entire park had a pall to it that one would expect if the place were for sale. I left, but later than I should have, and went to Busch Gardens Europe, formerly known as Busch Gardens Williamsburg, where, even though the park was far busier (gee, I wonder why), I had a much nicer time, all the rides were open, and the cleanliness and overall themed-ness of the place stood out in shocking comparison to PKD.

Yes, I will be at PKI for opening. Yes, I hope to have a good time.

But, I, for one, can't wait for a change of ownership. Based on what I saw at PKD, things can only go up from there.

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What's truly odd was I was at opening day at Paramount's Carowinds, where nearly every ride was operating, and in high capacity style, the ride ops and park staff were VERY friendly, the food stands were almost all open, the food was very good and not so overly priced as it was at PKD--a tiny slice of pizza at PKD was $3.99, and burned at that.

PCWi was so very, very nice. I am trying very hard to say something nice about opening day at PKD. They gave me a receipt for my parking. Does that count? (ten bucks it was, too)

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i will be clocking in and going to process seasons passes!! fun stuff

HA funny. I waited to get my season pass so I have to go get it processed on the 14th.

well ill see ya there. the process has changed a lot since last year. i cant tell you to much because its still confidential but i can tell you that your picture will no longer be on there.

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Wrong. I know a lot more about the new process than you probably do.

But, like you, I won't be posting it...then again, I didn't even hint that I did until you informed me I don't know what you know.

Those who know don't tell, including hinting at proprietary technology.

That would be a wise course for you as well.

This is NOT the employee room.

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Ok, maybe you do know a lot about it. But you would have to be high up, work in the department (which i do), work for IS, or know someone who does work in that capacity and has told you. (sorry about saying that about you not knowing about it if you truly do)

But you certainly dont need to be rude about it though. You could have kindly told me that it had already been mentioned (I have only been posting for a couple or months and have been reading these forums for a little longer and I have not and will never read every post or even every topic) and I would have been fine with that. Or if youre problem was with me posting that information in the first place, you could have told me politly. Why is it that when anyone says something that people think is wrong or incorrect on this site people jump on them and are rude to them about it. Thats why while I post on ocassion, I dont post that often (and when I do they are short and dont have much of my opinion) because I dont want people to jump all over me for something I said. So I go out on a whim tonight and post something that is a little risky and, what do u know, I have someone jumping all over me about it.

And now for the saying that publicly. I have some more information that I dont share publicly because I know it is not wise and the park has some things that they dont want the public to know about. I was not told by anyone not to say that piece that I posted. Furthermore, although we were not telling people at the end of last season that it would definetly be here next season because even we didnt know for sure; but we were telling people that asked that someday we were hoping to have the technology so that we wouldnt have to take there picture every year and we coulds just renew them for another year when they paid and that would be all.

Sorry again to you and anyone else who were offended or mad that I posted this (which I still like to know your rational for responding the way you did). The last thing I want is for the very small reputation I do have on these forums to be taken away by something I said.

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I have no problem with you and please don't take any post here by me as a personal attack.

Just also don't assume what others do or do not know.

You never know who is hiding behind these screen names...and some of us do so for a reason or reasons!

In any event, have a great season. I am sure I will no doubt see you next time I am at Paramount's Kings Island...(opening day, perhaps?)

As for being rude, I was not the one who informed me I don't know what I am talking about! smile.gif

and what else do u know about the new process? nothing. my point exactly. there are a lot more changes then just that!!

No, it is not true I know nothing. But thanks for that very wrong assumption. All you got back was the same tone you started with!

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Looks at Paramount's Carowinds pass in user's pocket.

Purchased last October.

Wow, no picture.

Yep, PKI's process is ever so confidential.

Especially if one has been to, say, WDW in the past several years, with an annual pass.

you dont think that a little rude? its basucally telling me that i am stupid for posting that baucase everyone knows that

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Nope....it doesn't say everyone knows that...it doesn't make fun of you...for some reason you seem to have read that into those words..it isn't there.

I don't think you are stupid...even if I did, so what? It's just a person on the Internet on a message board! You will have people at the park who will be far more difficult to deal with. I've seen it far too frequently.

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