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  1. We miss you here. 

    1. RedSummit20


      What happend to FYE, i love them guys! 

  2. Hey!! I follow you guys on Facebook didnt know you were on here!

  3. What part of the track? I wonder when they will start on the lift hill supports.
  4. Anyone have a Haunt Map pdf for this year?
  5. Kind of sad, but here are all the Coney Island Rides for sale. http://rides4u.com/equipment/packages/view/25
  6. So excited to see that! Is it the half down by Antique Autos?
  7. Awesome, heck yeah, im curious how the Tween thing will go too. My daughter is to young for that though. Even though i would want her to do them lol. Im excited and glad we get something new each year.
  8. Ehh thats cool, i understand, i enjoy going cause of how late the park is open!
  9. Everyone excited about the new additions to this years Haunt? If so what do you think will be the best new addition?
  10. From the past coasters seems they will do the brake run/station first then start on the lift.
  11. I hope so. it will be fun to watch okay sweet i knew they put them up there didnt know if it was on the top or bottom part lol
  12. I hope so! I know we're super excited! Hope we can watch during Haunt, i forget is the tower open?
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