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  1. Got another ride in, and again the first third of the ride is honestly not all that different, except that it is most certainly smoother - but I actually liked how brutal (and sorta intense) the section in the first tunnel and the first turn used to be. So the work done on this section of the ride has its upsides and downsides. But holy moly, The Beast comes *ALIVE* in the middle third of the ride. so much speed, my side was hurting (in a good way) from how much I was getting pinned to the side wall of the train through the very intense turns with my hands up. It's the most fun The Beast has ever felt to me - excluding cool night rides or jovial rowdy rides with friends. It seemed to me that they enlarged the entrance to the helix tunnels, with the size of the tunnel gradually tapered to match with the dimensions of the old sections of the tunnel? It really did feel like the first helix tunnel was taller. Of course my idealistic dream version of The Beast would involve a number of other changes beyond what they just did, but if I may make a humble, modest request - they really should do *something* with the trains to improve them. I swear the seatback padding is thinner and worse than on almost all other PTC trains. At bare minimum, I would really like the seats to feel fluffy and cushiony like they are on the Holiday World woodies, for example. No wonder people got so much pain from The Beast and The Racer over the years. In conclusion, I can't wait to ride The Beast many more times in its new and dazzling form!
  2. The thing that really stood out to me: the brake shed definitely seemed to slow the train down less than pre-2022! The second tunnel was traversed much faster! And then the turn right after the tunnel actually had strong laterals! Edit: will have to see in the future if it will be like this always or if it's just a fluke
  3. 3 employees - appears to be maintenance - riding in the back car. Very good sign!
  4. Lots of workers and park vehicles on site at The Beast. They are currently test cycling with 3 trains and water dummies on board
  5. I just saw a train parked on the end brake run of The Beast (while riding Diamondback) with what looked like blue water dummies on board. This should mean testing has begun. Edit: also saw around 5 workers in hard hats scaling the first drop around where the trim is usually, so I feel like they were working on something related to the trim brake but maybe not
  6. When I was at Kings Dominion last year, I saw that the security people running the metal detectors (and maybe security elsewhere in the park) were all wearing shirts that said "RMC Events." I assume that outsourcing park security was not a long term strategy, but just a way to deal with temporary staffing issues though.
  7. I think that a "small wall" would be much more intrusive and unsightly (let alone a expense which quite simply is unnecessary) than just letting people do what they've always done. Personally, I enjoy having a laugh seeing the weird and creative things people have thrown on top of the roofs next to The Beast and Diamondback. And of course the people that throw stuff on those roofs must enjoy doing it too.
  8. Is there 2019 pass processing at the park (for the remaining days its open this year)? Forgot to ask or check on my last visit.
  9. Well, Shambhala's splashdown is a fake one though, I believe. Also regardless of whether you include Shambhala or not, It's the *longest* coaster with a splashdown! (Don't hurt me, first time poster)
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