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  1. I can’t believe how upset people are over this webcam thing lol
  2. Yeah that’s why my definition is both height and drop being over 300’, otherwise it gets too messy.
  3. Even the GP has been saying it’s too similar - even moreso because they don’t realize it will ride differently
  4. To play devils advocate, if a coaster was only 10 feet off the ground but followed a gently sloping hill downward until it had progressed 300ft down the vertical axis, would you call that a giga? IMO height and drop have to be 300 or more for giga status. Sure you could have a coaster 100’ tall and dropping along terrain 300’ but it wouldn’t look like a giga, at least in the sense that most of us think of them.
  5. Yes. I wouldn’t get my hopes up for this being super intense like a lot of people are saying. I think people will be disappointed that way when it turns out to be your standard B&M experience (which is very good, btw) I think this will be very similar to Leviathan. Like a slightly bigger and faster Diamondback basically
  6. That’s sort of evaluating it in a bubble though and ignoring patterns of existing parks. Every time I hear someone say “I would kill to have this in my park!!!” I compare it to lambasting fans of the losing Super Bowl team and being like “I would have killed to have my team even make it to the super bowl!” Yeah but... not really the point. Not sure that’s a totally accurate analogy but hopefully you get what I mean. Guess you could also argue that KI getting a giga at all would more aptly be compared to flat out winning the super bowl.
  7. Oh man lol I forgot I said this consider me flabbergasted I suppose
  8. I bet the first drop will have mag brakes the whole way down and limit the drop to 10mph so it's not too much better than MF Drive tires the rest of the way to complete the circuit
  9. I mean I guess technically it’s a possibility but I definitely would not entertain that idea There’s almost zero chance the train is floorless
  10. It was established earlier in the thread that the actual height is 280-something I think. The ravine gives it a 301’ drop.
  11. Exactly. You kind of indirectly nailed it here. A giga is your one shot to build something incredible, and loads of people feel like this has been full of missed opportunities so far. KI will likely never get anything higher than 300 feet ever again, or at least not soon enough that it’s even worth mentioning. If it was an RMC, we would probably all be happy right now regardless of what it was. Gigas have a reputation for being the record breakers, the precedent-setters, the bar-uppers. On paper it looks like this doesn’t do any of that, and that’s why people are bummed - especially when you consider the size of the plot of land and the topography KI had to work with. As a footnote, being bummed about the product that KI is getting ready to deliver to earn our dollars is in no way spoiled. This is not a birthday present - it is a product, and products are criticized all the time.
  12. In light of recent events
  13. Somebody else pointed out it says 1035 not 1065
  14. If the marketing trends regarding every single ride ever built are any indicator, people absolutely do care. The KI marketing team doubly so.
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