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  1. Are we sure this was done intentionally by the park? To me, it just seems like it could be a random act of vandalism by an unruly guest. I don't see any legitimate reason the park would have to do that.
  2. Just got back from a 2-day visit, this was the best one I heard: "That's the one that spins" (pointing at The Racer)
  3. I'm going next week, and then I plan on posting an updated rankings video
  4. Hey, April 138 is my birthday! /s
  5. Has anyone seen these being sold at the park yet?
  6. Is that just because SOB was made of Southern Yellow Pine? Becuase most of KI's woodies are made of that same wood.
  7. Cool that it's open, but sad that the Outpost 5 tweet had no mention of SOB
  8. Something I noticed.. All the teaser videos so far have had caption on Twitter such as Outpost 1,2,3, and most recently 4. This means that outpost 5 is next...
  9. I thought you guys would enjoy this video I made about an S+S 4d Coaster coming to KI. Let me know what you think.
  10. IMO Zamperla doing it isn't realistic when they've never built a launch coaster more than 50 feet tall.
  11. Wait, does Diamondback still have its old color scheme?
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