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  1. The show rocked. I took lots of photo's The link is in my sig for all to see. Its nice that he punched santa out too. I had great seats. Section 2 row k seat 1. Great time. Getting out was a problem though since i was up front.
  2. How about No! I usually run it though spell check but i forgot. The ride op thing is sparky cut my good fun down right away. trying to bring humor.
  3. 3.5 for fof opening year on a weekday. 2 hours for The Beast that same day
  4. Tanner. They said there was some major changes done. It wasnt just 1 it was 3 and in wheel seats as well
  5. Robcoast wanted to goto PKI. I was leary cause PKI on a sat means CROWDS! He needed to cash his check. Living in West Chester The nearest Krogers is on Tylersville. He has about a 5 min wait to get his money done. Then it was a straight shot into mason and PKI. We pull into the lot around 2pm. We are forced to park over by WaterWorks. We enter though the Water works season pass entrance and go into the park itself via the walkway as the train was packed. We go though HB/nick. We go in though animation station and look around. We go to Scooby doo's haunted Castle and say nah. I then here "its Patrick" I turn to see my aunt Pam uncle Bobby My uncle bob and my aunt Patty. I go over say hi. Told them yeah this is the 21st time. I introduce them to Rob. My aunt Pam asks if I see her daughter to give her a message. I said Okay and we parted ways. Neither me or Rob had a watch but we saw that the Tomb Raider stunt show was starting so we went and watched. I had seen it Rob had not. He liked it. I filled out a survey for Guest Relations. We mosy over and say lets go ride Flight of Fear. We get there and theres a 1 and a half hour ride. We bailed cause we may not be able to ride (seatbelts are all different sizes!) We are leaving the area discussing Racer and then I don't feel so hot and its a beeline to the Coney Mall restrooms near Lazer Tag. I must of ate some bad peppers cause well I will spare you the details. 15 mins later I am feeling good. We get in line for Vortex. Vortex is my fav sitdown Arrow multi looper built on the site of The Bat at Kings Island. Its the dark blue people eater . It gave a great ride and lots of hang time in the corkscrew. Not any headbanging either. (this TR has been pulled into a time warp. We warp ahead 20 mins or so) (please watch your step on the way out.) After this we went to the Flying Eagles. I had a kid in front of me that screwd up my air so snaps were not great. We road again. Same thing better snappage. Pop Break. Rob said he wanted a vannilla Coke and theres only a few places in the park that have the mix. We goto Rivertown get a pop and say lets go see how bad White Water Canyon is. The line was 3 hour+ We goto Beast. Line was full but the line houses were not open. We Bs about movies makes it go quicker. Back seat ride. I was on left he was on the right. I had a great ride while Rob had a good ride. Got to his back a bit. We get a refill of water and Then he takes a pistop. We want to goto Action Zone I need to rest. Feet get tired and hurting (ive had 5 operations on em in 2 years)we sit between Vortex and the flyers and relax a bit. We walk to Action Zone. Its been Months since I road Top Gun. We went down and as usual the wait was little (no body knows its back there lol). Front seat Great Ride. We decide on SOB now the last time I was with Rob and Road SOB I had to have my back fixed. Today though was different. 40 min for a back seat ride. We get in and were off.....boy the hill seems a bit faster today......HOLY CRAP IM GONNA DIE!....I had great air on SOB. Rob then had better. There was air into the rosebowl as well and helix was intense but not hurt me. Then onto the MCBR. BRAKELESS! Rob screams as we go into the loop for some of the most forcefull G's I've ever had. It kept going faster. It was flying and the trains didnt washboard much at all. People were Extatic and CHEERING! I was breathless (1st time in a long time) We road again and then there was managers waiting. We talked to them and they said the ride has had changes and its running lots better. I am guessing this is the start of somthing new and better. (once again Cutdown on PKIU and there "genuis" ride op who thinks he knows it all) I think if this keeps up SOB can become alot better than what it was. Ran like it never did before. We then tested our theory in the front of the train. Same result Fast great and fun. Bought a onride it was so good! Rob thought all the lines were cutoff. Action Zone was just dead. We went over to face/off for a walkon ride. Great way to end the night. We filled a form at guest relations telling how good our day was. ------------------------------------------------------ Over all a very good day. Even for how packed it was they moved people very well. Staff was SUPER FRIENDLY. Great shows. A very good day. SOB was a big improvement. ------------------------------------------------------
  6. Bad sparky bad sparky goto your room That excuse doesn't cut it anymore! The way it ran today is proof. Plus why were the lapbars replaced if there wasn't somthing wrong. How come today people were loving the ride Cheering not holidng there necks. I have been on after major track work Nothing NOTHING was this good. A few days I doubt it. Lines were full of reriders. Park is on to somthing with this. Lines were LONG and this worked. People were moving faster. Area managers saying well major work has been done to speed it up and we know its running better now. I don't think it will return to old.
  7. SOB on saturday was smooth it was faster it was great. It seems that the elminated the back problem people who hated it cheer it. SOB was supurb and from what the managers said I believe it will stay that way.
  8. From what I heard it was a maintance problem.
  9. From a joke to a Full time fan club...oh yeah the new version will have the Jeff siebert fan club too
  10. My mom wanted out of the house so she made me get up out of bed. She out of the blue decided to goto Kings Island. She has a season pass but Never uses it. Last time we were here she got her pass done and left That was the day goldpass ended. Last time she actually walked around was 1975. We arrived around 6:30 and started out in Action Zone. She said rides were too intense she didn't wanna ride em. We walked all the way to Rivertown before she said "Patrick Lets go ride White Water canyon". I warned my mom that its quite a walk and she has a problems with feeling in her legs. I urged her to get a disabled handbook thingy so she wouldn't have to navigate the stairs. She said she was already there and just walked it slowly. This started to look like a VERY BAD IDEA but she made it. We got right on no wait. She had ofcouse never ridden this ride. I warned her. My mom hates big rides but she loved the ride. We were both drenched. We got stopped in by the gate at tower 1 cause we were going pretty dang fast. Needless to say she loved the ride she wanted to reride but didn't wanna navigate the stairs again. We went to the train station. She had only seen water works from the employee lot. The guy doing speeches on the train was very VERY energtic and was fun. Plus we saw 2 groundhogs and they are just cool! After that was over we went though Nick Central and HB. We were going to ride Scooby but she said lets go(she was having problems walking)We went the long way around International street. She started feeling better. She asked if the tower was open. I warned her that they dont use 2 sections and you have to be at the top. She was scared but okay with it. I applaud it cause she HATES heights. She got a lovely view asking me "Patrick whats that?" as my knowlage of PKI came into handy. She said she wants to vist waterworks next time she comes. We then got off. She was feeling okay. She asked me to show her the flyers. Well I showed her. Wasnt a great ride but I was the only one getting trees. She yelled at me for a few mins about how I am gonna kill myself Then she asked how I did it and she wants to try to ride it the next time we come. She wanted to see SB3d but she decided not to. We were on the way back up international when she asked if there was a place to get food as her blood sugar was dropping. Luckly we were right near the Mainderin Place. She satdown I got the grub. Very reasonably priced and after the meal said it was time to go home as she was getting sicker. Luckly we have a handicap plaqer and we were able to get a close space so we were out very soon. Total time in park 2 hours. She was happy she got out and kept saying sorry for leaving so early. I didn't care. This was my 20th trip this year and it was special cause she came with me. Not so much as I am a mommas boy as 9/10 of the time shes too sick to do much else but work and sleep. While not the action thrilled advenure I usually have it was pleasing non the less. It was special for me so hey
  11. Does this belong in TR section? Maybe one of the mods can fix it.... Oh wait I'm the mod here. I will 1st see if I can move it to the main fourm if not it gets closed.
  12. Sounds to me like a aborted launch. I could be wrong though.
  13. They most likely changed somthing. SOB is a ride that has had ALOT of work done to it.
  14. Jeff is a great guy. He even has a FANPAGE. I mean comeon. Hes friendly always ready to listen and infact is very photogenic. Name one other staff member at that park to have a fanpage thats Jeff Siebert approved?. You can't can you! He is a god among men! SOBRider Ps: You should really visit the jeff siebert fanpage. Pss: Yes I'm knocking italianchef and yes I Like the book he wrote too and no he hasn't bribed me. Now that I think about it I have been going to the park for 11 years and I know the park like the back of my hand and yet I buy a guide book. I take that back I don't recommend the book that much anymore I still do but not as much and remember Jeff R0X0R!
  15. I liked it. Its better than 9/10 of the crap thats usually there. The dirtbike stunt was pretty cool. They didn't sing so It made it a winner for me. I went on the 1st night at the 7:30 showing it was pretty packed and people enjoyed it overall from the reaction it got. Eric the Horrbible or whatever is just your simple cartoon villian. My only complaint is that the stage reeked of wet paint.
  16. The costumes may of been nice but they are a pain if you send someone to another ride or stand. Park had a few rough years after the paramount takeover. This year is a year of many changes and alot of charm being brought back to the park. If you haven't been in a while I urge you to return. Park wil look vastly different but in its own way its a great place. Why alot of the flats have died has been debated over at the History of Kings Island Yahoo group and it seems that management didn't care for some rides in the 80's and they were left to destory themselfs. Most people place the blame on the parks owner at the time Mr. Linder. If you missed phantom theater I feel for ya that was a great ride. I do like Scoobys Haunted castle better though.
  17. Here are the popular theorys 1. Aaron didn't pay his server bill 2. Site was knocked offline by a DOS attack 3. Server went down
  18. When I was at the park on the 15th there was a storm and that cleared the park out. There was a few ride cycles on the eagles that I didn't see anyone walk by.
  19. Rob Nungster backed out last night so I asked my friend Kristin to go to PKI with me. We arrived around 2pm and she wanted to fly on skyflyer I didn’t so she flew and I watched and caught up with someone who works on the ride. We then went to Son of Beast. Son of Beast was about a 10 min wait we went to the back seat and had a smooth ride overall it was pretty good. Some washboarding in the helix but other than that it was doing good. Loop gives great forces then there is a hint of some air. We next went to Adventure Express. Adventure Express. It was okay for me. Kristin had some problems. The effects were running well and it was a fun ride. We then went to Racer Backwards. Most people have sworn off The Racers but I like em. I had excellent airtime. Monster was next. Decent spinning on Monster had fun. We went down to the 1st flyers ride of the day. Good starter ride, Had to reteach kristin how to fly. After a good flyers ride it was time to ride Mike Tyson Aka Vortex. Backseat on Vortex is the only seat for me! Today they were running only 2 trains. A op said that they were working on one. I could see maintance there all day so his story checks out. We then went down to Action theater. She saw the line for SB3D and we decided to do Raiders of the Lost Temple or whatver the waste of film in the 2nd side is. It was good the 1st time second time it blew. I hid on the way out while Kirstin was on the phone she was looking for me Lol! After that it took some convinceing and some White Water canyon action was ready. Now we road with some people who think the seatbelt is optional on there. Last time I checked it wasn't No one looked so she got away with it. Got drenched! I then won Kristin a Care Bear We then went to Scooby Doos Haunted Castle. I outscored kristin alot I had 1800 she had like 600. After that it was time for Tomb Raider stunt show. I will not spoil it for you, It was amazing! I loved it. Great effects Great show! I went to the flyers again and Kristin went to get a bag for her prizes. I get a awome ride the wind was picking up and I was going crazy wind was getting high I was pretty rushed about it. Then the ride is closed the sky opens and we make the run to wings. We have some dinner About 9:15sh the flats opened back up. We stayed at the flyers for the rest of the night Crew busted there butts to get us on the ride and give us many cycles. Fireworks went off and thus ended a great night! Craig the Sup at flyers did a great job. He got a great GR from me at the end of the night. The park gets big ups for reopening so late in the day. Made my day with that! There was a few people down at the flyers I knew them by there faces but not names if anyone was there I was the guy in the Legend shirt. Please email me or somthing so I can learn your names! :-)
  20. Great the aliens are trying to escape AGAIN. Sheesh they crashed into train 2 of top gun during a test last year shesh.
  21. The whole haunted thing is fun. Kings Island has alot of ghost stories more than any other park except disney. Racer boy Tower jimmy billybob (many names) The Eyes in the Fountain The Ghost in IR (International Restaurant) Old Security Storage. I have personally added to old security storage. I bring out my story around halloween http://www.geocities.com/gmsmkrusa/stories.htm theres some good ones there. (topic was long if it was posted before so be it)
  22. I road with the work lights on and everything it was quite diffrent.
  23. May have went down and took a few hours to fix
  24. I do believe it was a galaxy type coaster.
  25. Kings Island SOB Coaster Quest: The Quest for Brain Damage Rob Nungster and I went up to PKI for some fun. We arrived and parked in the gold pass lot and were boarding Son of Beast at around 9:20 He wanted to ride row 1.1 I am a chicken so I road in the back. Next ride right after I road in 1.2 great smooth ride 1.3 Started getting the crap kicked out of me. 2.1 (this is one of the more painful seats) crap kicked out of me Starting to hurt by that point. 2.2 Okay ride but now the train was full and it was speeding up. 2.3 Starting to hurt again my shoulder and neck were getting sore. 3.1 BEAT THE LIVING CRAP OUT OF ME. Water/pop break 3.2 okay middle ride. Back was hurting a bit. The forces in the loop today made it more fun 3.3 Coming into the rose bowl, I was hurting bad Then Coming into the break run I heard Crunch crack. I started cussing a storm I was in pain I just held on tight to the grab bar and just toughed it out. In our quest this was our boss. I got off and requested we take a break. We went down to the flyers and took 3 good flights. Me and Rob can ride in back of each other and not screw each other up cause we know how to fly. I twisted the tub around decently. It was 12:30 and we were hungry so we went down to Bubba Gump’s Shrimp C.O and ate there to try it. Rob had shrimp I had fish. It was very good. Decent amount of tartar sauce. We BSed for a bit and then I said hey there’s some guy that looks just like your brother (glasses were filthy and sweat was in my eyes.). It was chuck! He came by for a bit (we hit the flyers for a bit again and chuck left). I found out on the trek to SOB again that they will refill the water bottles with water for free! We then made a snap decision and went to Action Theater. SB3D had a hellalong line but the lost temple thingy was a walk on. The movie was an I-werks made in 1995. It was okay I’ve seen worse (Dino Island 1 and 2. smash factory and meteor attack.) We then for some reason ended up in Rivertown. We hopped in line for White Water Canyon. The line looked to be about an hour and a half so we bailed. My feet were killing me so we sat and BSed about crap in front of Wings for a bit. We hit up Scooby and had a good ride (I had about 1200). We then made our way to the car so I could put some sunscreen on. We came back in and were on our way to SOB but we saw that the Majestic show was 5 mins away from starting. We agreed and went in (not only to cool off but hey I never go to the shows). I was impressed with the show. The dancing was good and the sets were cool. Tricks were okay and I had a nice cherry flavored drink to cool off. This show was of very good quality and I was impressed. We went back to SOB it was a walk on. 4.1 That was it for me in the 2nd boss kicked my butt all over that ride I got off and had to go to 1st aid. They were concerned and had me comeback guy checked me out and said I pulled something. Gave me some pain killers and sent me on my way. Rob continued the quest in my absence. I sat in front of a Coke machine and dosed a bit while he finished the quest. About an hour later he was done and we went back to the flyers. I snagged a good tub it was a decent ride. We then went over to the carousal And road. I love that ride. We went back to Scooby. I had a GREAT Gun! I was getting targets 2 and 3 times. And we hit the targets in the library (amazing). I had like 600 while Rob had 30. In the 1st room. I had almost 2000 with NO slowdowns. My gun was great! We then left the park. The end.
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