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  1. Marineland of Canada. Its located in Niagara Falls, Ontario.
  2. I'm probably the only one here that will say the man made a certain former CEO look like a prince at times, imo.
  3. Ok I retract. I don't do Marineland. Not until they fix their dismal exhibits, (especially for their deer) send out some of them belugas (they have around 30+ there) and move Kiska out to another park (preferably SeaWorld). After their fall out with SeaWorld, who knows what is going to happen to miss Kiska now. They really need new management. I do not like their GM. The way he publicly presented himself during the fight with SeaWorld...not professional, very childish individual for being in what? his 70's?
  4. I just go to parks and enjoy the atmosphere. (older I get, the less interested I am in riding most big rides o_o)
  5. CP haven't been doing food discounts either? Seems like the only park I been to lately that offered pass discount on food is Knott's. o_o
  6. I didn't know I liked the Smurfs THAT much. Picture 009 by ki_faerie_wench, on Flickr
  7. Zodiac is present here kingsisland2 by ki_faerie_wench, on Flickr I'm guessing this was taken 1985-86? (my dad doesn't even remember, lol) I forget when The Bat was originally removed, but you can see "footers" on the ground where it was.
  8. Titanic Movie Tour by ki_faerie_wench, on Flickr
  9. Who remembers the Titanic exhibit? titanic5 by ki_faerie_wench, on Flickr
  10. Smurfs by ki_faerie_wench, on Flickr Me with my cousins. Off topic, on the far left is Troy, and in another month will be the 3rd year anniversary of his death. Since the weather has begun to become nicer, I am seeing a lot of bold, yet highly stupid, people with a bad case of spring fever on the roads driving like lunatics and it reminded me of Troy. Never drink and drive, and also even if you haven't touched a drop do not allow yourself ride as a passenger of a vehicle driven by a drunk (which is what happened to Troy). Many of my earliest KI memories involve him and his brothers.
  11. Witchs' Cauldrons by ki_faerie_wench, on Flickr I am in my dad's lap and we are joined by my grandma (from my mom's side)
  12. I am fairly certain that is Flight Commander there, I got very vague memories of watching it from the ground lol We were CP regulars then though.
  13. ^Vortex opened in 1987 so late 80's I cant see anything else in the picture that would identify the exact year though.
  14. They were certainly still going through the 2003 season, I don't remember when they were finally pulled though.
  15. CP's wouldn't be ideal for more than 2 dolphins, (since it was just a tad larger in depth) it certainly isn't large enough to raise a baby in though, all dolphins need to be able to swim in a straight line so the baby can nurse more effectively and all those tanks were way too round. KD actually did have a calf born there in 1986 but he didn't live more than a day. (on the MMIR I have for KD they listed cause of death as pneumonia for the calf) CP had a lot of algae in their pool for a bit as well, while algae is more than abundant in the wild so it doesn't actually hurt the dolphins themselves, it just didn't look good for the customers. Of course in the 80's-90's I don't think a lot of people cared then, but if it was like that today, CP probably face their own sh*tstorm like SeaWorld is now. I got into a debate with a activists over CP's awhile back. I got my issues with it but I know algae don't kill the animals. This particular activist was a perfect example of one who can not make up their minds...a pool covered with algae (which is everywhere in the wild, I know), or a pool so clean the animals get sunburns from the sunlight penetrating the surface. I feel like I am hijacking a thread about KI so here is a throwback. kingsisland7 by ki_faerie_wench, on Flickr
  16. I am glad that pool is gone. In the 70's we didn't know as much about cetacean care like today so back then those facilities were considered "acceptable". Glad they are not by today's standards. I Think Hershey Park is the only one that still has their tank, which is identical to the ones that used to be at KI and KD (and probably Canada's Wonderland), however Hershey no longer displays dolphins. (their former dolphins now live in the Bahamas)
  17. LOL it's still a throw back XD untitled by ki_faerie_wench, on Flickr
  18. Or Russian activist apparently. The other countries that are receiving these whales are China (Chimelong Ocean Kingdom) and Russia.
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