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  1. We can't forget Thelma who rides Diamondback in her 90's I hope to see Thelma around the park again this year as I always actually found it a joy to see her and her boys each year when I worked Park Services. I haven't been an active employee at KI for a couple years since I started my current job and I was touched she remembered me even with the weight loss. (she came up to me and gave me a hug)
  2. I'm one of those that don't like to ride coasters all the time. (a lot of them make me sick) Well it doesn't make me sick. And that's just me. Just saying there are quite a few like me, the parks are not meant to cater to just thrill seekers only. Variety is always good. They should include attractions anyone and everyone can enjoy (and KI as far as I am concerned lacks heavily in family friendly attractions) KI present day would bore my grandparents as an example and it was already starting to way back in the 90's. I like shows, not usually a fan of musical revues, but shows like this I do enjoy.
  3. I agree on the logo. I prefer the vintage look and appreciate the uniqueness of it, but a logo is a companies identity and this is a new company. I am glad, however, to see that the vintage logo is still used on some apparel in their gift shops. That's what I get for not fact checking It was also night of Pride Night that year. (I only know cause I worked that evening, apart from the weather it was fun. I love Pride Night)
  4. I'm talking about parks (not including KI, it helps I work close by I can go whenever when it is open)
  5. I plan most of my stuff anywhere between 5-9 months in advance.
  6. Think that's something^ I was just reading a post released by Loro Parque in Spain (they have 6 SeaWorld owned orcas, one being the rescue named Morgan from a couple years back) They been having issues with Ingrid Visser (the one from New Zealand I mentioned before) and her "Free Morgan Foundation" cronies attempting to break in at the park after being booted out after being deemed a nuisance to patrons that are trying to enjoy themselves. There are farmers living around LP and they were not pleased those folks were snooping around, hiding in vegetation trying to get their photographic evidence. It's just baffling though, these same people tell people not to go to parks yet they got no problem paying park admission to go in. (or in some cases breaking entry into one) Ingrid certainly been a handful. She has been booted from SeaWorld Orlando before, and this isn't the first she been a problem at LP. I just picture her and her cronies wearing ghillie suits carrying their photo equipment while snooping around outside park property.
  7. I'm one of those that don't like to ride coasters all the time. (a lot of them make me sick)
  8. PETA sues San Diego airport for rejecting anti-SeaWorld ad http://www.utsandiego.com/news/2014/mar/11/seaworld-peta-san-diego-airport-ad-kathy-najimy/ A private business saying 'No, I don't agree with what you're saying and I won't allow you to post it here' is not a violation of freedom of speech. Yeah, I posted about the Shamu Cam a few pages back. The cam has been gone for quite a few years now, well before the announcement of Blackfish even.
  9. If it even passes, which I doubt it will anyway. Here is a different article: http://www.utsandiego.com/news/2014/mar/06/bill-would-ban-seaworld-orca-performances-a/ So change the shows and remove the music.... >_> the training sessions are their exercise.
  10. I remember back when I worked Park Services when it was still Paramount...these teen girls approached me with a park map asking me about a show that was announced in the park starting up with "music by Rascal Flatts" among other artists and they wondered if it was those bands themselves. But as soon as I basically said they are musical revues by employees they were like "oh...not interested" That actually did happen a few times.
  11. ^ exactly. Trying to make it sound like it is not possible in the wild is absurd though, there have been a handful of incidents in the wild, including another serious one involving a surfer. It's just not common, shoot in captivity it isn't all that often either. (unless its elephants again...where attacks are common both in wild and captivity) What happened to that diver could have been extremely fatal, he was lucky to loosen himself from his equipment in time before he drowned or been killed. It's interesting though about the New Zealand orcas, because one of the loudest activists around these days lives there. She don't like people in the water with them and yet she tries to ride on the backs of the wild ones she studies. *shrug*
  12. But keeping the following animals are okay though: Lions, Tigers, Bears (OH My), birds, gorillas, other apes, monkeys, goats, horses, giraffes, antelopes, pea****s, penguins, sheep, dolphins, sea lions, otters, wolves, bearcats, dingos, bats, mice, etc etc etc etc You can say Zoos are only for educational purposes, but many go to the zoos to see the animals. That would be entertainment.... To me this just seems like a politician cashing in on the latest "cause".... And Elephants....they are the first to come to my mind when I think of incidents with zookeepers. I'd think they'd have a better case if it was about Elephants. I find this frustrating because there are so many animal rights issues that get ignored because people get focused only on SeaWorld. Kind of offf topic and kind of not... There was an incident recently with a wild orca nearly drowning a human in New Zealand about a month ago, and some activists have tried to spin that that it wasn't an attack. An orca doing a death spiral not part of an attack even though it is apart of prey pursuit? Ok. Attacks in the wild are not common, but they do happen. *shakes head*
  13. Like the dolphin pictures! Still glad that tank is gone though. untitled6 by ki_faerie_wench, on Flickr
  14. I could actually see that about Challenge Park to a degree. At KI they are all pretty busy typically, unless its raining heavily then nearly all of them are quiet cause no one is there really to speak of, lol. I spent many years working Park Services, I actually loved it. Lots of exercise!
  15. Well it is the offseason after all... It's almost over, folks.
  16. I feel old. I worked at KI at the time you were born. ._.
  17. Flying Eagles never actually "closed" per say, just flew away from KI to Carowinds. (I know more than likely via truck but I had this really bad mental image of the ride growing wings and flying away)
  18. Would Banshee really count as true red? I know sometimes I depends on lighting, I seen the coaster more purple-pinkish color at times when I look at it from work.
  19. Mantis? I know the track isn't entirely yellow but it still has yellow, lol. KI doesn't need anymore yellow track. I was happy when Invertigo and that one coaster in the kids area got repainted. Not KI but I wouldn't mind Desperado repainted either, (probably never will happen) if not, then they could at least touch that up as it is pretty badly faded. Yeah, I hate yellow.
  20. What makes you think Carowinds exactly? Still other international parks as well as Six Flags. Carowinds already has a flying coaster...another Vekoma like Firehawk called Nighthawk.
  21. Taken in May 2011 P1014952 by ki_faerie_wench, on Flickr
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