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  1. Evidently, I did, too. My parents brushed that gig off when I brought it up. Vortexfan, I suspect there are people in the world that are always going to focus on the sticky end of the lollipop. If the group that produced Blackfish got their way, and the whales were freed, not only would they focus on a larger group of animals in their next bid, but if anything happened to the whales in the open sea, they would still place the blame on Seaworld. There are some people that will do anything to wipe the smiles off of people's faces. Russia captured more orcas...apparently without permit this time.
  2. I think the quickest we got was 45 mins, lol (maybe it was closer to an hour...it's been 5 years give me a break )
  3. I always wondered why SeaWorld San Diego doesn't really do the HowlOScream, I can kind of understand the reluctance for the Orlando park considering its only a 30 min drive (maybe little less) from Busch Gardens.
  4. There's nothing wrong to feel this way, as I am the same way. I like tamer rides better and those seem to be disappearing... All my favorite parks have more tame rides than roller coasters, the environments of those places feel much more relaxed and that's what I like. I do not care about coasters doing backflips over the front gate. I'd rather SeaWorld build flat rides rather than more coasters atm, I'd always thought it be cool to be if something like Supreme Scream (or Power Tower whatever you most familiar with) were to appear, but that's just me.
  5. In addition to bigger space, they get toys, jets, streams to swim in, deeper pools to play in, etc. SO much better than the current circular blue pools. Much more engaging. The fact they can actually swim instead of just floating is a hugely important thing. Again, not sure why they were kept in such a "primitive zoo" exhibit to begin with. In retrospect even now, it seems a little absurd. Uh, what makes you think they don't get their toys now? Just curious.
  6. It's not random though. For example plans to work on the habitats/adding another pool at the Texas park had existed, issue is building something to withstand the floodings the park gets which is why you do not get the underwater viewing opportunities there like you would in San Diego or Orlando.
  7. Desperado can shake the crap out of you if you try to fight her, so try to go with the flow there. Also it has very limited hours so keep that in mind (only runs on the weekends) but I do love it, I see Desperado as Magnum's taller, rougher tomboy-ish sister. And Canyon Blaster is a fun little Arrow looper at Adventuredome, I actually like it a lot better than Vortex at KI cause it don't make me feel as sick. I don't really recommend the piece of garbage at New York New York but if you really want that credit, go right ahead. Be prepared to get knocked around a bit through some of the most awkward transitions you may ever see. o_o
  8. Knott's... The Banshee cup is honored here (Knott's)
  9. He'll probably be back eventually and I think this be his first time in Worlds of Fun as far as doing a show for them goes. For me personally I'm so used to him at Knott's, it's weird seeing him anywhere else, KI included. That's just me though. I know he's been to Valleyfair a few times as well as Great America at one point. I'm more surprised his show hasn't found it's way to Cedar Point just yet.
  10. 1.) Magnum XL 200 2.) Desperado (front car) 3.) Canyon Blaster (especially in the last car) 4.) The Bat (preferably in the back) Others I like in no specific order include Tennessee Tornado, Millennium Force, Steel Eel, and shockingly Son of Beast (rest of the ride not so much)
  11. I remember this one time me and my dad were one train away from boarding Magnum and this guy, I kid not, thought he was going to ride the ride while sitting on top of the seat (the man weighed in at like 400 pounds, perhaps more) when he realized he wasn't going to fit.
  12. That is sort of where I was going with my original statement. Reading up on the park, its interesting to read that the company who bought it last sort of let it run on cruise control. Maybe more interested in the land versus the park. Was it during the CBS era that KI sold the camp ground? When did it lose the golf course land? I did a Google search, but that name does not signal anything to me... I feel like it should though Construction for the Lodge began in 2004 or 2005 if I remember right. I wanna say just before CBS?
  13. And do keep in mind I was only talking about other parks like in my previous post before that. I'm well aware of that.
  14. Some might say different but I have a hard time viewing SeaWorld as "competition" their focus is different than that of Cedar Fair/former Paramount Parks/Six Flags who care/cared more about thrill rides. SeaWorld/Busch Gardens are a category by themselves as far as I am concerned since coasters to them are to attract visitors who might also check out the exhibits while there. (considering the fact SeaWorld don't blow their money on a bunch of coasters which is nice)
  15. Sometimes I feel like what KI needs is competition and by competition I do mean another amusement park. KI has potential to be top dog in the midwest at least, they just need some help, lol. Sadly...the park I have in mind we've yet to know will survive on passed this year...
  16. Mirror Mirror probably would benefit from pay to play type thing, it certainly had its issues last October. I've heard suggestions going as far as perhaps it should be exclusive to customers who bought the Skeleton Key.
  17. A note about my observations and the same things I noticed with Mirror Mirror was spoken of by several other people. I have to admit, Mirror Mirror was by far the most compact maze I ever seen (its extremely tiny) as it was plopped smack dab in the middle of Camp Snoopy. Its capacity was rather horrible it seemed a lot of the times because of the whole "getting lost" in the maze had people trapped in there for lengthy periods of time resulting the line to stop especially bad on the busy nights. I willingly skipped it that Saturday night even though I had bought a Fright Lane pass. If it does make a return, I hope it gets some serious changes. It's beautiful inside but the overall experience..not so great.
  18. Mirror Mirror was a pain in the rump. Most people I know couldn't stand it either. KI already had a maze similar to it, it was called Maze of Madness.
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