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  1. I like the cat picture. Knott's and Disneyland both are home to a bunch of cats.
  2. I got a bad habit of counting calories and now I am for sure I am never going to touch a burger ever again. Yuck....I took one bite yesterday and saw the calories and threw the rest of it away. You get to do that at the Flamingo, I thought they were cool to watch.
  3. I sure hope so there is a secondary barrier of sorts. I feel bad for the sharks since they'll eat just about anything that'll fit in their mouth. SeaWorld typically ran into this trouble with the dolphin petting pools, aside from people grabbing at and teasing the animals, people were throwing coins and other unwanted objects into the water. Kai at SeaWorld San Antonio was a culprit of eating all those foreign objects to the point he was moved to the behind the scenes facility so the only way I could see him was to go on one of the tours. It is/was still a problem even after the petting pools were no longer a free for all and became much more heavily supervised, some people don't like it but it is a lot of the reason why it is so regulated now. Which is why I hope KI better have a good supervisory team on hand with the petting zoo...going by what I saw during Haunt I was not impressed when some of the smaller animals were trying to get away from the wild children grabbing at them.
  4. KI-ORIG-EMP is not going to be happy about this... Well..I am not either, so that makes two.
  5. My only issue with Knott's idea of proportions is that each slice is too big but the taste is ok enough for me....just got to make sure I burn it off asap...that's where my laps around the park come in while taking pictures. But a Knott's pizza slice is like 2 slices of KI's cardboard pizza. Come to think of it the pizza slices served at the Flamingo in Vegas are large like Knott's slices but don't even taste as good. Not a lot of foods I really like, even today the smell and sight of fries and burgers made me want to yak up my spleen. I ate a pickle at least. Coworkers, bf and friends are constantly trying to feed me something. I think the only theme/amusement park food I really enjoyed happened at SeaWorld and Dollywood.
  6. lol....and I can not stand fries, meat loaf or burgers, I think they taste awful. Not a ketchup person either. Bleh to all of it. I guess there's a reason my closest friends and coworkers don't think I eat enough. I am missing the grilled chicken sandwiches at Knott's at the moment... and their pizza isn't too bad either..more flavor imo than KI's cardboard pizza.
  7. Very disappointed in Cedar Fair if this is true especially if the multiple ride removal is true. There was a time Cedar Point had the best of both worlds, seems like the family rides/attractions are primarily what been seeing their way out. Amusement parks are meant to be enjoyed by everyone, not just thrill seekers. I made my thoughts known elsewhere so here on this thread I will refrain.
  8. There is far worse than Kinzel in existence, imo. Looking at you Marineland Canada and your boss...
  9. Another coaster? I hope not...not for several years. The footprint is large enough for a compact coaster like Coast Rider at Knott's though. All the cool things that made CP special to me in my younger days still keep disappearing, (albeit it hasn't been the CP Cinema in a very long time but..) it almost makes me not want to go back to that park especially if the reason is just yet another coaster.
  10. Good riddance. Had a feeling it was going bye bye finally.
  11. No Canyon Blaster/El Loco or Desperado? High Roller is an amazing sight at night...we had a gorgeous view of it from our room at the Flamingo last year.
  12. lol...See SeaWorld. OSHA didn't really give a flip until the 2010 incident (of course one of the people doing the investigations stupidly got herself involved with the Blackfish crowd)
  13. Even though my dad owns 1,100 acres of farm land...I don't want a coaster. A zoo be more awesome for me....but neither is feasible due to location.
  14. Why must I torture myself reading the comment section? I think my IQ dropped a couple points. what a tragedy... not a good Christmas present :/
  15. I gotten word that all 3 mimes at SWF, as well as the Pearl divers been laid off. Sounds like the A'lure show being done away with. :/ I am saddened by the cuts among the Ent department. For me personally, the SeaWorld/Busch parks have always been my favorite chain and recently the park experiences I get out of them is the closest thing to Disney without the insanely huge price tag. Their shows (not just animal related), their food, family friendly atmosphere etc..I don't even remember the last time I'd ever been 100% impressed with a CF decision. Believe me I would love to visit Disneyland each time I am in Cali but those prices scare me. I have to admit, the friendliest park staff, which also happened to be the cleanest park, that I been to was actually at SeaWorld San Antonio for 2014. (followed closely by Disenyland and Knott's)
  16. It was nice to see some of y'all when I decided to come out from hiding Faerie wench.....who likes to be elusive
  17. "Woud YOU attend a Kings Island winter event?" No. Unless the outside temps was in the range of 50s-70s then maybe. faeriewench....who really despises cold (and hot) weather...I got the arthritis to prove it
  18. Me. Still a Platinum Pass holder...since I still plan on my usual Knott's trips...along with SeaWorld Cali.
  19. Uhh...someone needs to practice better fact checking.
  20. This thread brings back memories. (in particular the members who posted in here prior to today)
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