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  1. I was a Jr Gemini kid...then my cousins dragged me on Magnum. There's my story.
  2. Neither. How bout...a thrill flat ride.
  3. American Country in 2011 P1017107 by ki_faerie_wench, on Flickr
  4. This reminds me of the kind of kids I saw Lots of screaming, hollering, kids running wild with germy grabby hands and quite a few of the smaller animals trying to avoid being grabbed at. I had to tell a couple myself to be gentle with the rabbits. I hope it was because I went on one of the busiest days for the fall festivities cause of the beautiful weather, it was crowded I could barely move around. Most of the attendants I actually did see were at the pony ride attraction.
  5. I hope they have better crowd control for this than what I saw during Haunt.
  6. ^if they indeed use the Crypt building for a new dark ride ill echo those who rather Beast storyline.
  7. Just because it's only been open to the public for a couple months of the year last couple seasons doesn't mean it hasn't been in real usage. Sorry your post, imo, made it sound like the box has been totally vacant ever since that Crypt ride went buhbye. The building at Knotts was basically a indoor junkyard after KoD was ended along with the dinos left standing until they fell apart (Well more than they already were before it closed...) but again that was not empty and used for nothing either.
  8. Madam Fatales doesn't count as an attraction?
  9. Hmm.. Did Matt say that, 100% without a doubt, all 11 properties would receive these installations? Plans, think? He doesn't guarantee it. So.. They've either got 9 of these things in the 5-year plan, or Matt was simply saying that it is his intent to deploy more Amusement Dark installations. He doesn't guarantee that this will happen, and it sounds like they haven't even figured out what they might do for at least some of the parks. Might this end up happening? He seems to want it to. Just keep in mind it's hardly set in stone. This isn't a hint of anything.. Anyone who knows much about the chain knows that there are some parks with empty land and others with empty buildings of a size that could fit one of these things. Knott's is currently putting one into an empty building. Doesn't mean KI will.. Technically the building Knotts used was far from empty. Just storage and remainders of KoD.
  10. That's basically what the Indianapolis zoo uses on a lot of their exhibits. Siegfried & Roy Secret Garden has literally multiple barriers when viewing the big cats including really tall fencing. Only thing you have to worry about at the Secret Garden is when one of the cats decide they want to claim you as their property... so you run away when a tail is raised your direction as they got good aim right through the fences.
  11. I hope this isn't chain wide since I am more likely to buy things at Knotts than i do at KI...
  12. More ice skating show P1017322 by ki_faerie_wench, on Flickr
  13. Ice skating show in 2011 P1017269 by ki_faerie_wench, on Flickr
  14. Often times, of the big cats, the Cheetahs tend to be more "docile" (term used loosely as they can have an attitude) compared to lions or tigers. Now if you go around a cheetah (or a lion, or a tiger or even a bobcat or a serval) just making a bunch of high pitched noises then well....good luck as high pitched noises to them is a distress call at times. Go to Lunch?Faerie wench, who has witnessed bobcats and servals go into predatory mode just by hearing a crying human baby on the television before
  15. John continues in his new fame. I think now he won't be known as the whistle-blower but as the ex-trainer who said the n word. The NAACP issued a statement. http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/naacp-ca-statement-on-former-whale-trainer-john-hargroves-use-of-racial-slurs-300060946.html I absolutely love that he is the trainer representing the face of this anti-SeaWorld cause. He's the worst possible human being for a campaign that disguises itself as "not selfish." John is sure getting his fame now...and making the activists look crazy while he's at it. I love karma. Methinks John should have invested in his own PR agent. And there have already been book stores cancelling his book signing appearances over the video as well. Makes me wonder if Blackfish will even still back him up. For those who have not followed, this unfolded a few days back. Basically what we have now is a backpedaling John blaming his actions on the "sauce"...well if that is the case you shouldn't be drinking then. Had SeaWorld known he been engaged in such stuff they probably would have fired him. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/business/tourism/os-seaworld-trainer-video-john-hargrove-20150331-story.html
  16. Getting your picture taken with one of my gypsy ancestors, eh? I have a colorful family background we been in every war since the start of America and before the wars my family were sea captains on pirate ships -___-
  17. Jack Hanna is still very much behind them and continues his appearances at the parks he does from time to time.
  18. Which makes it more ideal family park than either CP or KI IMO.
  19. Mt Healthy...I'll never go near that area without having the bf or any of my male friends with me ever again.
  20. Yes they do. It's also been reported (and videotaped showing their "PETA" marked vans) of them going on peoples porches stealing their dogs for that reason, of course they deny it. And as far as their "shelter"? Someone went undercover in it and posted an article about that talking about how they kill the dogs and kitties and I regret ever seeing that dang website. I won't even post it cause I don't even want to remember it. Do a search. There's a reason I grit my teeth at the mere mention of those Idiots.
  21. Knott's Soak City could use some work as far as paint goes. Everything is faded...badly.
  22. i think I am ok with this. Does Dollywood still have that eagle exhibit? That was one of the things I liked most when I was there last. Just glad it is no one currently associated with Cedar Fair or Six Flags *gag*
  23. SeaWorld's passes been (least for the FunCards) paper for several years making me partially used to paper passes already. Personally not a fan for paper passes cause I am always worried about it getting wet or ripped. I prefer plastic....has CF's passes changed at all in the last few years? I kept renewing my Platinum so my actual pass been around since I think 2012 or 2011. Thank goodness my Mirage Annual Pass for the animal exhibits is fairly sturdy plastic, lol.
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