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  1. Wish I could have experienced Knott's before Cedar Fair...sounded so nice. RIP Marion
  2. A neutral documentary should have been made...by neutral I mean discussing the pros and cons of captivity cause both do exist. Blackfish was made only to bash SeaWorld, there was no real education in it and of course general public bought all that propaganda.
  3. I hope the effects on the ride doesn't make one nauseated cause I want to try it at least once. Bummer about the Roaring 20's sign if it is indeed coming down for good...
  4. SeaWorld certainly had their foot in mouth moments...personally not a fan of their CEO though. Off topic...I'm glad the Japanese aquariums have come out and said it, they realized they need to do something with their captive killer whales so they have turned to SeaWorld for help. Better SeaWorld helping out than having to do more captures... For being so technology savvy, the Japanese are 30 years behind when it comes to orca care.
  5. The train! (at both KI and Knott's) and then Knott's Sky Cabin. As far as coasters go...Jaguar. A whopping total of 5 times.
  6. ^Then may I suggest Wilmington as well to look around too? It's not too bad since it isn't crime ridden like a lot of Cincy areas. There are a handful of KI associates I do know of from here as well as one at where I work currently that's from Wilmington.
  7. North College Hill was going downhill right before we moved away from what I understand from family members still living nearby it hasn't changed much.
  8. There are quite a few places sadly actually...Mt Healthy ( where I am from originally) is one
  9. Mason is pricy from what I understand but I am unable to give exact numbers. I worked at KI for a long time but work full time elsewhere nearby coming from just outside Wilmington Ohio which is about....45 mins away.
  10. Don't feel bad...I forget the existence of Michigan's Adventure, California Great America and several Six Flags parks all the time
  11. Do they even still play the video at all? Last time I rode the coaster (yeah...first couple weeks of the 2014 season) the video wasn't even working.
  12. My overall favorite Haunt wasn't even at KI...but as far KI goes the Coney Maul roamers/creeper, lol. My favorite Haunt for the 2014 season was Voodoo at Knott's.
  13. ^I guess they mean coffee in general? Cause Starbucks didn't even exist in the 70's at least not what it is today.
  14. I've been on Flying Eagles a few times when it was still at KI, only ridden the Knott's one once...they're cool rides, just don't think my grandpa would go on it if he was alive, lol.
  15. They do need a better variety throughout the park. As it is most of the park is high thrill rides and roller coasters...which aren't exactly family friendly, imo.
  16. Starbucks nostalgic? Really?? On another note.....some of you are hard to please. Flying Scooters are the only thing nostalgic I find about the announcement. Personally I was kind of hoping for something relating to the Inn more than anything but I always felt the scooters were inevitable cause of Knott's and CP getting them recently. I guess its future got more bleak (for the Inn I mean)... :/
  17. I'm just glad it isn't another coaster. Yay flying scooters.
  18. Just as long it is not yet another coaster, I'll probably be happy with whatever it is.
  19. Knott's been insane too the last couple Saturdays. Most recent one I needed a "body guard" to protect me from drunk guests o_o y'all would not have liked Xcelerator's line...slow loader, one train operation, Saturday Haunt night crowds...yeah it was not pretty. Of course I dunno exactly how long the line was since I don't waste my time on the coasters during Haunt but most of the mazes had nearly 2 hour waits so there's that.
  20. Different kind/manufacturer I know, but I wonder if it is any worse than the piece of garbage taxi coaster in Vegas.
  21. Glad to hear the little kid should recover and I am also happy they didn't have to use lethal force on the cats. They are predators after all. I am curious to know how the kid fell though.
  22. Not really. The SoCal parks see 50 degree weather during our "winter" months and lots of rain generally. When I was at the Merry Farm people were bundled up in heavy winter coats, lol... and see the dopey people sit in front row at Shamu at SWC but usually nearly all of them just end up running for the dry zone anyway the moment the whales come out. Already wet from the downpour of rain what difference is the 55 degree salt water gonna make? XD Unless you are talking about Florida and even then it isn't truly hot and humid year round.
  23. Oooh... I'll take a ride on Antique Cars over a coaster doing inversions anyday I miss the Antique Cars...
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