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  1. Yes, 2009 is the most recent. There was also 2003 during FeaFest. Back in 2007 they did the bare bones nights for Haunt where the haunts were open during the week and I feel like halloween night was one of them... but I don't remember despite the fact I worked every night of bare bones at Tombstone. Only thing I remember of bare bones the park was really quiet. Ryan or RingMaster probably remember for sure if halloween was one of those nights. >__> But yeah...KI Haunt has been open on halloween night before.
  2. For KI? No its not. It's been open on Halloween before.
  3. Wow, then I saw him visiting his cousin at The Racer while I rode WindSeeker yesterday. I had no idea he was so cute! Could be a groundhog (aka woodchuck)...they have the aggression similar to that of a Beast.
  4. Neither imo since they make me sick. My favorite boat ride doesn't even exist anymore. :/
  5. When I first saw the thread, at first glance the title read "Beat seats"....I'm tired, it was a long morning at work....need a nap. o_o
  6. I guess while we are mentioning other parks, I'll say second longest was 2 hours for Magnum when I was younger (therefore Maggie was younger too). Personally no ride is worth 2 hours or hour and a half (that is pushing it for me), that's just me though. *shrug* Couple times a wait for Disaster Transport almost became 2 hours. hence why I dont go on Saturdays...this past Saturday was the exception cause I only went to catch a show of Cirque before work and I do work really close by so..
  7. 4 hours almost 5 for Firehawk on its opening day at the park with RingMaster and UncleHenry.
  8. Actually the existence of one 6 armed "octopus" been recorded, he was found back in 2008 and was captive in a British aquarium. No clue if he is still alive though honestly.
  9. For me I don't think I was ever actually afraid of the inversions themselves, just didn't have anyone that would go on Corkscrew with me at the time since my cousin hated it, lol. My first time on Corkscrew was also the first time I ridden a coaster with my dad, after that he got his first ride ever on Magnum. (I already ridden Magnum numerous times beforehand but he always been afraid of heights prior)
  10. I might go for a couple hours after work, more than likely won't ride anything though.
  11. June 8th and 14th I'm more than likely working since they are weekends, June 22nd I'll be flying out to San Antonio. Weekdays are usually easier for me though.
  12. Well urine samples, blood test and ultrasounds are all apart of their routine checkups. Ultrasounds don't always mean someone is pregnant, I personally seen Ulises having an ultrasound done so its done to males too.
  13. It is, but it is primarily for medical reasons. Urine tells a lot about ones health (same with humans), as well where females are at in their reproductive cycle so they know when either AI can take place or if they just need to separate her from her brothers and father if they are present. I don't know why some activist throw such a fit over collecting urine samples, orcas aren't the only animals that go through with it.
  14. Tigers definitely come to mind. As far as the recent news go about Kalia, apart from my issues with her size, I think she'll be alright. Her situation is actually an ideal one if she was raised in the wild and that's having her mom present. Kasatka is the boss of Shamu complex and the staff treat her with that respect as she is a proven attentive (and highly protective) grandmother while other females (Kohana at Loro Parque) haven't been as lucky to have mom around resulting the calf being hand raised by humans. Kind of off topic while at the same time on topic (it adds to my previous post) but the newest member to the Marineland Antibes in France orca family (Shouka's natal pod) has been named Keijo. I mention him cause he is a result of an accidental breeding SeaWorld try hard to avoid with the help of the urine samples they collect regularly from the whales. (Keijo's father is also his uncle who is Wikie/Shouka's half brother).There been a handful of accidental breeding among family members in a couple parks which includes a father/daughter pairing in Marineland Canada (not related to the park in France thank goodness), mother/son pairing at SeaWorld Orlando and niece/uncle (twice) at Loro Parque.
  15. I got to where I no longer bother reading comments on this particular topic, but Terpy is right about it being bad on most news topics of just about anything. People watch Blackfish end up thinking they automatically know more than the current trainers that are actually with the animals.... yeah, right. Again orcas are animals, animals that LOVE sex at that and no human can stop them. At least the father of the calf isn't Kalia's own father who also happens to be at the park, SeaWorld actually did good here keeping her separate from Keet when she was cycling.
  16. SeaWorld expecting new baby http://www.cbs8.com/story/25373001/seaworld-expecting-new-baby-and-new-controversy I was wondering if they would announce it since she will be ballooning out soon. New mommy to be is Kalia at the San Diego park, and the father (Ulises) also resides there as well. Personally I would have preferred it to happen later, but good news is she does have her mom there, and mentally wise Kalia has settled down from her brat stages (think her little brother Makani is partly the reason for it). My issue is she is still small, but that could be because I remember when her own mom was pregnant with her and it don't feel like 9 years ago (shoot I remember her older brother Nakai's birth in 2001...). Time flies.
  17. I actually remember Hercules quite well....been so long since I thought of it.
  18. I don't recall them being sold at the park either...but I own copies of both books as well. I prefer the first one to the second.
  19. FearFest...I miss it, lol. So much memories. But if I had to guess it appears someone was really bored.
  20. Yeah, anymore Facebook is just a way to showcase my favorite pics while everything else I share goes to Flickr (tho Yahoo is almost as bad in the fact they won't leave the site layout alone LOL). People I do talk to regularly know exactly how and where to reach me without Facebook.
  21. I agree. Used to use Facebook and Twitter both, now its just Facebook and even that I don't use as much as I used to. (primarily due to the fact most of my family is on there and too many creepers)
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