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  1. Since Banshee's official announcement was in August...no it wasn't. August is still technically summer
  2. ^Indeed. Even though it's been a few years, I still see Snoopy as looking out of place around KI...I see him more as a Knott's thing and he does have a much more prominent presence there...literally plastered all over the park in some form whereas you see very little reference to him outside Planet Snoopy at KI. I envy Six Flags.
  3. I'm actually waiting for Knott's to go the Season Long Dining Plan route. Now that I'd pay for... Who else besides KI actually offer the Season Long? If any?
  4. https://www.knotts.com/what-s-new/season-passholder-news You have to give them an A+ for outside-the-box thinking. I wonder what kind of turnout they have for this stuff. With that being said, any time I see almost anything it's not uncommon for me to think, "it would be cool if Kings Island did that!" I have to admit, however, I've never been practicing Yoga and thought to myself, "I should be doing this in an amusement park right now." Now, with all due respect to Knott's, it seems like Kings Island has been the one to be the most innovative with special events. Do you think something like this could work at Kings Island? There's no shortage of Yoga fans and there's no shortage of Kings Island fans... why not put 'em together, right? I'm in town for the final one...might consider it Dang, I'm there during a lot of cool stuff this time around (not all of which are necessarily at Knott's or Disney), hoping for a fun trip.
  5. ^Sounds like the girls, and if I were to guess as to who possibly Kayla and the kiddos (primarily Malia). Tillikum for a long time (during the Shamu Adventure and Believe days) was primarily used for "splash" segments with some interactions here and there at the glass. Following the February 2010 incident when he went on that break they relied heavily on Katina, Kayla and Kalina along with the kiddos Malia and Trua (I'd say Nalani but she is bit special...almost an orca's equivalent to ADHD) through the fall of that year. Girls doing the show together and doing their behaviors in unison have an almost Tillikum effect to them but not quite. I can just imagine Tilly and Trua, and with Trua still growing, his "kickers" probably get several rows now..
  6. Which one if you don't mind me asking? I'm thinking of Florida, it's not because Tilli is so notorious, but it's because he's Large! I might as well face a fear head on. I want to see the whales between shows, as they play. I also want to see the rescue area. Seaworld is celebrating it's 50th year of rehabilitation and rescue this year. I'd love to be close enough to the tank during a show to see the whales under the water, but then, I'd be splashed, so that's a quandary. Also, there's a wish on my part that my niece can see Diagon Alley. I recommend you also consider doing DWS (Dine with Shamu) ever since Tillikum has become quite the diva after his break from shows, he's mostly found in SCU/DWS these days with Trua. DWS tends to be pretty educational so it's worth checking out. As far as sitting close to the show tank, the first 15 rows are considered the splash zone....but if you get a show where its mostly the girls, its not too bad. The boys however...if Tillikum decides to partake in a show and has Trua with him then you probably are in trouble if you're in the first 15 rows.
  7. This is true. I've gotten a new (and better) replacement to the little Canon Powershot that was stolen literally right from under me at Banshee's unveiling last year. The camera in its bag was cradled between my feet when it got stolen (along with my regular camera bag but that didn't get stolen). Guess I should be grateful they didn't get the dslr, which has way more money invested into it, that I was using to shoot the announcement with but still...Had that little point n shoot for several years.
  8. This. Qualities are different between the parks even though both are Cedar Fair parks. But someone like me I'm more likely to spend the money at Knott's since I don't get to see it as much during the Haunt season as opposed to KI really.
  9. But you know I lack patience lol
  10. From what I was able to do that particular night, yes. I caved and got it only because of the lines that night, a Saturday night at that, were horrendously long but my night was cut short due to a medical emergency I had (nothing Haunt caused). But I was glad I did get it as the extra stuff I did get to see was pretty cool. One of my best friends worked Dominion of the D*mned as one of the kings, he insisted I come through every night and there was no fuh-lipping way I was going to wait almost 2 hours for a maze and that was the case for majority of the mazes there...really no maze is worth it.
  11. IMG_9479 by ki_faerie_wench, on Flickr Well, it's a cute souvenir.
  12. There are a couple people here who do need to be rein in a bit at times (past and present).... but it does happen everywhere. I do prefer this one to most others though, in general people are a bit nicer.
  13. Aw that's sad RIP Nikki Nikki by ki_faerie_wench, on Flickr Edit: This one is Nikki, photo I posted earlier was one of the other female Rhinos they have.
  14. The one at KI Boomerang at Knott's is only just slightly better than Invertigo...not by much though. Nearly all the Vekoma coasters I been on I don't really like anyway.
  15. 1.) Phantom Theater 2.) Top Gun/Flight Deck/The Bat 3.) Adventure Express 4.) The Beast 6.) WindSeeker 7.) the train And rides I just like but have a hard time considering them a "favorite" there or just don't remember much details 8.) Banshee 9.) Diamondback 10.) apparently I liked the Smurf ride but I don't remember it except for the videos, lol I never put too much emphasis on where to sit or where not to sit except for wooden coasters (unless you're talking Ghostrider where every seat is a wheel seat).
  16. Think everyone knows my least favorite ride currently in operation tho out in the desert... For the heck of it...other parks off the top of my head CP: Mantis (barely can walk whenever I get off) Busch Gardens Tampa: Gwazi (hurt my back) Knott's: Pony Express (not the ride experience itself just a mental vision I get every time I look at people on them horses....) Boomerang (headaches) and Sierra Sidewinder
  17. I changed it cause I forgot about Firehawk.
  18. Invertigo, Firehawk and Vortex...I dunno which is worse. Invertigo and Vortex give me headaches, in the case of Vortex I vomit afterwards (haven't rode Invertigo in a long while and don't plan on it) and Firehawk is just Firehawk (my poor neck).
  19. When was that?? Is it just me or they seem to have gotten worse over the last decade? I remember the days that followed the SOB incident, news media were like turkey vultures. And again at SeaWorld Orlando following the February 2010 incident, I remember Manta making news headlines when it e-stopped on its lift which was a few days later. Manta I seen few times prior e-stop on the lift and it didn't make the news. -,- Guess its cause of this social media garbage.
  20. Oh goodie...must be a slow news day. I remember a time where stuff like this hardly ever, if at all, made a news headline.
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