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  1. We thought it was going to be a really cold, nasty night but it ended up being beautiful, not cold at all. I just love that it's open and there's no other place I would rather be.
  2. You should really try to make one of your trips New Year's Eve. It was so amazing spending NYE at KI, just beautiful and their countdown on the tower was so cool. We attended the adults only party upstairs but this year plan on just staying in the park. If you're a hot chocolate lover you really need to try The Beast hot chocolate at Sweet Spot, it is the bomb. I try to stay away from sweets being I'm diabetic, but this drink I cannot resist. It also comes in a glass mug with The Beast on it. I REALLY hope they have it again this year.
  3. This just made my day! My husband and I absolutely loved this buffet last year and can't wait to try it again
  4. I'm excited to have a scare zone on international street! I must be the only person on the planet that dislikes slaughter house, we will be at CP next weekend and i already told my husband I do not want to go thru theirs.
  5. That's the trick track element, also my favorite so I had to look it up last year after I rode SV
  6. Is that the trick track element? That's my favorite part of Steel Vengeance, can't remember if it's on Storm Chaser but it is on Twisted Timbers, loved it.
  7. I've seen it said multiple times on Facebook that you can get in after 8p, you shouldn't have a problem.
  8. I don't understand how anyone knows exactly what this is going to be until the powers that be actually release the information on Thursday. It very well could be 296 feet but there may be something we are missing as well. Unless you work for the park and are in the know, no one knows for sure. And why be disappointed? We are getting another coaster, I will be happy with whatever we get and will not form an opinion until after I've ridden it.
  9. Key word being joke, I'm sorry I think it's ridiculous that opinions have been formed before we really have all the true statistics. Booing at the reveal will make all coaster fans look bad and deter the park from inviting GP in the future. I know we don't know yet if GP is invited, but o really pray if we are that people can behave.
  10. Yes that is true, the back of the car is a bit larger but at KD all the cars are bigger, we rode in the front portion of the car
  11. We were at Kings Dominion this past weekend, figured FOF would be identical to KI, which yes the layout is. BUT, the trains were different, my husband fit comfortably where he doesn't at KI and the ride felt different. I know it won't happen but I wish we could get those trains so I'm not squished like a sardine. We were on one of the last trains of the night and someone yelled out something, couldn't quite hear cause we were in the back, the operator said well that's about the 100th time I've heard a area 51 joke.
  12. I much prefer these to what RMC has. I know a lot of people love RMC but after riding another yesterday I'm good on them. I love the clam shell, I get a lot of air time, maybe it just depends on the size of your body too, I'm short.
  13. It's not crazy, I don't care how big, tall, a coaster is, in my eyes nothing will ever beat Beast, it is and will always be my favorite coaster.
  14. I wish I could remember. My dad took me to amusement parks all the time as a child. I remember my first big ride, it was at Hershey Park, he insisted I was going to ride the pirate ship, I was scared to death crying and saying no. Well he won, thank goodness, because I came off it laughing my head off and there started my love of rides. I think my first big coaster was Magnum, but that's a guess. I've only started tracking my rides in the last two years. Next week we are going to Kings Dominion, I'm excited as I will get my 75th coaster. I know that's not much compared to some of you but I'm happy with it. Just trying to decide which coaster I want it to be.
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