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  1. I can say the same for any article about SeaWorld. Or really any news article about just anything, lol. Though sometimes reading such things makes my IQ drop several points.
  2. Yes they can. Probably the most interesting ones to watch were Kalina (deceased) and Orkid (who is still alive). Kalina was born in Orlando but she traveled from there to Ohio, to Cali and to Texas before returning home. Her Orlando pod calls were adopted by some of the San Diego residents so it's funny to watch Orkid making Kalina's eee-ee-eeeeeee calls xp Takara is San Diego born, but she is in Texas (she lived in Orlando too) and she'll make calls (vocals) that are unique at each park as well but interestingly enough her San Diego calls tend to mostly emerge only when she has a new calf so each of her babies got grandma's calls engraved in their heads. Then you have the orcas that "speak" bottlenose dolphin or pacific white sided dolphin...
  3. I like watching Vortex. ...when I rode AE Friday none of the effects were really working in the tunnel and a arm of one of the warriors is STILL not working (haven't seen it move in about 2 years) You must not have ridden Tennessee Tornado methinks...
  4. I always loved The Beast at night, after riding Banshee the other night with Lora and Unrealnightmare, I love Banshee almost equally. But neither are truly my favorite at night.
  5. Banshee Media Day at Kings Island 04/17/2014 Me and my brother arrived bit late cause y'know I wanted sleep so we got to KI around 7:30-ish and I despise cold (I also despise humidity too since it aggravates my lungs). I managed a handful of pictures as soon as we got there but then my fingers turned blue and I hid in the restroom under the heaters till I warmed back up and a lot of people besides myself had the same idea... By the time I was normal color again I went back and the sun had come out! Hallelujah! I can never figure how anyone can ride any coaster in such conditions. I bumped into jcgoble, Lora and a couple other folks, I wanted to get my ride on Banshee but didn't know what to do with my cameras, jcgoble was nice enough to babysit and I got in line with Lora. We were line for maybe 25 minutes? or 30? but I must say I absolutely loved Banshee, the one ride was probably for the best though. I was also impressed with the attempt at theming around the ride and actually was happy to see a SOB tombstone (SOB was a SOB but hey...deserves to be remembered) and hope KI will maintain it. During the ceremony I regretted not bringing my tripod, at least at SeaWorld even with that lens on me I could be sitting down, ah well, ceremony was nice nonetheless. I especially like Greg's speech. Off and on throughout the morning I got approached by a few complete strangers asking me if I was apart of a actual tv news crew (cause of the lens and massive bag) and their facial expressions were priceless when I said I was independent After the ceremony wrapped up I was impatient for lunch (in case a couple of ya'll didn't notice lol...) by the time lunch had hit...well I'm disappointed with the chicken at Chicken Shack as it just tasted bland to me even with the sauce that was handed out. At least the fries and toast was good though. When I finished my lunch, remainder of the day was spent going back and forth between The Bat and Banshee with the occasional stop to talk to a KIC'er or two. Finally got to meet VortexBFForever, Kat Jones, and sikkinixx99! (sikkini I don't remember who that was that was with you..) among a couple others but just don't remember usernames. Good to see the familiar faces too! I kept giving malem a hard way to go when I did see him cause he was not wearing a coat.... Anyway, despite the cold, I did have fun yesterday at media day. IMG_8308 by ki_faerie_wench, on Flickr IMG_8254 by ki_faerie_wench, on Flickr IMG_1199 by ki_faerie_wench, on Flickr
  6. I'm almost too scared to even see the price anyway.
  7. I'm more excited to see a orca calf than any coaster this year but for the sake of the topic....California Screamin. Finally. Never rode it before so excited for it.
  8. Media day will probably be my only ride for awhile so not overly concerned for lines. Guess it depends on whether or not the ride will induce a headache, which I hope it doesn't...but Silver Bullet does get to me after a couple rides... :/
  9. I hope it does work out for them. I've yet to see Disneyland's event but I was impressed with Knott's during my Merry Farm visit.
  10. High Roller closed on 12/30/05 and was removed in 06. Sorry. Uh...the ferris wheel is actually called High Roller. The Linq's official website: http://www.thelinq.com/high-roller.html
  11. If its running while I'm there, I'll try the High Roller at least once....even under construction it still fascinated me each visit last year seeing the progress. I do know for sure I will NOT ride that ridiculous POS at New York New York....ugh.
  12. Windjammer (Knott's) I remember it existing pretty well but never got to ride it (them? lol)
  13. Looks like it is official http://www.miamiherald.com/2014/03/28/4023351/california-theme-park-company.html
  14. According to the Russian Orcas website, Ocean Kingdom in China now got two of the captured Russian orcas but are not on public display. From the pictures that been shared with me the facilities "look nice", however I not read much good things about the company that owns the park (they own other parks and a zoo), apparently low standards in animal welfare. I do notice they got Frenchman Julien Forestier as manager of animal training (originally from Loro Parque and worked with the killer whales there) though. Not the orca tank but this is the show pool for the belugas there http://www.ty360.com/2014/3/image/2014031861639593.jpg http://image226-c.poco.cn/mypoco/myphoto/20140210/20/642707552014021020433205_640.jpg They also have roughly around 40 dolphins that were captured off Salomon Islands not sure about this place -,-
  15. Canyon Blaster certainly earned its special spot with me. It's such a fun little Arrow!
  16. On the argument that captive orcas are the only ones with "scratches" and "rakes" http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7414/12764362005_7f812b16fe_h.jpg They are just as banged up out there 9_9 seen some pretty scarred up BNDs (bottlenose dolphins) in Naples too.
  17. All 3 of them are. Wish I was at one of them >,< also sad the Ohio park isn't around for it.
  18. And of course as always.... Russia still intends on capturing more orcas this year. And people still trying to annoy SeaWorld and other places that actually look after their animals.
  19. I rather Hanna Barbera for nostalgia sake but Six Flags got their meathooks on them. Sesame Street already grace the SeaWorld parks... Nickelodeon....I tried to watch that station recently and it is unrecognizable Planet Snoopy is just fine. Edited to add: Nintendo would be interesting...
  20. A humorous article one of my friends posted on Facebook. I got to admit...I nearly lost it laughing looking at the Photoshop images of the sharks in Shamu stadium. http://www.sandiegoreader.com/news/2014/mar/13/seaworld-announces-shift-orcas-sharks/
  21. I didn't see a thread titled with this, but if it is being discussed in a different thread somewhere feel free to post link. Source; http://foxnewsinsider.com/2014/03/16/humiliating-hero-six-flags-turns-wounded-vet-sgt-stephen-jackel-away-ride-denies-him Quick question...was Darien Lake still Six Flags when the incident there happened?
  22. Disneyland/CA Adventure....actually be happening! I have not been on California Screamin yet so should be fun. (what kept me from going was a ride riding buddy since my friend doesn't do any riding to speak of cause of his back)
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