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  1. Guess it depends on the types of currents. For certain, whatever micro or macro ecosystem that existed where the islands now stand is altered or destroyed. And that earth used to build the island had to come from somewhere.
  2. http://www.khaleejtimes.com/DisplayArticle...;section=theuae Right now there's a live webcast from SeaWorld Orlando's Shamu stadium talking of it
  3. I'd rather have the new names than no ride at all
  4. It always seems to get a line when I'm there. I notice when the night shows in the park get going for me is the best time to ride it cause everyone are at the shows XD Other thing I notice about the Orlando park it always rains...specially in the afternoon :|
  5. It is an awesome show. Make sure you hit a night show of it! Then you can power walk it to the Shamu Rocks, lol. It's almost impossible to do everything at the park in one day. So you should make a mental list of what you want to do most. If you want, I can PM some helpful hints on how to make it a nice trip. Like the best time to hit rides like Kraken and such..
  6. They do give some great photography opportunities. Problem is, they have their own minds and don't usually sit still The Believe show, Cory, you'll like I like, even though at times I still prefer the old Shamu Adventure show. Believe just looks like a ballet in comparison lol. I like hanging around the facilities where the orcas or even the bottlenose dolphins are at. They all each have their own interesting personality, lol. So they can be amusing just to watch. Orkid, probably the best example, she obviously knows she is gorgeous, pull a mirror out, she will come right over as she likes to look at herself in a mirror.
  7. Ok... I'll post a couple more These are San Diego orcas.. Ulises Edit: Kalia with her brother Nakai lol I got him mixed up with their mom Kasatka This was not taken in 07 but still remains a strong favorite Kasatka bird hunting...
  8. Since Cory posted pics of animals at Columbus Zoo... Some of my favorite pics are of Orkid at Sea World California ..and Takara of Sea World Orlando
  9. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=2689...mp;id=505303695 That's Face/Off if it don't show up then say something. Crappy but I like it cause it was taken with a camera phone and some friends told me they don't usually get good quality out of one.
  10. Bah as in Marineland are preparing to send out Shouka's brothers (Inouk and Valentin) to another park. Which would leave her mom, auntie, and sister alone. Her father died in 05 so Marineland have no breeding male. Kinda dumb to be moving them two out. Oh well, can't stop them.
  11. That same compnay owns Marineland France... Where Six Flags aquired Shouka the killer whale. Bah.
  12. That's true ^ I get guest ask me what Cedar Fair is, and just say they own Cedar Point then they understand
  13. Well this rides time has come to an end. Let it go. It would never regain much popularity no matter how safe they can make it. People still wouldn't trust the ride.
  14. Ok? Hershey Park don't have a major freefall and they are doing fine without one currently. Sonny incident is a poor comparison. It wasn't as bad as this one....she actually lost body parts and probably isn't walking.... last I heard they were facing a possibility of her being unable to really walk.. Dunno how accurate that was though.
  15. Yeah you are right about finishing attractions. It shows in that dolphin thing they are building. But the belugas next door to the killer whales flourish, a calf or two is born each season it seems. And MLC just made a trade off, they sent 3 belugas to Sea World Orlando and got Ike the killer whale in return. Now with him being trained for waterwork (meaning used to having a trainer in the water with him) they hope to resurect I'm assuming regular shows, at least in FC. But dunno when that will ever happen, but him being as good as he is, he really has lighten things up there. They do "shows" there now, since the park got rid of the whole touch and feed the killer whales, cause the orcas were never real big on it.
  16. Love Dragon Mountian lol. That and Tennessee Tornado are my fave Arrows. Yes go on it, you might love it instead of like it, hahaha. =P Its fun and Sky Screamer is cool too. But when we visit Marineland, majority of the stay is spent at FC seeing my fave killer whales Nootka 5, Kiska, Athena and Ike XD.
  17. Eating insects? My brother does that. Ugh, I hate PETA, I want to know who the moron was that said Taku the killer whale died at Sea World Texas due to the heat a couple weeks ago.
  18. ^ you added that reply as i was just modifying my post to inclue Jungle Larry and the aquariums
  19. Uh, not true... A very good group of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins by the names of Striker, Misty, Cocoa, and Breeze and a sealion named Skipper for several years all called Cedar Point home. Saddly each of those 4 are no longer with us... And they had a nice aquarium next door and it was there I learned penguins literaly stink. And there was Jungle Larry's Safari, even though it was outdsoor vendor it was still in CP. Worlds of Fun (?) and Knott's Berry Farm housed dolphins however they were rented out. The guy who rented those dolphins out had his full facility destroyed in hurricane Katrina (hence the disppearance of the dolphins Clovis and Echo at HersheyPark) and now has all his dolphins living in the Bahamas.
  20. Natalie Gibson (also in Dead Awakening)...but there was also Bridgette (sp? Karen?) as well in those summer shows. But the girl in HH show is Natalie
  21. yes i am out there with hauntguy

  22. kent!!!! i got no homework!

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