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  1. Great TR and I understand how you felt about the rain as i was also at the park Tuesday but as you said its the chance you take. That storm that came through when you were at Vortex was pretty crazy but the reason they told you to take shelter was most likely because it was causing Tornado Warnings in Indiana before it got to the park but did not cause anything real bad at the park. Im glad to hear about the guy that told you guys to take better shelter because that is just telling you that in the most dangerous weather situations they want to make sure that everybody is safe from the storm. I would like to know though why every coaster except Firehawk was only running one train, just seemed a little odd. Also the Delirium issue, Im not sure if it ran Wednesday but i was at the park Thursday and Delirium ran for a couple of hours then closed down again so i dont know if there is a problem that maintenance is just unable to solve or if its just a string of little things happening with the ride.
  2. No early ride times on Tuesday, all early ride times for June are on Mondays for Nick U, Thursdays for Coney Mall, and Fridays for Action Zone but please remember that these are for certain rides in these areas and not for every ride in that area
  3. I will possibly go but im not sure when since my last day of school was also today.
  4. The season pass page says the processing center is open 4-8 PM Monday-Friday and during park operating hours on weekends. I would say these hours still stay in effect even though the park is open but i would try to either get there earlier or try to call the park to verify these hours unless someone else on here knows more
  5. Steel: Tie Firehawk/Vortex Wood: Son of Beast Flat: Drop Tower Water: White Water Canyon
  6. Im going to miss it due to being in Indiana for Mothers Day. Oh well the early ride times should be getting close to being announced and starting for the summer.
  7. Yes indeed very cool especially knowing that it will be such a major jump and people like us will be able to see it in person.
  8. thanks for letting us use the sigs, great job on them also

  9. When they say there will be an announcement about something and that it will be soon, it seems like soon takes forever. I just cant wait to see what the announcement is.
  10. If it is the same person who was waiting for the front seat of the Red Racer about seven o’clock: Then I can only offer my observation as I was waiting right next to him and his wife (assumption). When I walked up I noticed the operator was taking her time and not dispatching the trains with the Blue Racer and in fact she would talk with the checkers just to slow things down. I spoke up to the guy and his wife about how they where dragging things down. Well as the guy started to speak I figured out what was wrong he started speaking loudly ( not yelling) about how great Cedar Fair is now because they sell beer all over the park and could care less if they had a no smoking policy because he doesn’t smoke. He then but his weight on his right leg and almost fell to the ground, I could see that he was really drunk and at some point hurt his leg maybe from a fall. The operator would not let a train come back into the station until security came up as they where the next to be loaded. When security got there they asked him politely to get out of line and talk to them. The train then came in and out I went, nice smooth ride on the front (in case you where wondering). When I got back to the station they where walking him and his wife down the exit slowly because of his knee as I was walking right behind them I could see a KI security vehicle parked on a dirt part by an employee exit. They told him to go with them to the vehicle but told his wife that she would need to go a different way as the vehicle looked full. He was not yelling and cursing or anything they were not struggling with him and he did not have hand cuffs on him. I knew he was extremely intoxicated and thought maybe they needed to get him away from the general public and because of his knee they would give him a ride to where ever they felt they needed too. I don’t think he was arrested from my point of view. I saw the two getting escorted down the exit when i got off red racer. I could tell the operators on both sides were trying to help the security staff out anyway they could because when the train i was supposed to get on came in the station they unloaded the train and didnt open the gates for about 5 minutes. Always hate to see something like that happen, depending if Gabe (aka Captain Nemo) was there or not maybe he can offer some insight on the incident.
  11. Last season was the exact opposite, the forwards side had the turnaround brake turned on while backwards did not
  12. i took all that was needed for myself and that would be 1
  13. I thought the Red Racer was great, it was extremely smooth and does have a nice view of Coney since you dont have to turn your neck anymore. I thought the park did an excellent job with turning the train around and with all of the track work. The only problem i will have will be getting used to that side being forwards since it has ran backwards my whole life.
  14. Opening day was pretty good even though i got there at 6PM because i was in Indiana. I personally thought some of the ride ops were running slower than they should and there were a couple of things that they could have done better but it was opening day and that is something you have to be ready for. A couple things i noticed that some people have said already. 1st: Flight of Fear is back to on ride photos, the videos are completely gone 2nd: On the wooden coasters they are now checking seatbelts and to make it easier the seatbelts now have straps that will come up in the middle of your restraint and that is what the checkers pull on to make sure they are locked, I also noticed these straps on Invertigo and Drop Tower and my guess will notice it on a lot more rides next weekend when i try to ride all of them
  15. That was the first thing i noticed when i got in line for the front seat. I saw a flash down the launch tunnel which i thought was strange but sure enough when the next train pulled into the station the on ride video cameras were no longer there. On a side note i saw you at the park yesterday Ryan, it was in a strange area of the park, you were coming out of the restroom at the Coney entrance and i was going in, next time i see you or anybody from the site at the park i will make sure i introduce myself
  16. I was there at the end of the day, i was actually the one who told the guy on the other side what time it was.
  17. I will go to Firehawk first and if i get there before they drop the ropes i will try to be the first person to ride it for the season. After that will probably be Flight of Fear
  18. July 8th 2007, its been awesome to be a member of the site
  19. Ill third that Im going to Flight of Fear first then hit Firehawk Im excited also about Cinnabon but I will flip flop Tuskin by going to Firehawk first then FoF. Like Ryan i am going to try to get there early and im going to try to be the first rider of the season on Firehawk.
  20. They could always move the ropes up towards the tower and then block off the entrance to Coney and open all of the shops up then it would accommodate both the park as they get a head start on the business and also the guests as all of the shops on I-Street would be open and they would have something to do for the 30 minutes before the park opens
  21. I believe it is on the south side of the fountains in the old keyhole photo next to starbucks
  22. The local news is saying anywhere from 10-15 inches. Chef i say either tonight or tomorrow if possible call whoever you need to to know if you still need to drive to the area especially since its so bad the Weather Service put us under a Blizzard Warning until 4PM tomorrow.
  23. Welcome to KIC in the off-season donniejb, A LOT of stuff you read on here during the off-season is rumors which will include screamscape and a lot of it
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