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  1. How long do you think it will be until the basketball game becomes the "Coach Carter Basketball Challenge"?
  2. Personally, I liked PKI before Paramount owned it. The sad thing is that the movies they theme their rides about are movies that aren't good. At least when Disney themes a ride, it makes sense to theme it after one of their movies. I didn't think the Italian Job was quite a blockbuster movie, and some of the other movies in Paramount's survey just sound stupid to theme anything after. Its almost like trying to theme a ride based on the six o'clock news or the weather channel. I think some of Paramount's rides would be more exciting on their own, without the theming. Not that theming is bad, but you need good themes.
  3. Over top of the turnstyles where you go into the park. Used to be a real nice, sit down restaurant with good food. Maybe they could go with some neat theming up there, like be able to eat with some characters, or something like that. Gave you a really neat view of the park, also.
  4. Has anyone ever heard if anything will ever go in there again? I ate there once, a couple years before it closed. It was really nice having that there.
  5. I agree I feel like I've been in a car accident after I've ridden SoB, but it is an awesome coaster. What ARE those tips for making it a little easier on the body? I'm all ears.
  6. The updated site is really nice. I was wondering if there was any way to put a countdown to how many days it is until PKI's opening day in April. It would be updated each day. PKI's official site used to have this, and I've always thought it was neat.
  7. KIfan73


    Are AZ's rides are aging faster than other rides, or is it just because they're newer and more noticible?
  8. What were your overall thoughts on this season?Well, as usual, the last time I went was on 9/6 and I was thinking that I had just about had my fill of the place for the year. Now, like usual, I can't wait until spring gets here and its back open again. What was your favorite attraction this year?Water Park. What's the biggest surprise you received from PKI this year?How fun the water park is. What are you most looking forward to next year?Spending a whole day at the water park. What was your best park experience this year?Going to the water park How could've the 2004 season improve? I should've spent more time at the water park.
  9. I have been researching a lot of the history of Kings Island on the Internet, and its interesting how the whole park was sort of one big theme at one time. International street used to have some really interesting and diverse shops and attractions. Of course, PKI has to keep up with the times, but I think somewhere down the road they should take another look at International street, and maybe sort of rededicate that section of the park and recreate some of that atmosphere that used to be there. Maybe have a museum set up that would have photos of the way the park used to look and pictures of old rides. The theme would be "Early days of Kings Island", since the park has definitely taken on a life of its own over the last 32 years. Maybe to appeal to the older guests, as the rest of the park is definitely progressing as it needs to be, also.
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