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  1. Awesome view of WF from the IR, December 2019:
  2. Tomb Raider: The Ride pre-ride video. June 2007.
  3. Rare shot of Son of Beast, 2008:
  4. International Street, circa 1992:
  5. Very interesting article...and I just have to share a bit of interesting trivia about it. I noticed the date of the article, and it rang familiar. It references that on the previous Saturday, an attendance record was set. I wasn't at Kings Island on that day, but just the day prior! (on a Friday). You can click on my trip report of that day below!
  6. I went four, which is my new PR. It's about a three hour round trip for me. My goal next year is six.
  7. It's really nice now with Winterfest, the off-season can be much shorter now!
  8. Vortex pic I snapped Monday night
  9. OMG, just realized I recently passed another KIC milestone! My membership can get its learner's permit in a few months!
  10. How many coasters has Cedar Fair remodeled/rebranded? I should know this, but I honestly get confused as to which ones are new, and which ones are reboots.
  11. Here is my second submission from this summer. It is so strange that I felt the need to photograph Vortex this season, as there wasn't anything new about it. It's not the first time I've suddenly felt the urge to photograph something whose removal announcement followed soon after (swan lake, and the parking tolls come to mind). If I post any obscure pics next season, you might want to pay attention!
  12. First picture I ever took of Vortex: July 1992
  13. I searched and didn’t see a topic for this so hopefully there isn’t one already. I have not seen Viking Fury operating during any of my visits this year.. Was there today and it almost looks permanently closed. The fountain is off in the pond and everything. Anybody hear anything about this?
  14. Yeah, I know that now. At the time, I had zero knowledge of the business behind it.
  15. I remember going to Kings Island the first season after Great Wolf Lodge opened. There was no doubt in my mind that there would be a special entrance into the park if you stayed at Great Wolf. I had it pictured near Top Gun (now The Bat). I was completely shocked to find that there wasn't one!
  16. MT wasn't running when I was there last Friday morning. Luckily, as I came out from lunch at MRB, it was testing, so I got in line. They called with the OK, so I got a ride on the 1st train of the day. Great ride, as always, but no effects. Definitely not quite as good. I might be the only one, but I think the shed is genius. I think it's one of the cleverest things ever put in at Kings Island. So many thoughtful details. I love the radio...I think it's the exact one that I still have from when I was a kid!
  17. It was so nice for the first couple seasons when RHoFG first opened to sit down and be waited on (I usually sat at the bar and got great service) during a visit to KI. It just must be terribly difficult to sustain that type of service.
  18. Where else can I go and experience something that hasn't changed since I was a kid? Most of my old schools are torn down, stores I visited are almost all closed, and I can't visit my childhood home. But, I can go ride The Racer. It was there in the 70's when I visited as a toddler. Rode it with friends in college, through times of various jobs, and can go ride it today. I can go ride the first "big" coasters that I got on almost 30 years ago, and that I rode on dates 20 years ago. I can walk by the fountains and look at the Eiffel Tower that my mom and aunt experienced before I was born. Kings Island is literally one of the very few places where you can still go and re-visit the decades of your life.
  19. I'm going to give the park the benefit of the doubt that they knew what they were doing with the Int'l Street renovations. The Royal Fountains are a HUGE part of the park's identity and it was a massive risk to make any substantial change to them.
  20. Check out this awesome 1972 video of Kings Island: https://www.wlwt.com/article/archives-heres-what-kings-island-looked-like-in-1972/26896337
  21. First Mystic Timbers, then Winterfest, followed by return of antique autos, IS being refurbished, and now this?? I really feel like I'm dreaming, just unbelievable. Bravo, bravo!!
  22. Reminds me of an old saying on here: "Things are a lot more like they are now than when I got here". Actually, none of this is new. Kings Island is the hot senior girl, and KIC is the nerdy freshman boy. She calls the shots and tells us when and where and if we can call her. Sure, we could break up, but she's holding all the cards.
  23. If one of the purposes of having a "kids area" at an amusement park is to create lifelong customers, there hasn't been anything in that building that's gotten that job done in a long time.
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