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  1. Skylab was taken out due to maintance(sp?) reasons. Think of the three strikes and your out rule.
  2. It's not a rumor, it's a fact. Then again, Beastie and Racer will recieve the same treatment Beast is getting. Offseason trackwork is normal on every wood coaster. Now I'm sure one will recieve more than the other but in general, offseason trackwork is normal and is nothing to speculate about.
  3. Forgot to mention that I'm sending this topic over to the New For 2003 board.
  4. You'll definately catch me in line all summer. I've always wanted this type of attraction and now we got it!
  5. When Top Gun first opened it did not have "floorless" cars. The two trains you saw at the beginning of the 02 season are the exact same two you saw when the ride first opened.
  6. I do know there are some point of view videos of various coasters on the PKI homepage. PKI Homepage Then there's the classic "Americas Greatest Roller Coaster Thrills," that has good overall footage of the park and a feature on The Beast.
  7. No way it could have been another ride. All other rides had been powered down and the alarm sound was that lovely sound the PanelViews love to make at us when the ride breaks down.
  8. I hope throwing pine cones at ride operators was considered one of the stupid things you did. Throwing pine cones at a ride operator while he/she is trying to focus or operate a ride is NOT a smart thing to do. Consider yourself lucky not to have been caught by somebody in upper management.
  9. Shaggy, do you know if any of the animals were given to the Cincinnati Zoo or did they go to the highest bidder?
  10. Enjoy the new photos! I know I sure did! Scooby Doo and the Haunted Castle Construction Photos Delirium Construction Photos The links above should work. If they don't just go to pki.com and you can't miss it.
  11. I'm with you on that one CoasterGuy. All of my PKI dreams are flat out WEIRD. Nothing is normal and I always find myself waking up and asking "what the heck was that all about?"
  12. The recent talk of some PKI dreams in another thread got me thinking...(Scary huh?)... What's the weirdest KI dream you've had? Mine would have to be me riding Frontwards Racer by myself in the back seat and as I started to go down the first drop, I floated out my seat! I remember floating through the air and I started to go down! Right before I hit the ground, I woke up. Ok guys/gals. What about you?.....
  13. Ok, as I type this I am typing whatever comes into my head at the current moment. So I apoligize if my thoughts aren't in order. Great topic BTW Aaron. Like Aarons family, my family always came to the park at least once a summer. There isn't really one moment that sticks out in my mind that got me hooked. I must say, as an employee of the park, my view has changed quite a bit about the park. Amusement parks in general have kind of lost their "magic" that I once seen before I worked there. Although now that I work there, a new "magic" has been born. A feeling of being proud to be an employee of a park that strives to make each guests visit the best. I now look at certain things from the parks point of view, not an enthusiasts. I now strive to learn more and more about how the park works as a whole. Don't get me wrong, I'll take a roller coaster ride over checking bars anyday but just to see what goes into making the coaster work, what motivates the employees to work the crazy hours we work every season, what went into constructing the coaster, ETC keeps me coming back year after year and what keeps me ridding the same rides over and over again. No matter what, I've always learned something new everyday I have been at the park. Everytime I come thru those gates, I know I am in a place that only wants smiles coming from the people who are leaving those gates at the end of the night. In closing, I will say this. I don't know what my life would be like if PKI was not here. I would not have the wonderful friends I have today or even the great girlfriend I have now. PKI is, without a doubt, a place where I can be myself, and a place where only fun is had. The fact that I assist in making the fun happen, makes me feel like a special person.
  14. What is there to hide? It's a Huss Giant Frisbee. Plain and simple. As for Scooby, if they give out to much then there won't be anything new to see when you first ride it!
  15. The Beast series by RL Stine is a must have for any PKI addict. I read the first one straight through without stopping. Good books to keep me occupied for the offseason. I must have read them about 20 times between both of them. As for the incident Teenageninja was talking about, could that have been The Racer Boy? I do know there is a story about him out there on the Internet somewhere. In fact, it's right here... PKI Ghost Stories
  16. Tom, why do you want to leave the Action Zone? Action Zone is where all the fun is at. Maybe you can't handle it? I dunno. All I know is next year I'm going into my fourth season in the Action Zone(pending I get my ride choices) and I'm going to love every minute of it.
  17. There is talk amongst employees of Tower Johnny. From what I understand, he had a very unfortunate mishap with the cables on the Eiffel Tower during grad night. He also loves to play tricks on us employees late at night when the park has closed. Please keep in mind that this is all here say from the employees but I do have one very weird but true stroy to share with you all..... My incident occured while closing at The Racer one July night. The park was closed and I was over by myself sweeping up the unload side of Racer Backwards station. The power to the ride had been shut off for about ten minutes and then I hear the control panel alarm go off.(beep, beep,ETC) So I go up to check the PanelView to make sure the power was off and the power to the ride was indeed turned off. I say to myself "that was weird" and go about my sweeping duties. Not even one minute after I start sweeping the panel alarm goes off again. I say to myself "I'm outta here" and call it a night. How is that scary you ask? Well when you cut the power off to this particular ride, it cuts everything off, including the alarm. Which brings you to the question...What or WHO was making the alarm go off with the power off? Needless to say, I haven't been by myself at Racer since!
  18. Your right there are thrill seekers in familys but if the thrill seekers aren't satisfied with Face/Off, Son of Beast, Top Gun, Racer, Flight of Fear, Vortex, or Beast, Drop Zone, Tomb Raider, and soon to be Delirium(to name a few) then they are generally going to be unsatisfied at every other park they go to. So they HAVE to get a a new train do they? You saw the damage to the cars of the train that was involved in the accident did you? Please tell me, what else does Kings Island HAVE to get?
  19. Gee where to start. Maybe you should wise up and realize PKI is a ::GASP:: business! They are not here to cater to everyone of your needs. Get over it. So "big coasters" bring money to parks eh? Then please explain why PKI had a better season attendance-wise in 01 then then they did in 00? So it seem that those "stupid little rides" bring in more money then the "big coasters". Why does Top Gun need new trains? Why not just repair the one that was damaged? Seems like the much cheaper idea to me and remember, PKI is a business and the goal of a business is to make money. Why should the new GM turn the park around? There's nothing wrong with it. BTW, I think your the only one who sees the black cloud over KI. Everyone else sees an amazing FAMILY park that is striving to make the theme park experience the best for EVERY MEMBER OF THE FAMILY, not just an enthusiASS who thinks they know how to run a park.
  20. I'm now a believer after the Discovery Channel shoot. Those water jets are pure evil! In all honesty, those things are tricky! One cycle they get you soaked and on the next one they barely get ya. However, after riding several times, I realize how fun those water jets really are! It's great to watch people get soaked but when your the one getting soaked it's great trying to dodge them. Didn't do a very good job of that though. Oh well!
  21. Aaron did a great rundown so I'm just going to give my view of the day....Well, what to say? A great time was had by all no doubt. Saw a few familar faces and even met (sworda) our very own webmaster Aaron. We definately need to hang out next summer bud. Anywho, started out with all of us walking back to Wings restaraunt at 10. From there, we were given a brief rundown about what the park had in store for us this very cold day in november. We had some time to kill at Wings before we could ride so Jeff and David, who are absolutely GREAT at their job, went over next years attractions and NO they did not mention anything about the mystery third attraction, so don't ask. Next year should be a great year for the park and I really look forward to having another ride added to my beloved Action Zone. Anyways, after Jeff and David were done we were free to play some board & card games they had brought along to help kill the time. They even had the newly released Scooby Doo movie playing on the TVs in Wings. Well, it was time to ride. I'm not going to go into detail about the ride itself because I'm sure all of you have rode or seen TR. After we rode a few times, it was time for lunch. After lunch it was time for some more riding. After all was said and done, we rode TRTR 11 times. I'm not going to ruin the different shots and angels we got. You'll just have to watch on Memorial Day! The shoot was a great success and I can't wait to see what the final product looks like.
  22. We must also keep in mind that NO "ride official" would jepordize their job buy telling some random coaster enthusiast(sp?) about future plans.
  23. Hate to burst your bubble but when it comes to asking employees about future plans your better off asking the Dippin Dots guy. Therefore, you have NO confirmation.
  24. Specualting is fine but lets try and keep it about the upcoming year. Why overshadow what looks to be a great upcoming year with rumors and he said she said comments? BTW, I'm not "high up" in rides and not once did I say I know everything.
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