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  1. I'm a supervisor at Delerium/Slingshot this season.
  2. They did remove alot of SHRUBBERY. Nothing too much in the way of trees. Promised? Thats the funniest thing I've heard yet.
  3. I swear. TR has one weekend of downtime and all of a sudden it's getting a new ride program for next season? Whatever man. Don't buy everything you hear.
  4. It's people like you who ruin it for the rest of us.
  5. Hate to burst your bubble Joe but it's only access road for maintance.
  6. Thats just the warning siren to let associates in the immediate area know the ride is moving.
  7. Lets keep the normal rumors on the rumor page and keep the ridicolous rumors off the boards. Thanks!
  8. I noticed hardly anyone has their AOL IM names on their info. So I have an idea. Scary huh? How about we ::gasp:: put them on here!..hehe.. Heres mine: PKI GUY
  9. THERE IS NO EXTREME FOR THE SAFETY OF OUR EMPLOYEES AND GUESTS. Ecspecially with something has little as installing metal detectors.
  10. No doubt. I'm going to feel a hell of alot better knowing Mr.Weirdo can't bring his semi-automatic into the park and,God forbid, harm my crew or any of the guests.
  11. Up here in Dayton, they are giving tickets out for the 11th on local radio stations. They are giving out alot as well. If the weather cooperates, I suspect the 11th will be a very busy day for us. Sorry guys!
  12. There will be no huge backup from the metal detectors. The metal detectors are a sign of the times. Get over it people.
  13. The Season Pass preview night and the tickets the radio stations are giving away are both on the 11th.
  14. Myself and my girlfriend will be there! Looking forward to meeting some of you guys.
  15. I'll put in two votes here. My significant other loves the blue or smurf ice cream more than she does me! As for me, I'll take the swirl vanilla/smurf ice cream cone with sprinkles.
  16. Since no one would answer your question, I will. Training is just that, training. We get hands-on training on our particualr ride(s). We learn what to do in certain scenarios, how to properly operate the ride, ETC. As for the control box, nothing spectacular about them. Just a metal box with buttons and lights on them!
  17. The seats on Delirium are the same ones found on Tomb Raider. So if you can fit on TR then you can fit on Delirium.
  18. The clown band is no longer with us for reasons unknown to me but I have a pretty good idea why.
  19. I'f I'm not mistaken, the proceeds go to a charity.
  20. If you have an issue with the park, nag at them, not us.
  21. This has been discussed before and if you search around you can find it. The exact reason is unknown but it was more less a maintance issue.
  22. If I'm not mistaken, the old NASCAR car replica that was in the old DOT que is now right under the sign at the current DOT in Action Zone.
  23. I don't care who you know but lets keep rumors on the rumor board ok?
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