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  1. Oh yeah. The good ole days of Congo/Drop. I will never forget that great crew we had. Oh how I wish they would pair those rides back up. The Congo/Drop days have been my best SO FAR. I'm really psyched about being a supervisor at Delirium this year. I have awesome returners and a hilairious co-sup. Can't wait for 03 to start!
  2. I think you just had something confused. It's not so much a forklift but more along the lines of a cherry picker AKA bucket truck.
  3. Parkwise I would have to say seeing the rides come out of winter maintance. However the biggest one for me is when the local Dairy Queen opens up for buisness.
  4. Actually HelixSpiral is right. Seasonal associates can recieve medical insurance. Any other questions, like HelixSpiral said, call the Human Resources office.
  5. I don't think we'll see another woody 200+ feet for quite awhile. I think we all know why.
  6. My guess? They forgot to turn the lights off. C'mon guys. Seriously. Someone working at the park on a early Saturday mornng other than security? At the end of February no less.
  7. Oh my. NOBODY in the maintance department at PKI has been killed while on the job! I REPEAT, NOBODY IN THE MAINTANCE DEPARTMENT HAS BEEN KILLED WHILE ON THE JOB!
  8. Actually Shaggy, if we are thinking of the same building, the old Monorail building is still there. It is now used for steel coaster maintance if I'm not mistaken. White Building Bottom pic. It's the white building on the right side just behind the walls of Timberwolf. I know the photo is outdated but it gives you an idea of where the building now stands.
  9. I wouldn't have said that if I were you Barnyard.
  10. The Beast has not and never will reach 75 MPH. Try 65 MPH, and that's without trims.
  11. It appears they have leveld(sp?) it off in this pic. Great Hall And heres the answer to your question! Former Great Hall And in the same room, Mr.Siebert appears to be puzzeled by the skeltons latest move! Siebert -VS- Skelton
  12. Question number one can not be answered by any of us. Question number two and three have been answered and as for question number four, I think theres alot more to it than just having a train stop in the mid-course break run. What exactly? We will never know. Sorry guys and gals. Don't hate me.
  13. SSHHHHHOOOOOOMMM! Sorry, just had to do it.
  14. Hmmmm. If you would have asked me this question in 99 I would have said steel but I'm going to have to go with wood. Nothing can match the out of control feeling you get on a wood coaster.
  15. Drop Zone. That ride is my baby. Cletus may think otherwise but Rachel(she gave birth to it) officially handed Drop Zone over to me one night in 2001. I plan on taking good care of it.
  16. If I'm not mistaken, wasn't the show from the water tower cancelled because of the Colombine tragedy? If you remember, the Action Zone stunt show featured a shoot out and Colombine occured soon after the show began.
  17. Good job finding the video man! There is another thread on this subject if you wish to comment on it more.
  18. Whats up guys? No love for Skyflyer? Skyflyer is actually one of the safest rides in the park, if not the safest. Hours, and I mean HOURS, of training(trust me, I had to go through them) and even a test from the company is required to be able to "signed off" on Skyflyer. On top of that, there is back up after back after back up in order to ensure proper operation of the ride. No need to feel worried on Skyflyer guys and gals. As for the technical aspect, not much here either. Just a simple winch to bring the flyers up and down. Believe it or not, the platform that raises and lowers you to the cables is more complicated than the ride itself!
  19. Hate to burst your bubble but KI does not own the tennis stadium across the interstate.
  20. He's correct. Lapbars were installed on FoF for the 01 season.
  21. Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't Spiderman at IOA 20+ million dollars?
  22. If I'm not mistaken, didn't The Racer incorporate some of Shooting Stars' elements?
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