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  1. As always, those who know can't say and those who say can't know.
  2. Does anyone have a 2008 & 2009 Park Guide/Map in PDF Format saved? If so, could you private message me so I can give you my e-mail? Thanks!
  3. FYI, AT is on the map, it is listed as a "show" and not a "ride".
  4. KIC Tourist 0-99; KIC Local 100-199; KIC Junky 200-399; KIC Enthusiast 400-599; KIC Expert 600-799; KIC Senior 800-999; KIC Star Member 1000-1499; KIC Platinum Member 1500-1999; KIC Double Platinum Member 2000-2499; KIC Triple Platinum Member 2500-2999; KIC Superstar 3,000+.
  5. I have been known to be wrong before, and am, wrong once again. Please accept my apologies
  6. I believe Flight Deck is closed.
  7. I certainly hope everyone who came enjoyed Urgent Scare Saturday night. I was working the elevator room from 7:30 to 1:00! People are just dying to get in.
  8. Come straight to Urgent Scare when the park opens. We will be waiting! I don't just say that because I work in Urgent Scare, but because I know how our line has been.
  9. Just depends. No way to know ahead of time how the crowds will be.
  10. Less crowded, yes. Not crowded, no.
  11. I hope you enjoyed Urgent Scare even though you had to wait.
  12. thanks i know i give it my all...
  13. Maybe I am biased, but I believe Urgent Scare is the best!
  14. http://www.foxtoledo.com/dpp/news/local/sandusky-cedar-point-wins-the-golden-ticket
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