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  1. i cant find the info on the website, so does anyone know if you can get into haunt with a gold pass?
  2. When I first saw this I just thought they were trying to get some publicity out of the SoB's demolition. Maybe a reference to that Ghost Hunters show (which was crap) But a second look, and it really sounds like a teaser for something new. I know that's already been established, but its definitely not nothing.
  3. I would like a new wooden roller coaster yes, it does seem like wooden coasters are making a come back in the theme park industry. I believe that with Cedar Fair, we may just get a roller coaster, but the chances of a wooden coaster is 1-(insert how many kind of coasters there are here) now and I don't think any "Son of Beast 2.0" or "The Revenge of the Son of Beast" would come out from such company. Sorry stalin, your idea is beginning to stall, and it may become spam. Haha.. I forgot I changed my picture. I thought you were just calling me Stalin
  4. Is it completely insane to possibly have a.. sort of rebuild of Son of Beast, or really any wooden ride in the open space there? The only ones we have are beast and racer, and.. I dunno, I miss the SoB a lot. I don't know where I'm going with this, so can someone else finish my thought or me?
  5. I am gonna miss this ride, but Ive been missing it for 3 years so...
  6. I would love x-base and Action Zone to be combined, days of thunder removed, and over a few years add some flat rides and maybe a coaster. Not sure how much room is back there, but it seems like a cool idea. There was also the idea of that stage...
  7. I miss the Son of Beast chains..... ANYWAY. Drop Towers, click, whoosh. The voiceover on The Beast hills The whooshing in The Beast tunnels. Unfortunately, the annoying crackly voice on the speakers, I usually hear on Delirium. click clack of Flight decks chain.
  8. Which dude are you. If your the guy with the rattle, then you're a genius. You're probably a genius anyway, but not a genius that scared me. My face. It was like this -------> ! ! If you're talking about Freak Street I had the rattle. lol Thanks for the positive reviews. U scared my group at least five times last night.
  9. You guys... you said the Madame Fatales line will be long. Once it opened we took about 5 mins. to get in. Im still shaking from that maze. Its not so much that its scary, its that its so overwhelming you jump a every little thing. Nearly passed out at the end. I was so jumpy I didn't have time to see how well the maze was put together.
  10. Haunt lines go faster than rides. (at least as far as I've seen)
  11. Flight Deck. Several times we've just sat and rode it over and over again without getting out of the seat. Its a decent ride, and the line is short. But i don't think flight deck is even in my top 5 rides.
  12. (in case anyone is confused, i WAS kidding. Sometimes my sense of humor isnt caught.)
  13. Where was mine? Just kidding Where was mine? Im not Just Kidding.
  14. Pirate? imma say hello when I see you tomorrow (Shouldn't be too hard to see you during the day). Mind if I call you beerman? (is that a last name, or superhero name?
  15. Just wondering, why does the first post in every new topic have to be that someone has already posted it, or that it should be locked? I don't get the point. Its happened with every topic I've posted, and countless others I've read. I don't care how "helpful" your trying to be, but can't you just.... live with it? Anyway Diamondback. lol
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