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  1. They count empty seats, each time before dispatching a train. Some rides utilize turnstiles, or clickers.
  2. BB1, a song "know-it-all" occasionally. This is correct! Thank you so much. I'm impressed that you knew what I was talking about.
  3. So there is this techno-sounding song that plays in the park a lot. But I can't seem to figure out what it's called. I can't describe it very well, but it's got a very unique beat, sounds somewhat European or more specially Swedish. It also has a woman quietly singing in the background at times. Every time I hear it, I like it but can't ever remember enough details to find it. Does anyone know what I'm referring to?
  4. There is an intersting article in Cincinnati Magazine regarding The Beast. It's in the June 2014 issue. I suggest reading it if you get a chance. That being said, just into the second paragraph I came across this sentence. ..."Around the same time, Taft acquired Coney Island, and moved much of the park's staff, plus some rides- including The Racer, another wooden coaster that many credit with reviving the craft- up to the new park." WHY, and HOW, did they make this mistake. It's a common mistake, but this just prolongs this common misconception.
  5. From what I've heard, the train does not need a capacity boost. My family, and I rode the train Monday, and we talked to one of the ride ops at the end of the night. He told us that over 20 thousand people had ridden it that day, and that they are always one of the few rides that gets over a million riders a year.
  6. Can you go into more detail about what you mean?
  7. If you think this topic should be deleted by a Admin or Mod report it please and it will be directed to them. Umm, well I wasn't referring to that- I wanted my own post deleted.
  8. I can't get the link to load, but Greg Scheid has tweeted that the train will be back open this weekend! Good news
  9. As many times as I've ridden Adventure Express and Racer, I have not experienced either of those above issues. (Pre 2013, yes Adventure Express was squeaky, but that is now gone) also I have never heard of Racer repeadetly not racing. In fact I usually get annoyed when one side says "station ready" and you have to wait for the other side. However in the mornings, and later at night they usually seem to have just one side going because of staffing.
  10. I think they wanted to mute the colors of Delirium a bit so it allows Banshee to stand out even more.
  11. I truly wish they had been able to keep this ride. It would look beautiful over the park.
  12. In general, the park looks fantastic. These are small things that should be fixed. Remember though, they do things in cycles. The park can't afford to make changes all at once. As far as Diamondback's supports- they look fine to me. 5 years is not enough for a ride to be repainted.
  13. No, they sometimes do. It's very, very rare, and the park will do everything in their power to avoid it (including cross-training from different departments, like Admissions or Food), but it sometimes still happens. If you don't have the people available, then not all the rides can run. This is true, very, very rarely.
  14. I enjoyed FUN tv, although some of the music videos were very strange, I heard a lot of other people say that same thing.
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