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  1. ^while they may need the most to operate, most rides have at least one other ride paired with them and they're not as popular so they need staff badly. I worked AE/Viking fury and loved every second of it compared to being sent to some of the bigger rides.
  2. Not sure if it will have a shot but expect a photo booth at the end. This being a cheaper, more family ride I don't think it will have a shop, maybe a shop like the one for Beast. If we don't get a shop id expect a photo booth like the one at Beast or Vortex
  3. ^you'll probably hear in February. I started in the 2015 season in rides and loved it. Very fast paced, got to test ride all the time and everyone there is focused and doesn't make it a boring work environment. But you have to be 16. I was given a list of rides to choose from but the later you interview the smaller the list gets. Also, when I interviewed in 2015 they put people at Banshee who were applying for the first time so don't get your hopes down for anything but MT as that will be the ride everyone wants next season probably. That being said. Don't walk in your first day expecting to be driving the coaster. Last season I worked in merchandise. My love for my job turned around. A lot of people want to start drama. And unless you are 15, you will have a supervisor younger than you. A lot of your job is standing behind a register, especially if you're under 16 due to labor laws. Overall, merchandise, while I made a lot of friends, is where I will be returning to next year if I do. If you're in it for the money. Go to foods, they get paid the most, if you want a good environment I would say go to Merch or admissions and then apply to rides when you turn 16.
  4. ^ I believe that is the case. I have been stopped up there for a good 30+ seconds before
  5. You can do that? I had my FunPix account linked to my card but didn't know you could link it to other cards. That is kind of a big loophole ripe for abuse. Technically you are allowed up to two cards per account. Unless that changes next season. Also interested to see if accounts will have to be completely remade.
  6. From my experience I haven't waited in the ticket window line more than 10 minutes. And that was when it was full, they're pretty fast.
  7. It is also way to early for 2018 trucks to be showing up. And it is probably highly unlikely that we get a GCI and then an RMC the year after...
  8. Friday night when I was at the park, during one of the pre recorded fireworks announcements throughout the day I noticed they said it was presented by some website (didn't catch the name). When did this start? Seems like KI is taking a lot of sponsorships recently. First Fast Lane. Now fireworks...
  9. If it isn't raining they normally always are. More people come out on a Saturday cause that's the day where most people have nothing to conflict. And plus there's no weekdays to get your coaster fix
  10. I have not seen anything officially, but it would only make sense for them to put some sort of protective coating on it, which probably would protect the wood and keep it looking nice.
  11. They could change things, but that's basically how it worked this year. If you or your child/spouse was in a pic you could walk up and get it no problem. As of 2016 you are allowed 2 season passes per account. But that could easily change next year. You can give your kids the pass or have one kid pass and one adult pass to run around with and basically just ask them to add any picture and unless it was censored for any reason they will do it. Or you could use the self serve kiosks which can sometimes be finiky with scanning cards
  12. I think Chicken Shack and Ice Scream Zone can refill but no dedicated Coca-Cola refill stations
  13. it also discounts the prints to 5 dollarsEDIT: also you still can get one individual photo for digital download nad access it on the FunPix website still. But if you ride more than 3 rides with pictures or want your front get eine too then it is better r to just buy the Daily or Season FunPix
  14. It would be nice it they put a 2 day deal or something.
  15. the site says Party has ended. Maybe a test page for something but no dates are on it.
  16. Probably just those two. Most rides can't run in the cold. Maybe we will see Boo Blasters with a Christmas theme but I doubt it.
  17. I'd expect to see a higher price for all parks. Probably at least 60 bucks.
  18. Maybe CF is saving money to put dark rides in most of their parks. Unless they are planning something even bigger...
  19. Is this new? https://www.visitkingsisland.com/auto-renewal
  20. They've done it most days but not all. And on the subject of randomness the park has many different visitors without a season pass who may be visiting only one day so it makes sense to do it every day. Just my opinion.
  21. Aren't those normally parked at the KI Theater? Or do they park them there before haunt starts normally?
  22. Do they not do it as 2 hours mandatory then one dollar for each extra?
  23. I'd expect then to say a date at some point next week if not this weekend.
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