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  1. Ah. I see now. The 2017 in the URL. Must be another testing thing. Because it look like it should say Wing or Wooden after. And I doubt they will give us real information after it was discovered in Banshee testing.
  2. ^going off the picture the next word starts with a W. You can see the edge if it and comparing it to The Bat test page. It looks to be the same.
  3. And there is the "And Fastest" from TheBEASTUnchained's post. Left over from Banshee site testing or is there a new test page now?
  4. We got the family deal off the app(large pizza, large salad, and 4 drinks for $29.99) and the pizza just came from the kitchen and they were slicing when we got it. After our wait in the line. It was probably a little warmer than room temperature.
  5. I think it may have to do with Taste of Cincinnati and predicted storms. Regular Saturdays are way busier than it was especially for it being free to active military and veterans.
  6. I was in line at Larosas in the Festhaus and there was some guy complaining about his all season souvenir cup and I guess they charged him for a refill because the register did. And after about 15 minutes of 2 supervisors and the cashier trying to explain to him he finally paid and left. This was handled very unprofessionally and made the wait a very long time. Getting our food was instant. I was already made and ready when we got to the line. Just checking out took forever.
  7. There is no excuse for ANY Kings Island employee to be using vulgar language. I suggest reporting them to guest services because Kings Island is a family friendly park. Even when I worked in rides at a family ride I would tell guests not to use that language and normally they would stop. At last around m ride. It is unprofessional and many parents do not want their kids hearing it. Also, some people get uncomfortable around that language.
  8. If they "upgrade" them they should have the good old quarter option still IMO. Or you can buy tokens with a credit card, cash, or a game card.
  9. Veterans and Currently Active with ID get in free and admission is 29.99 per person for up to 6 family members https://www.visitkingsisland.com/events/things-to-do/events-and-promotions/Free-admission-to-active-and-retired-US-military EDIT: there is also a cookout thisweekend and pass holders who have the dining plan can upgrade to the lunch for only $5. I think this was offered last year too. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/events/things-to-do/events-and-promotions/Memorial-Day-Cookout
  10. no, I am thinking the least popular items will get rotated with advanced notice so people have time to go and voice their opinion but this will keep he meal plan and food options at KI a bit more interesting.
  11. You might have less of a wait at the good truck and a change in eating at the park. Would be nice if the meal plan had a rotating menu with a base menu too. So you always have pizza and a couple other things. But then every couple weeks or every month it rotates to a new item (in each restraunt) ex. say it goes from a chicken wrap to a salad.
  12. I'm sure it will open this weekend. The people on the train may have just been saying that just incase for some reason it didn't open this weekend.
  13. I don't think we'd see it any sooner. KI has nowhere easy to store it without taking up valuable parking area. CSF isn't going to store it for them and they wouldn't want to store it offsite if they didn't have to. They'd coordinate the schedules so that when the pieces would start being ready shortly before they were ready to start putting them up.They do have that area where they were clearing dirt...
  14. Gold and platinum pass members receive 10% off merchandise.
  15. Probably some of these: http://www.coasterdynamix.com/collections/nano-coasters
  16. I have read some users re-added their pass and it updated the count.
  17. It will probably die down a bit when the school groups leave starting around 6
  18. Maybe a new enterence is going to be the future. The parking was to try and help traffic which it has a lot when heading south and north once the construction is done. I feel like they will put plenty of signs up once they get the new medians in and finish up this construction. It's a new change and it's gonna take time for people to adjust. But when there are arrows and signs and a line of traffic turning. You should know that you need to put your signal on and wait. I've done it before (not at KI) and came out perfectly fine.
  19. The gates at Kings Island all are open toward closing time so I assume a supervisor or security could open them up if needed. But there are plenty of clear signs and arrows clearly painted on the road
  20. While it is legal and not regulated(yet) to use e-cigarettes, it is against the rules of the park still as far as I know.
  21. That is true. Most of the time I see it either 30 or 60 but I have seen the occasional 40 or 45
  22. If it wasn't renewed we would see some of the dinosaur being taken out already probably. And it looks like they re-arranged the "admissions" computers for it.
  23. I doubt it. Half of them don't work and last time I was there I noticed a painful "mosquito tone"
  24. More than likely they were going fast and just forgot to hit the 0 or hit backspace. They always do it in intervals of 5 I have noticed and past 30 then it's intervals of 30
  25. If it were a permanent closure it would have been closed all weekend. Not just today.
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