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  1. ^ Yes. It was quietly removed at th e beginning of this season.
  2. Thus is the first year I heard music playing in FoF. You can hear it good around the MCBR but I have to agree with the front row on FoF.
  3. Whatever it is I hope it is maintained unlike Boo Blasters, AE, and BLST just to name a few. EDIT: maybe there are plans to fix the theming on everything in the shed (of course I'm joking)
  4. Does anyone know if they are still selling the shirts they were last night? And if so where would they be?
  5. There is still a lot of room back there if they put a giga there. The Bat does not need removed at all and is still a good ride. Plus getting another attraction back there will drive more traffic to it. Anyways let's get back on topic. I hope we get a new flat outside of Planet Snoopy
  6. Normally the train closes at 9 I believe so I doubt it will change tonight.
  7. I noticed today at about 2 or 3 they went back to the normal sound track, did it ever go to Christmas again, I left shortly after.
  8. There are signs in the windows and the featured fudge sign at Sweet Spot indicating Gingerbread and candy cane fudge. The other stuff isn't anything new. Wish there was more Merch or something. It really feels like an incomplete event imo
  9. I'm surprised we havnt seen more. They really got everyone stumped on this one. All we know is a rough master plan for footings of some manufacturer. At this point Banshee was basically solved for its announcement.
  10. Just found out the movies will be held in the Showplace Theatre https://www.visitkingsisland.com/events/things-to-do/events-and-promotions/Christmas-in-July
  11. They also kept most the doors at different stores closed
  12. Probably shortly after the announcement on Thursday if not that night.
  13. Out of curiosity did they all have the same Knotts background?
  14. there also seems to be another thing in white to the left of it hidden by branches also, the photo they are using is poorly photoshopped as branches just start and end out of no where. I wonder if this was because it may ahve been a rushed job, or just them being lazy. (see in spoiler)
  15. Interesting. Did you try scanning the code?
  16. Last time I was at Soak City the charging lockers were not being rented out at all.
  17. Was this at Kings Island. The sign has images of Knotts but on the bottom left it says Diamond Back Exit.
  18. Maybe they're moving it to make room for bathrooms. Plumbing is a lot closer there than it is towards Firehawk. Im just kidding, it fits in well at its current location and I would hate to see it moved to Rivertown.
  19. I was there yesterday and the metal pole in the middle was removed I didn't pay that much attention to the rest. I did also notice on the exit there was a sign saying it was temporarily closed chained to the gate blocked by a trash can. I didn't pay attention to the enterence.
  20. Probably same case as SR&R. If they're basically tearing the whole thing apart it makes sense to do a rehab on it and upgrade it to get the nice new lights. Hopefully it will be back by haunt cause they could so some cool things with an LED package but who knows. Is there any sign at the enterence or just a trash can?
  21. Has anyone found more "secret" pieces of web pages or any full test pages on their website yet?
  22. It is a breaking system. Without it the brakes on the final brake run have to work harder.
  23. Walking by Banshee the other day a little kid asked his mom "is that the Son of Beast?" mom said "no they moved that somewhere else in the park"
  24. The hourly lockers are always 2 dollars for the first 2 hours then one dollar per hour after. Unless it has changed...
  25. They are not responsible for damaged or lost items. Best bet is get a locker for 2 hours, only 2 bucks and then you keep your stuff dry and securely locked
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