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  1. There are a tin of maintenance roads around there and so many trees we won't see cement trucks really until they get more cleared out or till they start pouring closer to the current midway
  2. Could have been the lights cycle on a timer so it does that every time it switches to flashing lights.
  3. If the dinosaur get fixed and move more than they do now. Then I'm all for it.
  4. I don't see them putting a coaster in the front of the park and making it look good at all. Rivertown, X Base and out by The Bat are my 3 areas I see for expansion if we are in fact getting another coaster. In this case we are seeing signs of Rivertown but nothing has been confirmed of a coaster.
  5. Well yeah. I agree. But part of a ride is the theming. You are giving an extreme example of something unacceptable. I'm just talking about things that are easily forgotten and it will just keep happening over time more than likely which is why I said unacceptable.
  6. Last time I was riding an associate was going around and taking people's bags after one train dispatches and would hand them over to another associate on the other side once the next train came in.
  7. More than likely just a button that a ride operator forgot to press. Unacceptable but understandable. The Banshee scream is probably automated and can only be disabled by the maintenance team.
  8. The big pad that people brought up a long time ago? If anything it's either dirt for WWC or the parking lot stuff. Or they're clearing space for maybe a new maintenance or storage building. It is way to far off the path without any attractions on the way for it to really mean all that much.
  9. Clicking the hours open on the top right of the website used to take you to the calendar. Doesn't seem to be the case anymore. It just takes you to the homepage.
  10. If they're gonna give water in those cups and charge for it. They should at least make it like a dollar or something. Not 4 bucks. Just ask for 10 free waters. It's more money they're loosing giving out a bunch of little cups compared to one large cup.
  11. It's something new and with new things it isn't always perfect. It's only been 2 weekends. Give it time to balance itself out and if you have complaints. Take it to the park too. They need feedback on certain things and would prefer bearing it from a guest rather than on a forum board. That being said. This is a trial year for Kings Island with the rotating rides system. Next year they will fix it up and maybe open more rides depending on what is the most popular this year.
  12. Bat parks on the lift hill because the anti-rollbacks will act as brakes for the coaster. I know when I worked at Adventure Express they usually stopped one on the lift and one in the station and chocked the track at the front of the station. I'm not sure if Vortex is the same as I never went to that side of the park.
  13. I personally love Vortex no matter how rough it is. It still is fun and enjoyable to me. And this year it is a lot smoother. Coney Mall wouldn't be nearly the same with it gone. At least that end. I don't see us seeing any rides leaving us any time soon unless they become too unsafe or manage to become broken and just to expensive to repair them. There is a ton of space at KI and plenty of room for expansion without the removal of different rides. .
  14. It isn't that bad, lean into the curves and you will be fine. It is still a good coaster for the kids first upside down one, frankly, the only one that is really the option at Kings Island seeing how Banshee is 52 (i think) inches where Vortex is only 48. When I was working in rides and I asked peoples favorite ride, the popular one among kids that can't ride Banshee yet was always Vortex.
  15. McDonalds will charge you in the drive through for a water, dining in is always free from my experience. I think they charge for the cup to say your still paying us if you get soda or water because there are so many restaurants where people ask for a water cup but they go and get some Pepsi in it instead.
  16. It could easily go there, but I honestly don't see Vortex leaving anytime soon, it is still a good ride and in good condition, and lines still get long on it. Not to mention it still has photos when even Firehawk and Flight of Fear do not. I personally love Vortex, back seat is my favorite.
  17. Taco Bell charged me 10 cents once. It is probably just something the park does because they charge people 5 bucks a pop.
  18. The fireworks are not that much of a big deal, I live about 10 minutes away and hear them all the time, you eventually tune it out. Even when I was going to Kings High School, the sounds were never bad, even after Banshee opened.
  19. Also note on all maps I have seen the old layout is still there for the park entrance even when not in satellite.
  20. On Bing Maps if you go into Birds Eye view which is their 3d version Son of Beast is there. But go back to satellite and you get Banshee.
  21. The app was always glitch for me so I never really used it (also partly because either know the park like the back of my hand and only go on days I am positive it isn't busy)
  22. Are the Diamondback lift hill and brake run lights normally off. And their queue lights. Every other rides lights are on. But Diamondback only has its station light on. Not saying this has anything to do with the current event happening. Just wondering if it is a norm.
  23. Yeah. I'm guessing the suspect is near there or they got an outside tip that someone was going to break in and got their focus to there. I'm surprised there's noting going on at all on the Diamondback cam
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