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  1. It is running two trains like it has for a while. The ride ops just are being more efficient.
  2. The reason for this is capacity. If the operator can fill a train they will. Also it's to keep the station from overcrowding with people wanting specific rows or someone wants a row but the rest of the group doesn't. When I worked there I would assign rows if I knew I'd be able to fill the train. But if someone requested a specific row I gave it to them with no problem. Capacity is the biggest player in it, and it also helps so people don't try and steal someone's seat if they're storing loose articles in the bin
  3. While working at MT I heard a middle schooler telling his friends that it was supposed to open last year but the construction workers were too slow
  4. The policy at all areas of having passes scanned such as gold pass discount or meal plans is the person's picture on the screen when scanned must be present during the transaction.
  5. When I worked in FunPix I was told not to replace passes if the person didn't wanna use the kiosks just incase it got messed up, it was an odd process.
  6. The park doesn't close unless there is a super low ammount of people. Hasn't closed early in the 3 years I have worked there.
  7. Video is a new thing. Give them a bit to hammer out bugs. Best thing you can do is report it to guest services so they know how many people it isn't working for.
  8. Most of the time, during training associates don't ride. It's usually just empty trains being cycled.
  9. They may be able to look it up if you call. Not sure. Worth a try
  10. Maybe music. But mainly as a way for the driver to communicate to the train if it gets stuck or needs stopped before the shed. I'm curious if they will be stopping trains for cell phones, or do what BLSC does and just turn off the effects.
  11. I'm pretty sure it never made it passed testing. I think they had a problem with saving video iirc
  12. As long as it doesn't end like Banshee video, this could be really cool and another reason to buy FunPix, assuming it works with the regular FunPix.
  13. Hmm. Invertigo has a FunPix marker. I wonder if it's gonna get a camera. All jokes aside, I imagine the markers throughout the park like that are places where there could be roaming photos. Also one at the end of I street and by Shake Rattle and Roll. I would guess the Invertigo may be a roaming photo outside the main gate. Anyone got a copy of the 2016 map to compare. Id be interested to see the differences over in river town.
  14. The only pov we will see of the shed will be illegal ones probably
  15. Very excited to go through my 3rd processing on Friday. It's going to be great to be back at the park.
  16. If you have a pass. Don't rush yourself. Fridays are usually less busy than Saturday and Sunday so you can always go a couple hours then go back the next weekend.
  17. I think MT will be different based on light. Banshee, Diamondback, The Beast, and Adventure Express all are a lot different during the night compared to day
  18. If I had to guess, they are doing checks and maintenance on that part to make sure it is ready for the ride to be put back together. Pretty soon we will start seeing things moving around in the park!
  19. From my experience with applying to merchandise they like to wait for the job fairs to start interviewing while rides interviewed me in January.
  20. If she broke off from her friends it could have been anywhere. Kids like to think they're indestructable or want to show off and will do anything for it to happen. It's very sad that this did happen at KI and it could have been prevented. Please if anyone wants to meet up with anyone no matter where it's from tell someone who you're with, or better yet bring someone with you just to be safe. It's a dangerous world and with technology these days it is getting worse with predators
  21. I will be returning to rides this summer. If anyone has any questions feel free to PM me. Spieling was one of my biggest fears and by the end of my first season in rides I couldn't get enough of it. Don't let things like that hold you back at all. If you tell your supervisor you aren't comfortable with it then they'll be okay with that and give it to someone with experience. Plus your first few shifts until you are in full swing, they perfer you to focus only on the job and the safety of guests.
  22. I agree with the resume part. I applied with no experience and was hired into rides. Also don't worry about them offering you a job in another department. I was hired into rides first and willingly moved to Merch. Which was a lot of drama and people starting drama between eachother for no reason except that they were bored. I highly recommend rides if you are okay to work in the heat and do a lot of work.
  23. While true, for a starting position anywhere in the park, thinking in rides, merchandise, admissions and other starting jobs for anyone under 18, it is where you will have the most pay.
  24. Actually food is one of the highest paid regular associate (non maintenance or supervisor) at 9.00 and 10.00 during haunt
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