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Whither Conneaut Lake Park Now?

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Internet petition to "Save The Park":



I can tell you right now EXACTLY how much positive effect this will have on a bankruptcy judge.

It is hard to applaud an act that should have been totally in the public eye years ago.


The Pepsi grant movement should have continued publicly with a constant reminder through FREE social media years ago.


Way too little way too late.........

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Over 140K Debt.


The Trustees did this. The same ones in bankruptcy over THEIR unpaid debts.

Oh, yeah. The Hotel had filed bankruptcy, too.

If this didn't have court approval, the Trustees may have some serious problems.

And right before the season is over.

If I were a park creditor, I'd have a field day with this.




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This just smells of total deflection of the true issue(s).


Was the hotel $140K in debt?  According to Park Restorations-no.  They have been improving the property & from what has been reported (key word) the deal was that capital improvements cost to the hotel came off of the rent due.


This is similar to the trustees not having fire insurance on the Beach Club, but wanting to collect on the on the policy that Park Restorations paid for- not only for the building loss but for all the equipment Park Restorations lost as well.


This whole situation just stinks to high heaven.


Info on Park Restorations from years ago:



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See also:


If the Hotel Conneaut's own recently filed bankruptcy is still pending, any attempt by a creditor to collect a debt not made through the bankruptcy court....

Terp, who must stop right there...or do a song and a dance...

Is a violation of the bankruptcy's stay (as well as possibly other State or Federal Laws) and such can be subject to penalties, up to and including a lawsuit.

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The biggest issue I've seen since I started following this mess is incompetence among those running the park. The original group claimed they got "overwhelmed" and that's how they ended up not paying taxes and such for 10 years or so. This group claimed they knew what they were doing, but they seem to be interested in having complete control over everything (insurance money that isn't theirs, running the hotel, etc.) and seem to think that if they throw enough money at the problem, it'll eventually go away. You do have to spend money to make money, but when you're already 10 years behind in payments and millions in debt, throwing more money at the problem likely won't help things.

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At the end of the day, I feel like it's just over. Parks in far better shape have been lost to time. Conneaut Lake doesn't just need to survive, it needs to be completely rebuilt. I can't imagine that the funds for that would ever become available, and even if the park could maintain its current state for any indefinite future, that's not enough.


I don't know all the legal background and I don't have the financial understanding many here do. Instead, I see a very sad, catatonic park in a very quiet area. I don't want anyone's favorite or local park to close ever, but when I visited Conneaut Lake I saw a park too far gone. I don't know.

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2015 Season


This past weekend marked the end of the 2015 edition of Ghost Lake at Conneaut Lake Park, and with it, the conclusion of the 2015 season at Conneaut Lake Park. And, in our view, it was a most successful season. Just a few highlights:


First, the financial…. While we have little to no historical basis for comparison, we were pleased to have generated more than $600,000 in total revenue in 2015 including about $450,000 from the amusement park, $130,000 from Camperland and about $25,000 from the collection of water usage fees. And, while not expecting to be fully profitable until 2017, we did manage to get very close to break-even from operations during 2015, a major accomplishment given the more than 20 year history of operating at a loss. And, we PAID ALL OUR CURRENT TAXES for the first time in 14 years!!


During 2015 we instituted a $10.00 ride all day wristband policy which we believe to have been very successful. Current plans call for keeping the price and policy in place for 2016. We believe this pricing plan was largely responsible for attracting nearly 25,000 paid attendees during the season, and many more thousands visited the Park for free to accompany others or to enjoy the beach and general environment of Conneaut Lake Park. The public support for Conneaut Lake Park has been most gratifying and appreciated.

While we admittedly have a long way to go, the first year of operations under the control of the new Board of Trustees exceeded our collective expectations. 2015 now serves as strong indicator that the revitalization of Conneaut Lake Park and its transformation into an important quality of life asset for the residents of the region is more than just possible, it’s likely if given the chance and managed prudently.


We are already planning for what we know will be an even more successful season in 2016 which will feature an expanded Camperland and the reopening of the Water Park, both key strategies in growing future revenues for Conneaut Lake Park.


Again, a most sincere thank you for all your support during 2015.


Please stay tuned and supportive…

New Conneaut Lake Park's Facebook

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This does not sound like a park that has made or can make a sound case for financial viability achievable during reorganization. Appealing to the public that the public make the case the place should be allowed to continue functioning as a park without regard to sufficient financial responsibilty to be able to pay its creditors responsibly? Really?

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AP article with much less detail:


..and a mispronunciation of Connie-ot. I have NEVER heard a local say Connie-ought. Visit: Connie Otter, the park mascot. Connie Oughter it would be were AP right. It isn't.

I fear soon Conneaut Lake Park will be pronounced history.

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