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Whither Conneaut Lake Park Now?

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They say the park is set to open May 23.

Um, that's THIS SATURDAY. Really? Can they really get even a reasonable number of rides (never mind all of them) ready for the season by then, having only JUST gotten the financing? Financing that is contingent on opening by Memorial Day, which is next Monday?

I'm trying to be optimistic here, I really hope they can succeed, but IMO this has failure written all over it.

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A. The article was not two days old.

B. The park did not open Friday.

C. Workers were working frantically all day Friday to get the park ready.

D. The park opens today, Saturday.


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OK, so we have conflicting articles. One from Wednesday or Thursday, saying that it was set to open yesterday, and one from yesterday, implying that it is set to open today. My head hurts.
And for the record, the article I commented on is/was indeed two days old:
Note the circled timestamp; it was also saying "2 days ago" as of my post last night. :wacko:

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This whole story is just terrible.

The same group (Park Restorations) ran the club that burned down is the same group operating the hotel.

They paid for upkeep on the club & all the items in the club and, most importantly, the insurance on the club.

Club burns down and the trustees want the insurance $$.

Park Restorations has spent a great deal of $$ to keep up the hotel and make improvements, thus increasing the overall value of the property. That $$ spent was to come off the rent payments. Now the trustees are ignoring the improvements and only want what they consider back rent.

The sad part is if it was not for Park Restorations, there would be no hotel upkeep thus killing property value or added attention at all to the park.

It's not like there was a line of people wanting such an undertaking.

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I want to see the park survive. I really do. But this one sounds like it's been horribly mismanaged for such a long time with no money to be had that it's a wonder it's still around. The local government also sounds like they've had it with the park and are just waiting to pick the bones once it's officially dead.

Sad. Long live Blue Streak.

Long live the Pretzel at Bushkill too. But you know how that one ended.

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The Trustees' selected Realtor is "surprised" by the property's high value?



The creditors should and doubtless will insist on several independent real

estate appraisers' well developed, fully supported opinions of value, before someone's sister-in-law gets a sweet deal.

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Some points:

* Nearly $4 million in debt.

* 2000 people last weekend at $10 (if they ALL paid-see recent reports) is $20,000. 15 such weekends would pay the $300,000 in new loans this year, BUT where is the labor, taxes, insurance, utilities, maintenance, cost of goods.... not to mention capital spending?

The hole just gets deeper and deeper...

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