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Flashback Till Opening 2011


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My very first coaster. I came off of my first ride "white as a sheet" (my mom's words). I was so terrified of coasters after that ride that it was 7 years before I got on one again. My how things have changed.

So funny I had the exact same experience in 1983 when I was 8, and I didn't ride another coster until the second season of Vortex, a pretty big jump from Beastie to Vortex!

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Thanks for all the comments, keep em coming.

Photo 79


(Carl E. the man who has rode The Beast more times then anyone, more interesting is that the train says "4", does that mean Beast "had" 4 trains on the track at once?)


(If you look closely at this photo at the que lines at the top, you'll see the "old" beast que house that once stood parrel to "que house 1". Remnants of this que house is small but still behind the fence next to the current on ride photo.)



(The concrete pad to my believes once extended longer then what it currently left.



(The Ride opened with a helix not in-closed)


(Old control panels to rides always looked so cool.)

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I would imagine The Beast could have run 4 trains, but whether it ever did is the real question. I can see them rotating the 4 trains so that wear and tear was less.

But they are all used the same, one train leaves and the next one loads?

i think he means 1 & 3 on one day, and then 2 & 4 on the next. to save wear & tear on the trains.wink.gif

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Well, Flight of Fear at Kings Island has three trains with the lap bars. Only two are ever on the track operating at any time. The reason is, the third one under goes its complete tear down during the summer months. That way, when winter rolls around (the busy time of year for the rides mechanics), they only have to completely inspect one Flight of Fear train, since the other train was already done. Not exactly the same thing, but kind of in the same manner.

And no, The Beast never ran with four trains. Originally, the trains were four rows of seats per car. Now, the trend is one row of seats per car, so that the trains can better handle the tight turns (aka, the twisted and very enjoyable incarnations that Great Coasters International has crafted.

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Here's a look at the logo in 1972 at the grand opening.

I'm not exactly sure it's old english lettering.

It could be there are some variations depending on location.

If you look below the "dot" above the lower case I look like an accent mark, ' for music. When looking at the picture at the beginning of my post and the picture from TOPGUN1993 I see a flag...not because I'm used to seeing the Cedar Fair Logos, but because flags come in all shapes and sizes.


Just my input.

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Bingo is the name from the Hanna Barbera Banana Splits. From today standards most characters from back then would seem to scare the kids, but the kids seen them every Saturday morning and knew who they were.

I remember watching the Bananna Splits every Saturday morning when I was a kid. There were 3 other Bananna Splits in addition to Bingo-Flago ( the dog), Snorkie ( the elephant ) and I forgot the name of the third one. ( Help Jesse, Terpie, Hank or anyone else of a "certain age" like me.) I also remember how they had cartoon shorts on the show ( The Arabian Nights and The Three Musketeers) as well as a serial ( Danger Island-oh, oh, Chongo!!!!!)

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