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  1. The weather was fantastic today.
  2. Who calls it the main tower?
  3. I can only speak for myself, but I've seen enough Brady Bunch mentions by the park to last a lifetime. In my opinion if they want to bring up nostalgic memories at this point, it's time to start focusing on the Paramount era.
  4. Just catching up on this thread, and I have to say the above screenshot is a great example of how bad the current pass system is. You can't read the full title of any of the options. The pictures of food are meaningless. The circle and square labels were added to try to make things less confusing. There are too many options, you should never have to go to page 2 to see them all. It should only show the options relevant to the current customer. If that person is buying gold passes, it should only show gold pass options and nothing else.
  5. My family stayed at Breakers at Cedar Point last week. We did multiple days at the park. When we checked in, we were given "receipt like" printouts for each family member. These served as our ticket to the park each day and to get our drink wristbands each day. Needless to say, those generic white pieces of paper were very important. This is a step backward from where things were 20 years ago where you had an obvious ticket for each person for each day. Also, when leaving the park and needing later re-entry, they take your picture and give you another very generic receipt-like printout to get back in. The printouts have nothing but a QR code on them, so as a family you have to keep them separate and write on them to identify which one is which person. I understand that this is more secure than the old hand stamp system, but it is a major step backwards in convenience. I agree that all of this should be do-able using the app somehow.
  6. I don't get why he wouldn't just DM the person instead of publicly replying to the tweet. Especially since he was just asking her to DM him anyway.
  7. Eiffel Tower was closed Tuesday most of the day, but was open in the evening.
  8. Rode Sol Spin tonight and agree with many of the comments here. The seats are not comfortable at all, but that is not a big deal to me because it is not my favorite flat ride anyway so I won't be riding very often. I think what would be an improvement is reporting the queue time on the KI app. We waited 30 minutes to ride tonight and that was with the queue less than half full. With a queue that big for a flat ride, they really should report the wait times. Sol Spin likely had a longer wait than Delirium all day and Delirium reports its wait times via the app.
  9. A correction on my previous post. The KI blog announced The Racer (and Beast) pens back in December 2021. So they are not new, maybe just re-stocked.
  10. So I've been checking the website for these Racer structure pieces to become available again. Every day it has said "sold out" until today when instead the page gives a 404 not found error. So seems like they are not being re-stocked. However, I went to the merchandise website and poked around and found this, which I believe is new. https://www.kingsislandgear.com/collections/the-racer-collection/products/the-racer-handcrafted-pen-made-with-wood-from-the-racer-roller-coaster
  11. Ah I was misunderstanding the benefit. I assumed the bring-a-friend ticket in the past could be used any time the next season. It makes more sense that it must be used during the current season, hence the date range. I'm not sure that in the past they had a starting date, but as you mentioned, season passes for the next season almost always go on sale in early August.
  12. I don't understand the huge restrictions on the Bring-A-Friend benefit. I mean, excluding Saturdays and Sundays makes sense, but why not allow any weekday? Seems like it would have to be more related to wanting to "boost" attendance after 8/11 than wanting to avoid over-crowding. For reference, the Bring-A-Friend benefit last year was good for any operating day, no restrictions.
  13. You can only get the FotL passes at guest services? Nowhere else can print them?
  14. I do not have a Prestige Pass and have not experienced the VIP lounge. Based on reading this thread and scoping out the lounge while at the park, it sure seems like the "VIP lounge" is really just "unused area of the park with shade and seating". I agree with others that for any such offering to be considered really "VIP" it would be climate controlled at a minimum. My family are first year gold pass holders. When the Prestige Pass news came out, I assumed it was being offered to the long time pass holders first and then to additional pass holders over time. As of today, we still have received no offer to purchase. This seems consistent with what some have said about "overselling" and/or quotas already being reached. This was actually a blessing in disguise, because based on what I've read here, I would have no confidence buying it now (for an increased price).
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