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What new 2012 attractions are you most excited for?


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Many parks have now announced their "New for 2012" attractions, including Six Flags, Cedar Point, Carowinds, Kings Dominion, Kings Island, etc etc. While there are still a few parks yet to announce theirs (Dollywood comes to mind), we have enough of a choice now to start...A POLL!!! ^_^

This one's pretty basic: what "New for 2012" attractions, at parks around the world, are the most "exciting" to you? If you only want to name just one or two, go ahead, but Top 5 and Top 10 lists are also welcome. Feel free to also explain your choices. Or change/add to them as more rides are announced (Like, at...Dollywood, for example!) If an announcement also left you super...UNDERWHELMED...you may add that too if you wish. I did.

Enjoy the poll. If you dislike, click back.



#1-Wild Eagle @ Dollywood

This massive steel coaster will, if all goes as planned, be the United States' first wing rider and the layout and use of terrain looks INCREDIBLE. Probably the best new ride coming next year.

#2-X Flight @ Six Flags Great America

The first announced B&M Wing Rider in the United States and it is heading to a park that has a great reputation, especially recently, where it will join already excellent rides such as Raging Bull, Viper, Batman: The Ride, and more. This ride looks awesome, too bad Dollywood's just happens to be even more so...

#3-Leviathan @ Canada's Wonderland

It's a freaking B&M Giga. How am I not put this at #1? (Looks at video for X-Flight) Oh...well, it's still #2!!! (Wild Eagle debuts)...who knew a B&M Giga could get pushed so far down this list, eh?

#4-Skyrush @ Hersheypark

When this was first announced, I thought it would be the coolest ride to debut next year. But 2012 is looking more and more like a great year for thrill ride fans. Still, nothing wrong with an Intamin Hypercoaster with a new seating design.

#5-Lex Luthor: Drop of DOOM @ Six Flags Magic Mountain

World's Tallest Drop Ride. Nuff said. Plus it is called DROP OF DOOM!!! :lol:

#6-Mammoth @ Holiday World

This one gets bonus points since Holiday World is a park I have been to a few times, and will probably visit again. Plus, Wildebeest was a blast and this looks to surpass it.

Underwhelmed: Dinosaurs Alive! @ Cedar Point

OK, let me get this straight- you're taking away a classic ride in Paddlewheel Excursions, and adding a upcharge animatronic dinosaur walk-through...at Cedar Point. I was all for this at Kings Island, because here, it is SECLUDED and IN THE FOREST, adding to the sense of realism. At Cedar Point, that will be hard since freaking Millennium Force is going to surround the area. Won't call it out yet, but this looks like a dud. :unsure:

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