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Son of Beast roller coaster to be removed

Guest KingsIslandPR

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You have something against the English?

Terp, who can See Blue too.

Aren't you in Dawg country? Better keep the cats locked away, unless of course you are Brave.

The largest UK Alumni chapter anywhere is in Atlanta.

Besides, I shall soon be going on a great adventure north, and Atlanta will again become a vacation destination, not a place of abode for me.

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Despite everything that's transpired in the last few years (including reading the threads on here), I am still shocked when I see pictures of SoB being torn down.

It doesn't seem very long ago at all when it was new, and I was riding it for the first time (June of 2000).

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Ah, but size could refer to height, length or total mass in this instance. Not to mention what would otherwise be large is often small in the context of Son of Beast, a nearly 22 stories tall wooden coaster, the second longest wooden in the world, with a nearly 12 story tall loop (higher than Racer, nearly as tall as Beast), and the ride that put Kings Island in the category of most wooden coaster track of any park on the planet (Jeff worked there, as you can see!)

Separately, I wonder if when they were kids, the contractor's mommies told them, "if you don't stop tearing things up, you'll never amount to anything!"?

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Going to KI right now. I plan to take some pictures for you guys from the eifle tower. If it is open.

Hi guys. Looks like ukfan031 beat me to the pictures. BUT! I'll still post them. Sorry it took me so long. A round trip to KI is 8 HOURS for us. We only stayed for about 4-5 hours too. I hope Some of you will still appricate them :D .


Pictures2 720 by KIC-Original, on Flickr


Pictures2 721 by KIC-Original, on Flickr


Pictures2 722 by KIC-Original, on Flickr


Pictures2 724 by KIC-Original, on Flickr

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