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Space Left from Son of Beast


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I feel bad for Big Dipper. By the time somebody buys that ride, the only thing that will be good is the chain lift. Maybe Oiment or whatever his name is will bring back Geauga Lake one day.

Unlikely to happen but in my mind and the mind of many others, that would be a wonderful thing to do. However, that would burn a large whole in the money bags of Cedar Fair and doesn't seem like a very Ouimet type plan....... But who knows, sometimes FUN comes in un-expected and suprising ways.

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Big Dipper gets the Zippin Pippin treatment as opposed to reusing the old materials.... But I just can't think of a Cedar Fair park it would make sense to put the Big Dipper right now.

Edit to add: Also, evidently I am confusing myself now too. I don't think I noticed We were talking about reviving Geauga Lake as opposed to moving Big Dipper.

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